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How to Print a Zoomed in PDF? (Steps with Pictures)

Are you one of the many people wondering how to print a zoomed in PDF format? Then this article might be just what you need. We will cover everything you could possibly want to know about printing a zoomed in portion of PDF files, as well as many other useful tips and tricks.

Once you have read through this article you will be able to master printing part of PDF files in no time, making you seem like a tech savvy professional in your workplace or amongst your friends and family. And don't worry, we will guide you every step of the way. Enjoy!

Part 1. How to Print Zoomed in PDF Using UPDF?

Let us start off with one of the easiest and best ways of how to zoom in and print part of a PDF file. We will be using a special piece of software called UPDF, which allows for many different types of editing and has customization options for your PDF files, including OCR and much more.

The first step is to actually download UPDF here. This is because UPDF is designed to work offline, meaning you only need internet connection to get the tool to begin with, after that you can use the tool on your devices even when there is no internet. So download UPDF today and begin printing your zoomed PDF files with ease.

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Once you have downloaded the tool, it is important to learn about the many different printing features that UPDF offers. Since you are reading this article to learn how to zoom and print PDF files, we will discuss those relevant features in particular.

The main feature we are interested in today is called Custom Scale, which allows you to select the magnifying level of the PDF file that you want to print. This is a helpful tool that makes it simple to scale the print up or down, depending on your paper size, the size of the images or text in the PDF file, and your desired resolution.

Another great feature is called selective printing, which means UPDF allows you to manually choose specific pages or selections that you would like to print out. This is useful for large PDF files when you only need a small part of it.

And UPDF has the ability to handle bulk PDF files in the same selective way, meaning you can easily print out part of multiple PDF files without wasting printer ink or paper by printing out the pages you do not want.

Other features include printer selection, printing with or without comments, the option to specify the paper size you have in the printing machine, the orientation, amount of copies you need, and even duplex printing if you'd like to print of both sides of the paper and your printer supports it.

Once you have customized the printer settings, you can easily check to see whether you will get the correct output with the print preview, to avoid any mistakes or errors. 

If you wish to try UPDF and begin editing your PDF files like a professional, click the "Free Download" button to get started right now.

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Way 1. Print one Zoomed PDF

If you simply want to print a single zoomed PDF file, perhaps in order to magnify or draw attention to a certain part of the document, then download the UPDF software to begin. You can find the link if you use the download button above this section. Below we have created a step by step guide, so that you can easily and quickly learn how to print a zoomed in PDF using UPDF.

  1. Open up UPDF on your computer or other device
  2. Open up the PDF file located on your device by clicking the "Open File" button
how to print a zoomed in pdf open button
  1. Browse to the directory in which your PDF file exists
how to print a zoomed in pdf browse file
  1. Once your PDF file is open, you can go to File > Print
how to print a zoomed in pdf print file
  1. Then change the custom size by using the Custom Scale (%) setting.
    (The below picture is for you to check how to find the tool)
how to print a zoomed in pdf output format
  1. Once you are happy with the custom scale, you can click the purple "Print" button below. That's it!

Way 2. Print Multiple Zoomed PDFs

UPDF is also a great option if you have many different PDF documents that you need to print in zoomed versions. This bulk feature for zoomed in printing allows for an easy workflow, whether you are at the office printing important documents, or you have many private PDF files that you need to handle at once.

First off, you will once again need to download UPDF.

Add download button here.

  1. Open up UPDF on your computer or other device
  2. Instead of opening a single document like before, you instead go to the menu button named "Batch"
  3. Once you click on that,  choose "Print"
  4. Now you can add all your files that you want to print simultaneously
  5. Next you will need to configure the printing settings, specifically the scale of which to print the files.
how to print a zoomed in pdf batch print
  1. By choosing "Custom Scale" and changing the value, you can zoom the document in or out.
  2. Once you are happy with your custom scale value, you are ready to print. Just click the purple "Print" button in the bottom right corner. Congratulations!

