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AI PDF Printer: 10 Best Options in 2024

Are you looking to print a PDF document? Do you require it to be completed swiftly and inexpensively? Are there any free printing options available for your files? If that's the case, this article is for you. Today's article will look at ten of the most excellent PDF printers. We'll go through their benefits and drawbacks and the printers they work best with. Let's get started.

Best 10 Best Free PDF Printers

#1. UPDF - The Best Free PDF Printer With AI-Integration - Batch Print Available

PDF files are widely used in our office and for educational purposes. Printing PDF files is also a common need in people's work and learning. If you're choosing a free PDF printer, UPDF is one of the best printers. It allows you to print in grayscale or color. What's more, you can print PDF files with comments. For page sizing, it is available to print multiple PDFs at once or print PDFs as a booklet as you desired.

Download it and enjoy the hassle-free PDF printing experience.

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If you don't want to print all pages of a PDF, you can also choose odd pages only, even pages only, or customize the page range to print. Regarding page orientation, you can select Portrait or Landscape to display the pages. Moreover, it allows you to print PDFs as images if needed. Learn how to print a PDF in detail.

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Other Key Features of UPDF:

PDF Page Organization

You have a multi-page document that you want to carefully re-arrange and organize. But you're at a loss on what to do. If you have a UPDF editor, you won't have to worry. It will take care of everything for you. It will arrange all of the pages according to your preferences. 

You can delete or add pages to your document in addition to organizing them. Besides, you can also reorder, rotate, and extract pages from PDF. UPDF completes all of these duties in a few simple steps. Complexity is not present in this software.

Edit PDF Document

If you already have some documents and want to make changes, simply open them and begin editing. You can change the text and images in PDF seamlessly depending on your needs. For example, you can change the text, text font, size, color, font style, and typeface.

Annotate PDF Files

When viewing PDF files, UPDF also allows you to make annotations on PDF files. You make comments on PDF documents by adding highlights, underlining, strikeouts, sticky notes,  stamps, stickers, and text boxes. Besides, you can also insert multiple shapes into PDF, including rectangles, ovals, arrows, and lines. Try it out by downloading it.

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  • UPDF gives you a considerably superior user experience than any other market editor.
  • It boosts your productivity and speeds up your work.
  • UPDF has a user-friendly UI. Even if you've never used a PDF editor before, it's simple to use.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems.
  • It supports printing multiple PDF files at once in batch processing.

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A Comparison Chart Among Top 10 PDF Printers

Before I introduce the rest PDF printers, I'd like to make a full comparison among them to help you learn faster and choose more wisely. Not many PDF editors have the luxury of printing a PDF document feature. So, how would you know if a particular tool does have the feature of printing out a PDF document? The table below will help you find the perfect PDF editors and show their popularity among global users in 2023.

ToolPricingOperating SystemDouble-Sided PrintingPrinting QualityPrinting Speed Rating
UPDFUS$29.99/Year US$49.99/Perpetual (One purchase, all platforms)Windows, Mac, iOS, AndroidExcellent4.8
BullzipStandard: US$29/User   Professional: US$64/User   Expert: US$139/UserWindowsGood4.5
Adobe Acrobat ReaderAcrobat Pro: US$239.88/Year   Acrobat Standard: US$155.88/YearWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidExcellent4.8
Foxit PDF ReaderPDF Editor Pro + 12: US$147.74/Year   PDF Editor Pro 12: US$177.49/1-TimeWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOSGood4.6
CutePDF1 License: US$49.95WindowsFair4.3
Nitro PDFOne-Time License: US$179.99Windows, MacGood4.6
PDF-Xchange1-Year Maintenance: US$72.00/1-Time Fee   2-Year Maintenance: US$86.00/1-Time Fee   3- Year Maintenance: US$93.00/1-Time FeeWindowsGood4.2
PDF ExpertBest Value: US$79.99/year   Lifetime: US$139.99Mac, iOSGood4.5
Sumatra PDFFreeWindowsGood4.0

So, these were some top free or paid PDF printers of 2023. As you can see, UPDF is leading the way on top, as it also supports two-sided printing. Compared to other tools, they lack features, and customer support is awful. You can purchase it now and enjoy a big discount, or download it to explore its practical printing features.

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#2. Bullzip Free PDF Printer

Bullzip Free PDF Printer is a Microsoft printer that lets you print documents as PDF files. It's free and doesn't contain any advertising, and it runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, or Vista/XP. However, it has limited editing capabilities, so it's better used for printing rather than making changes later.


  • It is entirely free to use.
  • Prints all of your papers in one go and converts them to PDF format for simple archiving and sharing.


  • Wireless printing is not possible.
  • Editing options are limited.

#3. Adobe® Acrobat® Printer

This free PDF printer from Adobe® Acrobat® XI is used to create and modify PDF documents. PDF files can be viewed, printed, and converted to other files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or pictures.

Graphic designers generally use this program to create digital information that needs to be printed as a PDF document.


  • With this software suite, you may create intricate graphics.
  • During editing, there are options for seeing many pages at once.
  • Many professionals in academia and industry use it regularly; therefore, it is widely recognized (especially when printing books)
  • It has a simple UI that makes navigation simple.


