How to Print Double-Sided PDF

how to print double sided pdf

The need to print double sided PDF presumptuously arises for business documents. This, however, is not the only case that drives the user to print double sided PDF. Influencing such a procedure is also a method to save paper from being wasted. Does the question then come over the fact that how does a user provocatively fulfill printing documents in such a way? This article explains how to print double-sided PDF easily.

Part 1: How to Print Double Sided PDF on Windows?

For starters, the need for the right tool to allow such a process is important. For this, UPDF exists as the consistent solution to print double-sided PDF with ease across your Windows device. This PDF editor is a complete collection of impressive tools that allows users to manage the PDF document before printing it across a paper.

With such an enhanced set of annotation tools, the user can make proper comments and annotations on the document without compromising the formatting of the document. Tools like text callouts, highlighters, multiple shapes, stickers, stamps, and signatures can be effectively consumed to change the document.

Once you are done making changes to your document, you can also have it shared directly across the email. However, since you are seeking a proper method to print double-sided PDF using UPDF, go through the detailed steps as follows:

Step 1: Import the PDF Document

Open UPDF for Windows after installing it successfully on your device. Click on "Open File" to import the PDF from your device.

open pdf on Windows

Step 2: Proceed into the Print Section

As the file is imported successfully, click on the "File" icon on the top-left section of the screen to select "Print" from the drop-down menu.

how to print on both sides pdf

Step 3: Set Double Sided Properties for Printing

On opening a new screen, you need to specify the option for printing double sided PDF across the "Print Settings" tab. Along with that, make other settings for printing the document and hit the "Print" button to conclude.

print double sided pdf

Part 2: How Do I Print Double Sided PDF on Mac?

UPDF for Mac features a cognitive PDF editor for Mac users. Several tools influence proper PDF management across this editor. Regarding its interface, UPDF for Mac provides a complete system with features divided exceptionally across the editor.

Key Features of UPDF for Mac

This PDF editor and manager provides its users with a vast set of features. People who are looking forward to considering this tool should focus on the following key features in detail:

Editing PDF Documents

UPDF allows you to easily add, edit, or delete the text contained in the PDF document. Following this, take control of managing the font size, color, style, and typeface of the text used in a document. Make proper changes in the images used across a PDF document and edit the image by cropping, extracting, replacing, or rotating the image with the right set of tools.

Organize PDF Documents

Another intuitive feature offered across UPDF is its organizing tools that allow the user to make proper changes in the outlook and structure of the document before having the document printed. You can rotate PDF pages easily to make their orientation proper and readable for viewers. Along with that, make re-arrangements of the pages across the PDF with the help of the organizing interface of UPDF.

Annotating PDF Documents

To assess your document before printing it through a printer, you can consider using the variety of annotation tools present across the platform. Highlight, mark, and add text boxes and callouts to mark the important sections of the document. Along with that, make proper use of stamps, sticky notes, and signatures for annotating documents to the fullest.

Benefits of Using UPDF PDF Editor

There are several advantages associated with using UPDF for Mac on your devices. They are stated as follows:

  • There are no limitations over managing and editing the PDF file.
  • You can save the changes across the file without inserting any watermark.
  • A free, secure, and swift option in PDF editors with advanced PDF editing and annotation features.

Steps to Print Double Sided PDF on UPDF

The following steps explain to users how to print double sided PDF on UPDF easily:

Step 1: Open PDF on Mac

Proceed to launch the tool on your Mac. Once launched, click on "Open File" to import a PDF document on your Mac.

open pdf with updf

Step 2: Proceed to Print Menu

After making changes to the document, click on the "File" tab and select "Print" from the drop-down menu. You can also consider using the "Command + P" key for opening the same screen.

how to print double sided on mac pdf

Step 3: Change Layout Printing Properties

As a screen opens on your front, make sure that the "Layout" settings are selected across it. If you wish to print your document double-sided, make sure to select "Short Edge Binding" or "Long Edge Binding" from the "Two-Sided" drop-down menu as appropriate. Once done, tap on "Print" to conclude.

print two pages on one sheet pdf

Part 3: How Do You Print Double-Sided on PDF on Chromebook?

Users who are looking to print their PDF documents double-sided on Chromebook are bound to have a printer that has duplex properties. While they ensure that the printer has duplex properties, they can easily cover it with the help of Google Chrome on their device. To execute this process properly, go through the following details as featured below:

Step 1: Open the PDF document across your Chromebook on Google Chrome. Once done, go across the "Print" icon to open the print settings or use the "CTRL + P" shortcut key to open the same window.

Step 2: As the new screen opens up, you need to navigate across the screen to find the "Two-sided" section of options. Turn on the checkbox and change the settings as required.

Step 3: Click on "Print" to proceed with printing the document according to your requirements.

Part 4: FAQs about Printing Double-Sided PDF

1. Why can't I print double-sided in PDF?

If you cannot find the option of printing the document double-sided, this procedure cannot be operated automatically as the printer does not support the option for the PDF document.

2. Why is there no option to print double sided?

The adjustable settings of printing PDF documents may not show the option of printing the document double-sided if the printer does not contain any duplex properties.

3. How do I print double sided without upside down PDF?

You need to select the option of "Flip on Short Edge" to ensure that the opposite sides are not upside-down while printing the document double-sided.

4. How do you flip the paper when printing double-sided?

If you wish to print the document double sided, you need to put the heading face at the front of the tray. The side that is to be printed needs to be put face up with the leading edge of the paper in the tray first. For printing the PDF on the second side, you need to put the paper face down with the leading edge of the paper first.

5. How do I print double sided on HP?

If you seek to print a PDF document with double-sided properties, open the document across the PDF editor and proceed across the "Print" window. Select the option of double-sided printing from the available settings and print the document successfully.

6. What is the difference between duplex printing and double sided printing?

There are no particular differences between duplex printing and double-sided printing, as both terms are used for printing on both sides of the paper.


After going through the article, you will be aware of the appropriate methods that can be considered to print double sided PDF with ease. Make sure to properly utilize these procedures for saving pages and printing the document with ease.