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How to Print Multiple Pages Per Sheet [Guide 2024]

The traditional method of printing one page at a time not only uses too many resources but also creates financial challenges, especially for students and small businesses. For this purpose, a practical solution to tackle these problems is to adopt the approach of printing multiple pages per sheet. In cases where PDFs with diverse page dimensions are combined, it is crucial to standardize the page size for consistency.

In addition, there are various tools that allow users to print multiple pages per sheet in PDF. In this article, we'll thoroughly discuss the best method of how to fit multiple pages on a single sheet using UPDF and its other distinctive capabilities.

Part 1. How to Print Multiple Pages Per Sheet

A widely acclaimed software, UPDF, is streamlining the process of fitting a PDF to a page. It offers a hands-on solution for both individuals and businesses aiming to simplify their printing tasks and reduce their impact on the environment. Plus, users can print out their documents and comments and form fields effortlessly by accessing its print feature.

Moreover, it allows you to customize the paper size in tabloids, A4, A5, letters, JIS B, and many other formats of sheets. You have the flexibility to set the orientation of the page for printing in portrait or landscape. The tool auto-rotates and auto-centers the page based on the requirements and page settings. In addition to that, UPDF even provides you a way to fit PDF multiple pages per sheet.

1. How Do I Print 2 Pages Per Sheet?

UPDF meets the need for effectiveness in a fast-paced setting by compacting information into a more manageable layout. Now, let's discuss the process of using UPDF to print 2 pages per sheet effortlessly in the following section.

Step 1. Download UPDF and Access the Print Option

Download UPDF by pressing the "Free Download" button to print multiple PDF pages per sheet. Now, complete the installation by fulfilling the requirements and launching the software on your systems.

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Once you have launched it, you can access all of its features. Now, click the "Open File" tab from its main window and browse your desired file from the library.

After opening the file on the tool, choose the "File" tab at the right top of the new window to access a drop-down menu. Now, search for the "Print" option from the menu to access the Print window, which will appear with a vast range of features for customization. Once you have accessed the print window, choose the attached printer from the "Print" drop-down menu.

pdf multiple pages per sheet pages to print settings

Step 2. Add 2 Pages per Sheet of PDF

Page Range:

Now, from the "Pages to Print" section, customize the page range by inputting your desired text prompt, such as pages 1 to 12. Moreover, you can choose a preset printing setting in the "Odd or Even Pages" category. Here, you can reverse the pages of the document as well.  

Page Sizing and Handling:

If you want to print 2 pages per sheet of PDF, select the "Multiple" option from the "Page Sizing and Handling" drop-down menu. Afterward, customize the page numbers accordingly to get the result of 2 pages in the "Pages per Sheet" drop-down menus by choosing either "1 × 2" or "2 × 1" values. In this way, you could be able to print 2 pages on one sheet.

pdf multiple pages per sheet choose multiple

Step 3. Print 2 Pages per Sheet

Customize Page Order to Get Personalized Layout:

Additionally, you can select the page in order to have a personalized view of your documents. In the "Page Order" drop-down menu, choose the option of "Horizontal" or "Horizontal Reverse" to organize the two pages you have selected earlier in a parallel manner. Moreover, you can also choose the "Vertical" or "Vertical Reverse" option to arrange PDF pages on top of each other.  

Other Settings:

After making personalized changes in the order of the sheets, turn on the "Print Page Border" option. In this way, you can distinguish these 2 pages from one another with the help of a border that is placed automatically.

Afterward, UPDF allows you to save cost and resources by printing on both sides of the page after choosing the option of "Print on Both Sides of Paper."

Finally, click the "Print" button at the bottom of the window to conclude the process.

pdf multiple pages per sheet print settings

2. How Do I Make 3 Pages on One Page in a PDF?

To print 3 pages per sheet of a PDF, follow the exact instructions to choose the "Multiple" option from the "Page Sizing and Handling" drop-down menu. Then, adjust the page numbers in the "Pages per Sheet" boxes, opting for configurations like 1 × 3 or 3 × 1 to customize the way pages are arranged on a sheet. For a more personalized layout, select page order preferences such as "Horizontal" or "Vertical" from the "Page Order" drop-down menu and press the "Print" button.

