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How to Merge PDF Pages to One Page? Step with Pictures

Are you wondering if it is possible to merge PDF pages to one page? The answer is yes. You may want to do this for the sake of convenience to see all the required PDF pages on one PDF page, or you want to focus on some selected pages of the PDF file at the same time. Here we have for you some easy and tested methods to merge multiple PDF pages to one page both offline and online.

Part 1. How to Merge Multiple PDF Pages Into One Page with UPDF?

If you want to merge multiple PDF pages to one, the easiest way to do it offline is using the UPDF. UPDF is such a comprehensive PDF reader and editor which has some really cool features. The printing feature in UPDF is not just to print PDF documents but also allows you to merge multiple pages and save them as one page. Also, you can customize how the pages are arranged, the number of pages to include, etc. Follow these steps to merge multiple PDF pages to one:

Step-1. Open PDF File with UPDF

Open UPDF app on your computer and open the PDF file you want to merge by choosing the "Open" option from the "File" menu.

Step-2. Merge PDF Pages to One PDF Page

Go to the "File" menu and click on "Print" option. A pop-up window will open with various print options. Towards the middle-right of this window, you will see "Page Sizing and Handling" options and a dropdown menu next to it. From the dropdown menu, select "Multiple".

merge pdf pages to one page print settings

You will be able to change the settings as per your liking or requirements. You can choose how many pages you would like in each row or line and how many lines you want per page. In the picture below, the selection was made for "4" pages per line and "4" lines per page as shown in the preview.

Additionally, you select the page order- either "horizontal", which will line up the consecutive pages as rows, or "vertical", which will align them as columns. Horizontal or vertical arrangements can also be done in reverse. You can choose to print the page borders by selecting "Print page borders" and the crop lines if you want them by selecting "Print crop line". Once you hit the "Print" button, you will be prompted to browse the folder where you want to save the file and provide a name for the file.

Also, if you wish to merge only specific pages from your PDF file, choose "Custom" from the "Pages to Print" drop-down menu beforehand, and then specify the page numbers you want to include.

merge pdf pages to one page page per sheet

Note- UPDF has a limit of merging up to 16 pages on one page. This limit is made to ensure the page remains legible for reading.

UPDF has many other cool features to offer besides the one mentioned above. It is a complete package that is compatible with any operating system: Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. It has a diverse array of PDF annotation, editing, and protection tools. You can convert PDF to other file formats, create and fill forms, merge PDF files, reduce the size of the PDF, and flatten PDF. It is available in 11 different languages other than English. The most outstanding feature is the integrated AI, distinguishing it from other PDF editors. All this at such a competitive price of US$ 29.99 annually, significantly cheaper than any other of its competitors. No wonder it has received reviews from the mainstream Tech media like Tech Advisor, which you can read here and even the major tech Youtubers have also reviewed it on YouTube. You can watch one of the review video for UPDF here. You can download UPDF now by clicking the link below.

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Part 2. How to Merge Multiple PDF Pages to One Page Via Chrome Printing

If you use Chrome to open and read PDF documents, you can also use it to merge multiple PDF pages to one page. You can merge up to 16 pages into one page. This method does not offer much in terms of page customization. Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step-1. Open PDF document with Chrome

Open your PDF file with Chrome. You can right-click on the file you want to use and select "Open with" and then select "Google Chrome" from the drop-down menu.

merge pdf pages to one page open file

Step-2. Merge multiple PDF pages to one

Once your PDF is open, click on the "Print" icon (looks like a printer) towards the top right end of the screen. A pop-up window will open; click on "More settings".

merge pdf pages to one page print

You will see the "Pages per Sheet" option with a dropdown menu to select the number of pages you want to merge, with a maximum limit of 16 pages. Select as per your requirements and hit the "Print" button. The merged pages will be saved as one page in a separate file. You will be asked to name the file and choose the folder you want to save this new PDF file.

merge pdf pages to one page chrome print

Part 3. How to Merge Multiple PDF Pages to One Page Online Free Via AvePDF?