  • Some users have complained about the high price tag, making it unsuitable for amateur or low-budget projects. Only available for Windows users. There is currently no Android or iPhone app available.

#4. Foxit PDF Printer

This printer is available for download for free and includes advanced features including as encryption, password security, bookmarking, digital signatures, and more.

Foxit PDF Printer also features an easy-to-use interface for batch converting any number of files or folders from one type to another (for example, DOC) (e.g., PDF).

The documents can be printed or saved in high-quality PDF format, and it's not only for text files.


  • Foxit supports JPEG and BMP multimedia formats and entire folders of any file.
  • If you regularly create many high-quality PDFs, it might be worth paying for.


  • One disadvantage is that it is not available for Mac users, unlike some of the other commercial options.

#5. CutePDF Free PDF Printer

A freeware program that may be downloaded and used to convert text to PDF files and build new ones from scratch using the templates offered on their website. There are no restrictions on the number of documents that can be converted. It is compatible with Windows.


  • It allows you to create PDF files with password security; consists of a built-in editor for text documents and an easy-to-use user interface; and automatically places footnotes at the bottom of the page where they are mentioned.


  • It does not yet include options for making high-quality graphics, although these functions may be added in the future.

#6. NitroPDF PDF Printer

NitroPDF is a premium PDF printer that converts e-books to PDFs and is one of the most widely used PDF conversion/creation programs available today.

It includes a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows you to convert any document into a PDF file quickly and easily.


  • Adding watermarks with your company's logo or other visuals to all outputted PDF documents, so you own your content
  • Converting PDF files to other forms is possible (such as Word or HTML)


  • Pricing begins at US$49.95, higher than several accessible PDF printers.
  • There is no Android or iPhone app.

#7. PDF-Xchange Printer

The PDF-Xchange Printer is a small PDF printer. It may not have as appealing a user interface, but it makes it incredibly simple for users to print their documents as PDFs and then change them before printing. They can also annotate the paper they're printing using advanced editing features.


  • More functionality than other solutions.
  • It is lightweight.


  • It is expensive to use.
  • The trial version also has some limitations.

#8. PDF Expert Printer

A straightforward approach to convert your documents to PDF format in the highest possible quality. This software is only accessible for Windows and can be downloaded for free from the website's homepage.


  • Create high-quality graphics with no restrictions on the number of pages in your document; this allows you to make presentations, newsletters, or magazines with several photos per page to present them in a more polished and professional manner.
  • Convert any PDF file to a high-resolution graphics file. This is an excellent format for sending files via email, publishing on the web, or presenting to your audience.
  • Templates for use as presentation slides for business meetings are included in the software; these allow you to choose from pre-made layouts with various backgrounds and color schemes.


  • The program is exclusively available for Windows users.

#9. PrimoPDF

A PrimoPDF printer is a terrific tool for anyone who requires high-quality PDFs and is another premium alternative with advanced features like encryption, password security, and more.PrimoPDF Printer includes an easy-to-use interface and can batch convert any number of files or folders from one type to another (for example, DOC) (e.g., PDF).

The most excellent part about this software is that it allows you to print or save documents in high-quality PDF format, and it isn't limited to text files. PrimoPDF Printer now supports JPEG and BMP multimedia formats and entire folders of any file.

Professionals who need high-quality PDF files without installing Adobe Acrobat software or paying exorbitant monthly fees for an online service like Scribd will love this tool.


  • The premium version is a one-time payment that may be worthwhile if you regularly create and print many PDFs.
  • PrimoPDF Printer is also unique since it can convert any file, including audio and video, rather than simply text files.


  • Only Windows users have access to it.

# 10. Sumatra PDF Printer

Sumatra PDF Printer is a small, free printer that allows you to print documents in high-quality PDF format.

It's simple to use and quick; you won't have to deal with any additional adverts or popups when you use it. It also has an easy-to-use interface that allows users of all experience levels to print documents in PDF format with ease.


  • Lightweight and without advertisements or popups
  • User-friendly interface for users of all skill levels


  • Because it's a lightweight application, printing may take a little longer than other options, but you may alter the parameters to speed up the process.

FAQs about PDF Printer

In Windows, how do I print to PDF?

Step 1: Once again, select "File" and then "Print" with UPDF. Alternatively, to open the "Print" option, press Ctrl + P on your keyboard.

Step 2: Select "Microsoft Print to PDF" from the popup window that appears after hitting "Printer."

Why is it impossible to print a PDF on Windows 10?

The inability to print PDF files in Windows 10 could be caused by wrong printer settings, a corrupted PDF file, or a corrupted Adobe Acrobat Software program. To solve the problem, you can install UPDF to help you. This tool has the perfect printing option and it is fully compatible with Windows 10.

What is the best printer?

UPDF is a light and cost-effective printer - provides you with the best results when printing PDF documents.  It has a user-friendly interface and fast document opening speed which helps you to improve work efficiency. It also has other great features including annotating, converting, OCR, organizing, and protecting PDFs. Try it Now!

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