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How to Print PDF as Booklet on Windows and Mac

The booklet brings along some advantages that improve the reading experience for the users. Also, it effectively reaches the audience by summarizing the reading content in a few pages. If you have a PDF file for a particular book, you can print it easily for reading purposes. This article will address how to print a PDF as a booklet in easy ways to enhance your reading experience and environment.

Part 1: How to Print PDF as Booklet on Windows?

Do you want to print PDF as a booklet on Windows? Discover the tool UPDF and launch it on your PC to print PDF files as a booklet. It includes distinct options to print the PDF file in the desired layout. You can change the paper scaling, size, and orientation in its print menu. Moreover, you can select page ranges easily from this tool. To try UPDF, you can download it through the below button.

You can also select the print content for the printing copy and can include forms, documents, and annotations. To print PDF in book format on Windows, take help from the below steps:

Step 1: Open Print Settings

Run UPDF on your PC and open its home page. Upload your PDF file on this tool by clicking on the "Open File" button and going to the "File" tab. From there, select the "Print" option to open the print menu. You can also press "Ctrl + P" directly to open the print settings.

Step 2: Select "Booklet" in the Page Size Section

On the "Print" menu, select the printer and page size from the given options. Now go to "Print Sizing && Handling" and select the option of "Booklet."

print pdf as booklet

Step 3: Select PDF Booklet Subset

From the "Booklet" settings, you can select "Booklet Subset." Here you can see the options like Both Sides, Front Side Only, and Back Side Only. Choose your preferred subset to print the booklet.

At the "Booklet" tab, you can also choose the Binding directions. You can select to print the binding in the left or right direction. Explore more options like "Auto Rotate" and "Auto Center" from the displayed menu.

Step 4: Initiate the Print

Once done with the settings, navigate to the "Print" highlighted button and click on it to print your PDF file as a booklet. Want to try? Tap on the "Free Download" button to get it.

If you want to learn more about printing PDFs as booklets on Windows with UPDF, please watch the video below, and hope it will help you.

Part 2: How do I Print PDF as Booklet on Mac?

To print PDF as a booklet on Mac, UPDF is the suitable choice. It offers various printing properties that enable users to take printouts in their desired style. Without needing additional or professional tools, you can use UPDF to take colorful printouts for your booklet by selecting the "Gray Scale" feature.

However, UPDF on Mac does not directly offer the booklet option for printing. For this, you have to rearrange the PDF pages to print them in booklet form. In this part, we will learn how to arrange pages for booklet printing PDF through easy guidelines.

Adjust Booklet Pattern using UPDF Editor

Through UPDF, you can manually arrange the PDF pages to give them the look of a booklet. Through the UPDF tool, you can organize the PDF pages with a single click and can rearrange them in a specified order. Use the following pattern to arrange the PDF pages so that you can give them the shape of a booklet after printing. If you have 4 pages in a PDF file, arrange them in this order:

  • Page 4 and 1 on the first side of the first sheet
  • Page 2 and 3 are on the second side of the first sheet.

Similarly, if you have more pages, you can arrange them by following the above order. Now, to print PDF as a booklet on Mac, use the below steps.

Step 1: Open PDF File

Launch UPDF and select the "Open File" button to upload the PDF file on this tool from your Mac. If you haven't installed UPDF, click the following button to download UPDF now.

Step 2: Rearrange the Pages

After uploading the file, select the "Page" tab displayed on top. From the new window, organize and arrange your pages in the same pattern we described earlier. Once done, press "Command + P" to open the print menu. Otherwise, you can go to the "File" tab and can select the "Print" option.

organize pages before print pdf as booklet

Step 3: Adjust the Settings for Printing

On the Print menu, select your printer and then open the layout options. On the "Pages Per Sheet" tab, select option 2. You can turn on the option of double-sided print from the bottom options. For more enhancement, you can also pick any border style from the menu with a single click.

After selecting the page layout, page per sheet, and border style for your booklet, click on the "Print" button to finalize the process. If you think it's useful, you can download UPDF from the below button.

We made a video to help you learn how to print a PDF on Mac better. Watch it now.

Part 3: What You Need to Know about Booklet?

Booklet works like a book by giving information and data on any particular topic. It contains fewer pages than an actual book and acts as a cost-effective alternative to the book. Many people like to print their PDF files in the form of a booklet so that they can read the content in a comfortable way. It brings multiple benefits for the users, such as an easy reach to the audience without consuming too many pages.

Format of Booklet

Booklet has various formats depending upon the need of a user. However, an average booklet contains 4 to 52 pages and functions as a small book. The letter-size paper of a booklet is folded in half, which helps the user to read the content in the same way as we read in a book. The most common size of a landscape or portrait booklet is 5.5 in x 8.5 in.

Uses of Booklet

There are several uses of a booklet in many fields. Many brands like to create a booklet in the form of a catalog to display their best designs effectively. Some brands like to promote their product through a booklet by crafting their designs and advantages and adding a user guide to it.

People who are running small-scale businesses can create booklets to display their training programs in a captivating way. You can add instructions, key objectives, and guidelines in the booklet to precisely reach your audience. For academic purposes, teachers can create the outlines and objectives of the courses in the form of a booklet so that students can access them easily.

Things to Consider Before Crafting Booklet

Before making a booklet, you need to have authentic knowledge about your target audience. Your goal should be to engage the audience without adding too much content to the booklet. List down the factors, viewpoints, and other content that you want to add to the booklet. After deciding the precise content for your booklet, gather ideas for its design.

Make sure that you present your booklet in the most captivating way through an alluring design. Add some color to it and list down all the required factors in an organized way. Also, preserve the professional outlook of your booklet and keep the alignments correct.

Part 4: FAQs about Printing PDF as Booklet

1. How do I print a PDF booklet with two pages per sheet?

To print PDF two pages per sheet with UPDF, go to the "Print" settings and locate the option "Booklet" from the "Page Sizing & Handling" section. Choose "Both Sides" in the Booklet Subset area and you will get two pages per sheet on your print. You can see the effect in the print preview section.

2. How do I print a PDF side by side?

UPDF has the option to print two-sided pages in the printer settings. Locate this option and enable it to print a PDF side by side. Go to "File > Print > Booklet > Both Sides in Booklet Subset".

3. How do I create a PDF booklet?

It is easy to create a PDF booklet with a professional PDF solution called UPDF. It has the option for you to create a blank PDF, edit everything on a PDF document, and organize pages in a PDF document. To make a PDF booklet, you can use it to add text, links, and images, and customize the PDF as per your requirements. You can also use it to print the PDF booklet.

4. How to convert PDF to booklet?

There are many online tools to convert PDF to Booklet and generate an HTML link for you to read the PDF document as a booklet. You can search on Google and try.

5. Can I Print PDF as Booklet Online?

Actually, there are no online tools to help you print PDFs as Booklets. You can try to use UPDF to help you do the same.

6. What is the best program to make a booklet?

UPDF has proven to be the perfect choice to make a PDF and print it as a booklet. This tool includes several options and properties that users can utilize to produce desired results. Through its "Organize" feature, you can arrange the PDF pages in any specified order and can select the preferred page layout from settings. Moreover, you can conduct editing on the PDF files before printing them easily.


Booklets bring unlimited benefits with them as it engages with the audience in a cost-effective manner. You can design your booklet in a PDF file and can print it in the form of a booklet. This article has comprehensively touched on how to print a PDF as a booklet through powerful tools and simple steps. Try UPDF now to enjoy the printing feature immediately.