Key Features:

While UPDF is an excellent option for printing PDF files that are zoomed in, by selecting the custom scale of your document. The software also has a wide range of other useful features. If you need to handle or edit PDF files, chances are that you might also find some of these other functionalities beneficial in the future, so we have listed the most important ones below:

  • UPDF AI helps summarize, translate, explain the content, etc.
  • Advanced PDF Editing Tools like editing images, texts, and links.
  • Annotating PDFs with highlight, strckline, pencil, stickers, etc.
  • Fast PDF Conversion to convert PDF from or to PDF.
  • PDF Document Management On-the-Go.
  • Sign PDF Files with Signature and digital signature.
  • Add watermarks, backgrounds, bates numbering, and header and footer to PDF.
  • Batch Process for printing, merging, encrypting, etc.
  • Compress or Flatten PDF Files

Sounds good, right? Well you are not the only one to think so. Techadvisor, one of the largest online reviewers of media and technology has also provided a positive review of the service, so you are in good hands by opting for UPDF for your next PDF related tasks.

Alternatively, you can check out this easy to digest YouTube video in case you prefer listening to reading. If you wish to try UPDF and begin printing your PDF files like a professional, click the "Free Download" button to get started right now.

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Part 2. How to Zoom and Print PDF With Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat has advanced features that makes printing and zooming possible for PDF files, as well as a bunch of other functionality, as it is considered an all-round PDF editor. Some of the most useful features include:

  • Custom print settings
  • Print as image
  • Printer marks and color handling
  • Automatically scale to paper size
  • Manual scaling of document
  • Custom image exposure
  • The ability to specify halftone screen frequency
  • Many different output options

In order to zoom and print a PDF using Adobe Acrobat, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat from their official website:

  1. Visit and download Adobe Acrobat
  2. Open Adobe Acrobat on your computer or other device
how to print a zoomed in pdf adobe interface
  1. Find the section on the starting screen labeled "Open File" and click it
how to print a zoomed in pdf open file
  1. Navigate to the directory where your PDF file is located and open it
how to print a zoomed in pdf browse file
  1. Find the printer icon in the top right corner and click on it
how to print a zoomed in pdf printer icon
  1. Go to the section marked in red on the screenshot, and choose custom scale
how to print a zoomed in pdf print settings
  1. Choose a percentage amount that matches your desired outcome
  2. Once you are happy with the preview, click Print and you are done!

Part 3. FAQS About Printing a Zoomed PDF

Q1. How to Print Zoomed in Portion of PDF?

  1. Open the PDF file using your PDF reader of choice. You can use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader
  2. If you have Adobe Acrobat X, you should choose "Edit -> Take a snapshot" Otherwise, you can click "Menu -> Undo, Redo & More -> Take a snapshot"
  3. The snapshot tool works by having you select a portion of the PDF you want to print. That allows you to draw a rectangle around the area you wish to highlight, so do that now.
  4. Once you are happy with your selection, go to "File -> Print"
  5. Here it is important that you select the option "Selected Graphic" as shown on the image below
  6. If you are happy with your selection, you can now press "Print" in the bottom right corner and begin printing your selected portion of the PDF file. Congratulations!

Q2. How to Print Zoomed PDF Online?

Unfortunately there is not any method in which you can print a zoomed in PDF online currently. This is due to the limitations of browser capabilities, and why you need a software tool such as UPDF or the more expensive Adobe Acrobat in order to handle this task.

Luckily, UPDF only costs around $2.19 per month, so it is not an expensive solution if you need to handle your documents, and it has many other features as well, that are sure to help you edit and manage your PDF files.

Final Thoughts

That is it for this guide on how to print a zoomed in PDF file. In this article we covered how you can use UPDF with ease to quickly print a zoomed portion of your PDF document, and we also covered Adobe Acrobat, as well as generic solutions in the FAQ.

If you wish to try UPDF and begin printing your PDF files like a professional, click the "Free Download" button to get started right now.

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