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How To Print PDF With Comments? A Complete How-To and Go-To Tool

When it comes to dealing with PDF files, printing them out is an essential feature of any workspace. In many cases, when a document needs to be printed, it is usually first converted to a PDF form to maintain its formatting. While printing simple PDF files is easy, trying to print PDF with comments can be troublesome as your PDF tool might not have that feature. Let's look at how to do that with UPDF.

Part 1: How to Print PDF with Comments

UPDF is the tool that allows you to print PDFs with comments. Its printing feature lets you print your PDF documents with or without comments. If you want to print out only comments on a PDF document, you can do that too in UPDF. The simplified and detailed steps of printing your PDF documents with comments are given below:

Step 1: Open your PDF File in UPDF

First, install and open the UPDF on your system and open the PDF file you need to print. You can use drag and drop or "Open File" to add your PDF file to UPDF.

how to print pdf

Step 2: Select the Print Function

Now you can click on the "File" tab and select the "Print" option from the drop-down menu.

how can i print pdf

Step 3: Print PDF with Comments

Next, it will open a window where you will need to define parameters for the printed file. Among the parameters, select "Document" and "Comments" to print a document along with comments. Finally, choose the desired parameters and tap on "Print" to start the printing process of your PDF files. Using UPDF, you can print both PDF files and comments on paper.

print pdf with comments

Part 2: An All-in-one PDF Solution - UPDF

The ideal tool for printing PDF files and all other PDF solutions is UPDF. When using UPDF to print out your PDF documents, you can choose the options like print as an image and print in greyscale. It also allows you to choose between multiple pages size and orientations. You can choose options like "Auto Rotate" and "Auto Center" to smoothen the printing process. During comments, you can not only add sticky notes in PDF documents but also print PDFs with sticky notes using UPDF.

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When using UPDF to print, you can customize the page size using the "Custom Scale(%)" option and decide which pages to print. More other key features and benefits of using UPDF are summarized below:

Main Features of UPDF

  • The Annotating Tool: Aside from adding comments, you can also highlight, underline and strikethrough text in your PDF documents. You can also add notes to the highlighted sentences and change their color. Stamps can also be added to PDF documents, and you can use text boxes to add text comments. You can also use different shapes to highlight parts of a PDF document.  
  • Effortless PDF Editing: UPDF allows you to edit text and images in PDF. You can also add, edit, and remove watermarks, and backgrounds in PDF files.
  • Fast PDF Conversion: When it comes to converting PDF files, UPDF is available to convert PDF to many other formats, such as Word, Excel, PPT, Image, RTF, etc.
  • Inter-Page Links: In case the PDF file you are dealing with is long, you can add links between different pages for your ease. It is also possible to add links to any website you want.
  • Page Extraction: If you are working on multiple files and want to extract pages from one file and insert them in the other one, UPDF allows you to do it. You can also rotate and delete pages in PDF files.

Benefits of UPDF

  • Compatibility: UPDF is compatible with all major operating systems. You won't need different software for different devices. It works perfectly on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.
  • Budget Tool: Finding a tool that is in your budget and has all the required features is a task made easier by UPDF. Compared to other premium tools, UPDF is very cost-effective.
  • Link Sharing: You no longer need to upload your PDF files to emails for sharing manually. UPDF offers you the option to share your PDF files using a link directly.
  • Attractive Interface: UPDF provides an attractive and user-friendly interface for users. It makes the process of reading and editing PDF files more delightful.

Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Print a PDF with Comments Only?

If you want to print the PDF with comments only, select "Comments" in the window after opening the "Print" tool in UPDF. It will only print the comments during the PDF printing process.

2. How Do I Print a PDF with Pop-Up Comments?

You can easily print a PDF with pop-up comments using UPDF. After selecting the "Print" tool, select "Document" and "Comments" to print PDF with pop-up comments.

3. Can You Print a PDF with Sticky Notes?

Yes, you can print a PDF document with sticky notes. To print a PDF document with sticky notes in UPDF, choose "Document" and" Comments" after accessing the "Print" settings.

4. What are Print PDF Annotations?

PDF annotation is the generalized name for features in PDF documents like text comments, sticky notes, highlights, text boxes, etc. You can print a PDF with annotations using UPDF.

5. How to Print PDF with Comments on Mac?

You can print the PDF documents with comments on Mac using UPDF. Open your file in UPDF and use the "Print" tool to start the printing process of PDF with comments.

6. Why are My Comments Not Showing up on PDF?

The reason behind your comments not showing up on PDF could be that you are not opening the document in the proper PDF tool. If you open a PDF file in a browser, comments might not appear. Use a proper tool like UPDF to view or edit your PDF files.

7. How Do You Show Sticky Notes on a PDF?

You can see the sticky notes on PDF in UPDF by tapping on the "Sticky Note". You can also add more sticky notes after accessing the "Comment" mode in UPDF.

8. How Do I Flatten Comments in PDF?

Open your PDF file in UPDF for Mac and select "Save as Flatten PDF" from the "File" tab. It will flatten all the comments in a PDF file.


Comments are added to PDF files to make them easy to understand and process. If you are printing a PDF file and your hard-labored comments aren't printed alongside, it can be disappointing and cause a problem in your work. UPDF is a tool that allows you to print your PDF documents with comments. You can also print out only the comments of a PDF document using UPDF. Let's download and do it!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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