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How to Convert PDF to Black and White? (3 Effective Ways)

Sometimes, you might need your document to be black and white. Also, it costs less to print a black-and-white PDF than a colorful one. So, this article will teach you how to easily convert your PDF to black and white using 3 effective methods.

Part 1. The Easiest Way to Convert PDF to Grayscale

Want to make your PDFs simpler and save ink and space? Converting them to black and white, also known as grayscale, can help, and the easiest way to do this is by using the UPDF tool. This tool is a great solution that lets you quickly turn your PDF to black and white and save them on your devices. Black and white PDFs are also easier on the eyes, making them more comfortable to read without distracting colors.

Moreover, with UPDF, you can do even more. It can convert the color PDF to black and white (not grayscale). Edit the text and images in your PDF with lots of options, upload files to the UPDF Cloud for easy access from anywhere, and track changes in real time. You can also export, annotate, OCR scanned PDFs, and save PDFs with smaller file sizes. Have a look below at the two methods to convert PDF to grayscale using this tool:

Option 1. Convert One PDF to Grayscale

Here, we will learn to convert a single PDF to grayscale. Before starting, you need to download UPDF via the below link, import the required PDF file into UPDF and access it within the tool. Then, you will need to follow these steps for conversion:

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 1: Import PDF and Enter the File Tab Options

After you import the required PDF via "Open File," access the "File" tab from the upper left corner. As the drop-down menu appears, hit the "Print" option. In addition, you can also press the "Ctrl/Command + P" on your keyboard for the print menu.

Step 2: Choose the Required Option in the Print Menu

In the top right side, choose the "Microsoft Print to PDF" option from the drop-down. Then, under the "Copies," tick the checkbox for "Print in Grayscale (black and white)" and tap on the "Print" button at the bottom right side. This will direct you to save this PDF on your device with the desired name.

print in grayscale

Option 2. Change PDFs to Black and White in Batch

It is not always necessary to have just one file. There can be instances when you need to batch-print files all in grayscale. At that time UPDFs batch feature helps you to make the conversion task much easier with the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the Batch Mode in UPDF Tool

Access UPDF, and on the tool's main interface, choose the "Batch" option. Now, hit the "Print" option under "Popular Batch Actions." Once in, hit the "Add Files" button to import all the PDFs that need to be converted. You can also choose "Add Open Files," or "Add Folders" options based on your requirements.

batch print PDF to blank and white

Step 2: Set the Printing Options and Apply on All Files

When all the files are imported, choose "Microsoft Print to PDF" from the drop-down list at the top side of the right panel. Afterward, check the box for "Print in Grayscale (Black and White)" and hit the "Apply" button at the bottom.

Batch print PDF to black and white

Then, save your file on the device and access or print it at any required point.

The batch-printed black and white PDF

After checking the steps and think this tool is that you need to convert PDF to black and white? We recommend you download UPDF today from the below button to try all its advanced features without worrying about the cost you have to pay for other tools to try them out.  

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to Black and White on Windows

Here is a video guide for you to learn how to convert PDF to black and white on Windows with UPDF:


UPD is more than just a PDF printer capable of converting your color PDFs to black and white. It also functions as a PDF editor with capabilities similar to Adobe Acrobat. However, it is available for sale at a lower price point. Take advantage of this 60% offer to upgrade your account to Pro and unlock all its premium features.

Part 2. Convert PDF to Black and White Online Via Sejda PDF

Looking to convert PDF to black and white online? For that, Sejda is a simple and helpful tool for all your PDF tasks. With this tool, you can easily turn your PDF text and images into grayscale. The best part is that your files are safe and private, as they will be automatically deleted after 2 hours. Sejda PDF is also a free service for documents up to 200 pages or 50MB.

Moreover, you can even do up to 3 tasks per hour. You can pick your PDF files from Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive to make things even easier. So, give this online PDF tool a try using the guided steps:

Step 1: First, access this online tool using your web browser and head to Sejda's "Convert PDF to Grayscale" page. Then, hit the "Upload PDF Files" button at the center or click the small "Downward" arrow to import PDFs from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or from a URL.

upload the pdf file to convert pdf to grrayscale in seja

Step 2: Once PDFs are imported and uploaded, press the "More Options" button to set the separate colors for text and image conversion if needed. You can also check the box to compress images. Following this, click on the "Convert PDF to Grayscale" button and wait while the documents get processed.

On the next screen, you can easily download the file or save it to other formats, along with making any changes with the editing tools.

click on convert pdf to grayscale in sejda

Part 3. Convert Color PDF to Black and White Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a famous tool used by the majority of people to work with PDFs. It can help you change the color of PDFs to black and white. Keep in mind that it costs money due to being a paid tool, but you can try it for free for 7 days. Moreover, you can also edit the PDFs and integrate the signatures within it. Here are the steps to convert color PDF to black and white with Adobe Reader:

Step 1: Open the PDF document you want to convert in Adobe Reader. Afterward, press the "Ctrl/Command + P" key on your keyboard to open the print menu. Find and select the "Adobe PDF" option from the list of available printers there.

Also, look for the checkbox or option labeled "Print in Grayscale" or "Black and White," as it should be located below the list of printers, and tick it.

enable print in grayscale option in adobe reader

Step 2: After this, customize the other print settings, such as page size, pages to print, and orientation. Then, click on the "Print" button from the bottom right side of the "Print" video and save your black and white PDF in the desired location.

press the print button in adobe reader

Part 4. Which Method Is the Best for Converting PDF to Black and White?

If you are confused about which method is better to use, check the following table to learn about the PDF tool to convert PDF to black and white.

MetricsUPDFAdobe ReaderSejda
PDF Size LimitationNoNoMax 500MB
Try All Features FreeYesNoFile Size, Page, and Task Limitation
AI FeaturesYesNoNo
Print FeaturesBasic and Advanced FeaturesBasic and Advanced FeaturesSame Options of a Browser

When it comes to converting PDF to grayscale, each tool has its limitations. Sejda’s performance might suffer on slower internet connections, leading to longer processing times. However, Adobe Reader is only available in the paid version. While you can try the trial version of Adobe Reader for free, it is limited to seven days, and afterward, a subscription is required.

But, when it comes to the UPDF PDF Editor, it stands out as an all-in-one PDF editor with an easy and quick grayscale conversion feature. This tool is also an ideal choice considering its cloud storage and AI capabilities, which can enhance your overall PDF editing experience. It even allows you to use one paid account on all devices, so buy UPDF today to make your document management and editing tasks easier.

Wrapping Up

The need to convert PDF to black and white has been very common these days. While you may find it complex to convert PDFs to grayscale at first, the 3 methods we have detailed described in this guide are easy to follow and offer a range of features. Moreover, if you are looking for much more advanced features, we recommend downloading and using the UPDF PDF editor to solve all the conversion hassle for you.

This tool, along with all basic editing features, offers some advanced feature that caters to all your PDFs handling requirements. These features include using UPDF AI, UPDF Cloud, annotating PDFs, and sharing PDFs via the built-in share feature. Just download UPDF here and test on your own.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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