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Best PDF Editors On iPhone: Evaluating Top 5 Options (iOS 17 Compatible)

You may access PDF files on Windows and Mac as well as on your iPhone and iPad. For this case, you may need one PDF editor to help you edit them. For Windows and Mac, it is easy to find the desired PDF editors. But it is not the same for iPhone and iPad users as most PDF Editors on iPhone only have several features.

Hence, we searched around and tested top PDF editors for iOS from the App Store. Finally, we list the top 5 PDF Editors for iPhone and iPad with the key features they offer here.

Top 5 PDF Editors for iOS

1. UPDF - The Best PDF Editor for iPhone

UPDF for iOS app is the first PDF editor for iPhone and has almost all the functionalities that you need to edit PDF files on iPhone and iPad. You can use UPDF to view PDF and read PDF aloud, scan to PDF, annotate PDF with highlights, pencil, shapes, notes, stickers, sign PDF, edit text and images, and more. Click the below button to download UPDF on your iPhone or iPad now to check all features.

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If you want to know all the key features that UPDF on iPhone offers, you can check the below list.

  • You can also annotate PDFs on iPhone and iPad. You can quickly jot down notes on a PDF, highlight sections, extract text, and perform other editing tasks using any machine.
  • It provides exquisite editing capabilities, which allows you to add text and images to PDF on iOS, and edit existing text and images in PDF on iOS.
  • You can create PDFs by scanning on iPhone paper documents using the camera.
  • It integrates well with the UPDF Cloud, which means it's easy to share your files across several devices.
  • UPDF AI helps you summarize PDF, translate PDF, write PDF, Rewrite PDF, etc.
  • Merge, compress, and organize PDFs per your requirements.

With so many advanced features, why not choose UPDF? Download it via the below button to use it now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

We'll also introduce other 4 PDF editors on iPhone, all of which feature similar functions. You can directly check the comparison chart, this will help you choose a suitable PDF editor for your iPhone.

2. Xodo

Its intuitive layout of the Xodo iPhone PDF editor puts the full PDF document at your fingertips -- you can scroll, flick, and pinch to zoom or use two-finger rotation to easily browse multipage documents.

Here are the features that this iPhone PDF editor offers.

  • Choose any shape from our set of drawing tools.
  • Add text boxes and images.
  • Instantly share your work via email or other apps.
  • Edit text, insert, move, and delete images, and rearrange pages.
  • Works with both single-page and multipage documents.
  • It also allows you to highlight or underline text in different colors, strike out text that has been deleted, and open pages in bulk or one by one.
  • It also has a complete set of redaction tools, including a magnifier, a quick rectangle selection tool, and powerful text editing options.

3. iAnnotate

With iAnnotate iPhone PDF editor, you can upload and open files directly from Dropbox or iCloud. It is an incredible app that allows you to add color to your PDFs, highlight text, and even make handwritten notes. It also includes a powerful bookmarking function that allows you to keep track of important pages.

Here are the key features of PDF editor on iPhone

  • Annotate and markup your PDF documents
  • Search and store PDF files on the go
  • Enhance document security and privacy
  • Syncs across all of your iOS devices
  • You can also use the full-screen mode that doubles as a presentation tool
  • iAnnotate also enables you to convert scanned paper documents in PDF format into editable and searchable files on your device

4. WPS Office

Maybe you are a college student who needs to make a lot of PDFs for school. Or, you have some documents to convert into PDFs to send over email. We have just the app for you: WPS Office for Apple iOS.

WPS Office for iOS enables you to author, view, and edit documents from anywhere, anytime. It has more powerful functions than other iOS PDF editors.

Here are some key features it has:

  • Quickly flip through your files with just one tap on the cover page of the PDF file.
  • Print individual or multiple pages per sheet and customize your PDFs in the editable text pop-up window.
  • Supports both portrait and landscape viewing modes, auto screen rotation, and extended zoom in/out function.
  • You can reuse recent files quickly via the shortcuts in the drawer panel, move or copy multiple files at once, set your notification badge on or off, and much more.

5. Adobe PDF Editor on iPhone

You can view, create, and annotate PDFs on your iPhone just like you can with Adobe Acrobat software on your computer.

Key features of Adobe PDF Editor on iPhone

  • If you need to open any PDF files on your iPhone/iPad (for editing, sharing, or reading), you can use this app: it's a lightweight PDF/XPS viewer and editor.
  • This app is really handy and easy to use, and it has all the functions you need (but not so many that it gets confusing).
  • Bring documents into Acrobat Reader DC using AirDrop or Dropbox, or sync a folder of files with iTunes File sharing.
  • Get to work right away - sign and fill out forms, add comments, and redact sensitive data with the touch of a finger.

Part 2: Comparing the 5 PDF Editors for iPhone and iPad

UPDFXodoiAntateWPS OfficeAdobe Acrobat Reader
Edit the existing text in PDF on iOS
Add text to PDF on iOS
Add image to PDF on iOS
Edit images in PDF on iOS
Annotate PDF on iOS
Scan paper documents to PDF
Easy to UseVery friendly and easy to useMedium, needs some learning curveMedium, needs some learning curveA little complicated to useA little complicated to use

It is obvious that UPDF is the best iPhone PDF editor with powerful features like editing existing texts and images, scanning to PDF, ChatGPT integration, and compressing PDF. We highly recommend you to download UPDF via the below button to test it on you own, then, make a decision.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

FAQs on Choosing the Best PDF Editor for iOS?

Can I edit a PDF on my iPhone 15?

If you are a student who is on the verge of the time limit of the assignment and wants to edit PDF files on your iPhone, you can rely on UPDF. It is the best tool to edit PDF files on iPhone 15 because it can edit your PDF files proficiently.

Even if you are using it on iPhone 15, it will not lag and works with ultra-fast speed. The user interface remains as delightful as it is on Mac, so working on PDF files gets easier. In short, you can edit PDF files effortlessly on your iPhone 15 by using a feature-rich tool - UPDF.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

What is the best PDF editor on iPhone and why?

UPDF is the best PDF editor for iPhones. Whether you want to highlight notes on your book or want to give reviews on a presentation, UPDF can help you with all. It works swiftly and smoothly on iPhone 15 and never disappoints its users.

There are multiple intuitive features in this tool that can help you in making a PDF file more interactive. It is the best PDF editor on iPhone 15 because it can help you sign, edit, and read PDFs in several ways. 

What is the easiest way to edit a PDF on an iPhone?

The easiest way to edit PDF files according to your liking is to do it by using UPDF. This app never fails to satisfy its users with its assistive features. The editing feature in this PDF editor is beyond your expectations, and you can edit PDF files in the best way.

Wrapping Up

No one can deny that there are times you need to work with PDF files on an iPhone. If you are looking for a reliable PDF editor on your iPhone and iPad, the 5 tools we showed may be what you need. But among all of them, UPDF is the best to go with. It can create new or edit existing PDF files, and last but not least, it's the only one tool that is integrated with ChatGPT. Try it today!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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