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How to Print Multiple PDF Files at Once

Do you have multiple PDF files that you wish to print quickly? Printing each PDF file individually is an effective way, but it can be time-consuming. What if there were a way to print multiple PDF files at once, so you could save time and effort?

Luckily, there are multiple ways to batch print PDF files. You can head over to the proceeding read to find detailed guides on how to print multiple PDF files at once on Windows and Mac computers easily.

Part 1: A Fast PDF Printer and Editor – UPDF

If you are looking for a PDF printer and editor, we have just the right tool for you. UPDF is an all-in-one document printing program that can help provide you with one of the best PDF experiences.

Being fast software, UPDF is an intuitive tool with some attractive features for your PDF documents. From simply viewing files to organizing and editing them in numerous ways, it lets you do it all. Moreover, a range of customization options is available to help you get the best out of your PDF files. When you finish the comment, you can print PDF with the comment using UPDF.

print pdf using updf

Advantages of UPDF PDF Editor

Using UPDF means you get to have the following perks:

1. Print PDF with Comment

It can allow you to print PDFs with comments. You can use UPDF to add comments to the PDF. When you finish the annotation, you can print PDF with the comment and document, or only the comment.

2. Customized Stickers and Stamps

You can now add a whole range of stickers, stamps, shapes, and much more to your PDF files easily. UPDF also supports the customization of stamps in various different ways.

3. Create Signatures

You can create customized signatures via mouse, keyboard, or trackpad; and add them to your PDF files effortlessly through UPDF.

4. Controlled Sharing

UPDF allows the controlled sharing of PDF files through links and other external sharing options. This means you can restrict edits and downloads of shared files and even choose to decide when the shared link expires.


OCR PDFs can convert scanned PDFs to editable and searchable files. It has 38 languages that can select. You can also make the PDF file into a file that can not edit and search with the OCR feature.

Part 2: How to Print a Single PDF on Windows

If you want to print a single PDF, UPDF is the best choice for you. It can print PDFs with comments. And also it can print PDFs like a booklet and print on both sides of the paper. Let's see the steps to print a single PDF:

Step 1: Open PDF File

Download UPDF and Launch it. On the main interface of UPDF, tap on the "Open File" button and import the PDF file.

Step 2: Enter Print PDF Mode

Now select the "File" icon from the left side and click on the "Print" button to open the new window.

print multiple pdf by click the print button

Step 3: Setting the Print

You can now choose what to print. It can print documents, comments, documents and comments. You can also print a PDF like a booklet by selecting "Booklet" in "Page Sizing && Handling". Don't forget to turn on "Print on both sides of paper" if you need to print on two sizes of paper.

batch print pdf to setting the print

Step 4: Pring a Single PDF

After checking all the options, tap on the "Print" button to print a single PDF.

Video Tutorial on How to Print PDF

Part 3: How to Print a Single PDF on Mac

UPDF also supports printing a single PDF on Mac. If you want to print multiple PDF files, you can open PDF files with the new tap. Print it one by one. Now let's see how to print a single PDF on Mac.

Step 1: Open a PDF file on Mac

Download UPDF and launch it on your Mac. Open UPDF and click on "Open File" on the main interface to open PDF which you want to print.

Step 2: Enter print mode

Now, tap the "File" option on the top left and then click on the "Print..." button to enter print mode. You can also key "Command + P" to enter quickly.

how to print multiple pdf on mac with updf

Step 3: How do I print PDF on Mac

UPDF allows you to set the print details. You can click "Show Details" to set more options for printing.

how to print multiple pdf documents at once on mac with updf

Part 4: How to Print Multiple PDF Files at Once on Windows 10/11

Whether you want to print multiple question papers, assignments, or letters, knowing how to print PDF files in batches can prove to come in handy. If you are a Windows user, the process of printing multiple PDF files on your computer is quite easy. Microsoft offers a highly useful "Print Queue" option that can help you out in this regard.

The following steps explain how to print multiple PDFs at once on your Windows computer using the "Print Queue" option:

Step 1: Click on the "Search" icon on your computer taskbar. In the search bar, type "Settings" and hit "Enter" to open your system settings.

Step 2: Once inside the settings, click on "Devices." Now from the left pane in the "Devices" settings, locate and click on the "Printers & Scanners" option. Select the printer device that you are using for your PDFs and tap on the "Open Queue" option.

print multiple pdf files on windows

Step 3: From the pop-up window, you can now add all the PDFs you wish to print simultaneously. To select all the PDF documents, you can use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + A." If you wish to select only some specific PDF files from the list, you can hit the "Ctrl" key and tap on the files to select them. You can also use "Ctrl + Shift" and use the arrow keys or simply click to select adjacent PDF files in batches from your documents list.

Step 4: Once you have selected your files, drag and drop them in the "Queue" window that popped up. Windows will ask you to confirm the multiple printing options through a dialogue box. Tap "Yes," and your printer will print all the selected PDF files at once.

how to print multiple pdf files at once on windows 10

Part 5: How to Batch Multiple PDF Files at Once on Mac

Similar to Windows computers, Mac devices also offer a "Print Queue" option using which you can batch print PDF files easily. It is quite a convenient option that is easily accessible across all Mac devices and printers.

Follow the steps given below to know how to print multiple PDF documents at once through Mac computers:

Step 1: You can start by placing all the documents you wish to print in the same location, so they are easier to find and select. Click on the "Apple" logo visible at the top-left corner of the screen on your Mac computer.

Step 2: Find and select the "System Preferences" option from the drop-down menu. From the pop-up tab, locate the "Printers & Scanners" option and click on it.

how to print multiple pdf on mac

Step 3: Once inside the printer options, select the printer you wish to use from the panel at the left. From the right pane, tap on the "Open Print Queue" button.

how to print multiple pdf documents at once on mac

Step 4: Now select the PDF files you want to print. You can use the keyboard shortcut "Command + A" to save time. Drag the selected PDF documents and drop them in the "Print Queue" window. The printing process will then start, and the time taken will depend on the file size and the strength of the connection.

Part 6: FAQs about Printing Multiple PDF Files

1. Can I print multiple PDF files at once?

If you have multiple PDF files and wish to print them all, you can certainly do so. This article has shown you how to print multiple PDF files at once on Windows and Mac. You can choose the method according to your computer devices.

2. How do I print more than 15 PDF files at once?

Part 4 and Part 5 in this article have shown you how to print multiple PDF files at once. You can click the left menu to go to the part directly.

3. How do I print multiple PDF files without opening one?

Using the methods in this article to batch print multiple PDF files doesn't need to open the PDF files. You just need to select the PDF files which you want to print.

4. How do I merge PDF files for printing?

There are various PDF editors available across the internet that offer options to merge PDF files, such as UPDF. It can help you combine multiple PDF files into one, which you can later print as a single document.

5. How do I print multiple PDFs from an email?

You can batch print PDF files from an email attachment by selecting the email on Outlook and then going to the "File" tab and navigating to "Print Options" under "Print." From the appearing dialogue box, check the box next to the "Print attached files" option and hit the "Print" button. Note that for each attachment, you will have to click "Open" from the "Opening Mail Attachment" menu.


The need to print multiple PDF files can arise in various instances. No matter the reason, it is imperative that one must know how to handle the pressure and get the task done quickly when the time comes.

With the in-depth guide mentioned above, you now know how to print multiple PDF files at once easily and effortlessly. The steps can work on both Windows and Mac computers. If you ever need to print PDFs with comments, you can try the marvelous toolset provided by UPDF.