pdf multiple pages per sheet page order settings

3. How Do I Make a PDF with 4 Pages per Sheet?

You have to follow the same procedure explained above to access the "Page Sizing and Handling" section and enter the "Multiple" option. Then, adjust the page numbers to achieve a layout of "1 × 4," "4 × 1," or "2 × 2" in the "Pages per Sheet" settings. For a personalized arrangement, choose the preferences to set the page order. This tailored approach ensures efficient use of resources when printing your PDF with four pages on a single sheet.

pdf multiple pages per sheet make pdf with 4 pages

If you also want to enjoy the benefits of using this PDF document printer, hit the "Free Download" button to make PDF handling easier for yourself. We also prepare a dedicated tutorial video on printing a PDF to help you learn more quickly. Watch it and be a master of PDF now.

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Part 2. Other Highlights of UPDF

There are many other advanced features and tools of UPDF that can help you resolve your PDF documentation issues. Explore with us in the following section as we delve into the other features of UPDF:

  • Edit PDF: UPDF has a powerful and effective PDF editor that helps creators edit text present in their PDF document while also customizing the color and font size. You can also add links to your PDF, whether it's linking from the web or writing the page number of another file. Furthermore, the UPDF editor can also be used to edit images, which can be rotated, extracted, cropped, and replaced.  
  • Convert PDF into Other Formats: You can convert your PDF into other formats like Word, PPT, and Excel with great accuracy. Other than that, users can also convert PDF into image files, including PNG, JPEG, and BMP. UPDF converter also supports other conversion formats like HTML and XML. In addition, users also get the facility of OCR and batch conversions.
  • Annotate PDF: There are various makeup tools in the annotate feature of UPDF that make it easy for users to go through their PDFs. You can write comments on your PDF and highlight, underline, and strike out your PDF content. Additionally, there are options to add 100+ stickers and shapes to the document, making it visually pleasing. Users can also add electronic and digital signatures to a section of the documents, along with adding various shapes.  
  • UPDF AI Assistant: To handle PDFs, you can utilize the UPDF AI assistant feature to enhance your productivity and creativity. The AI can condense hundreds of pages of PDF into a simple form of data with concise summaries and data charts. Furthermore, users can instantly convert their text into any language with the translator in UPDF AI.
  • Organize PDF Pages: Users can organize their PDF pages into a well-organized document with a UPDF page organizer. There are options where you can replace, extract, and split the PDF pages. Moreover, you can delete all the unwanted pages from your file and rearrange them by dragging them to the right place. UPDF organizer can also crop out the PDF pages without losing the quality.
updf ai pdf editor except printing 2 pages per sheet

Part 3. When You Need to Print Multiple Pages Per Sheet

Users can gain multiple benefits from printing multiple pages per sheet, as it is helpful in various situations. Multiple uses of printing multiple pages per sheet are given below:

  • Making Documents Manageable: You can get a more compact and manageable document if you print multiple pages per sheet. It is much easier to navigate through and acts as a reference point for users, like manuals or guides.
  • Allowing Convenient Notetaking: If you print PDF multiple pages per sheet it is practically used for notetaking. It can include printing slides, meeting notes, and other material notes from your lectures. Moreover, it is convenient and streamlines the notetaking process during lectures and meetings.  
  • Conserving Paper: It is very costly to print several pages, so converse paper by printing multiple pages in one sheet. Furthermore, it is also an environmentally friendly option to help you save ink and paper.  
  • Cost-Effective: Users can save a lot of money by printing various pages per sheet as paper prices have increased recently. It also reduces the number of pages used in printing and is very beneficial if you aim to optimize your budget.
  • Creating Booklet Material: The approach of printing multiple pages per sheet can be used in creating booklets and brochures. They are used to promote small publications and pamphlets and give you the required layout to save spending too much.  


In summary, becoming skilled at printing PDFs multiple pages per sheet proves to be a practical approach for individuals and businesses. Whether motivated by the desire to save money or care for the environment, the use of this method, especially with precise tools like UPDF, provides a simplified solution. In addition, UPDF has other key features of the tool to convert files and make edits to them.

You can also utilize the capability of OCR for scanned files to make them readable and searchable. Acknowledging its significance, we highly recommend downloading UPDF not only to print solutions but to address all issues related to PDFs.

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