If you do not have a PDF reader/editor or do not want to use Google Chrome on your computer, you can still merge multiple PDF pages into one page online using "AvePDF". However, this method has a major limitation: It does not allow you to choose or organize specific pages. Instead, the entire PDF document will be converted into single long page format, which may not be something you would like. Nevertheless, here are the steps:

Step 1. Open "AvePDF.com" using any internet browser of your choice. You will see a banner of options on the page, from where click on "Organize".

merge pdf pages to one page avepdf interface

Step 2. You will see several tabs. Look for and click on the one labelled "Convert to one PDF page".

merge pdf pages to one page avepdf tools

Step 3. You will see a new window with the option to upload your PDF file. You can either drag and drop the file or browse the file from the folder.

merge pdf pages to one page avepdf merge

Step 4. Once the file is uploaded, the merging process will start and within a few seconds, your pages will be combined into one page. Once completed, you will see the download option on the page, using which you can download the file with merged pages.  

Part 4. How to Merge Multiple PDF Pages to One Page Online Free Via PDFdu?

Another online tool that can be used to merge multiple pages to PDF is "PDFdu". This is an online tool and is easy to use. This online tool is a little bit flexible in terms of page settings in comparison to AvePDF. However, the settings options are limited, and you can only merge pages horizontally or vertically. Here are the steps to follow:

Step-1. Upload PDF file to PDFdu.com

Go to "PDFdu.com" and click on the tab "Stitch Multi pages to one page Online".

merge pdf pages to one page pdfdu.com

Upload your PDF file by clicking the "Select File" bar. You will see the file browser window from where you can select and upload the PDF file.

merge pdf pages to one page pdfdu select file

Step-2. Merge PDF Pages to one PDF Page

Select the page settings depending on your requirements. You can merge four pages to one page or 2 pages- horizontally or vertically, all pages- horizontally or vertically, and can also specify the number of pages you want to merge either horizontally or vertically. Also, you can choose to add a "Split line" with the color of your choice. Once you pick the right option, click "Merge pages". In a moment, you will see the options, "Open File' and "Download File". Click on them to either open the file or download it.

merge pdf pages to one page pdfdu merge

Part 5. FAQS About Merge PDF Pages to One Page?

Q1. How to Merge 2 PDF Pages into One Page?

You can download UPDF here and use the UPDF print option to merge two PDF pages. Go to "File>Print". A printer window will open. Go to "Page size and handling" and select "Multiple" from the drop-down menu. From the "Page per sheet" option, select "1" from the first drop-down menu and "2" from the second drop-down menu. Hit print to save the merged page.

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Q2. How to Merge 2 PDF Files in One Page?

You can use the UPDF "Combine" PDF files option and then the "Print" option to achieve this. Briefly, Open the UPDF app, click on "Batch" and then select "Combine". Add the two PDF files you want to combine and hit "Apply". You will be asked to select the folder to save the combined PDF files. Open the new PDF file you just combined and follow this path- "File>Print>Page size and handling>Multiple". You can choose the number pages in a row and the number of rows on a page by making your selection in the "Page per sheet" option as per your requirements.

Q3. How to Merge 4 PDF Pages into One?

Download and open the "UPDF" app. Open the "File" menu and select the "Print" option. In the print window, select "Multiple" from the "Page size and handling" drop-down menu. Depending on your requirement, from the "Page Order" drop-down menus, select "2" in both drop-down menus to get 2 lines with 2 pages each. Alternatively, you can choose "1" for the line and "4" for the number of pages to get all pages in one row.

Alternatively, you can also use the "Google Chrome" print option to merge four pages into one. Also, you can do it online via AvePDF.com or PDFdu.com. However, page settings options are limited with these online resources.

Final Words

Now you know more than one way to merge PDF pages to one page either offline or online. Both methods have their pros and cons and depending on your suitability, you can choose whichever method suits you best. You may have already realized that out of all the ways mentioned above, UPDF is easier and at the same time gives you the most flexibility with the page settings and the outcome. It is just the tip of the iceberg. UPDF had so much to offer. You can download your own copy by clicking the link below.  

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