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How to Write on PDF Android: Easy and Free

Students mainly need an effective app for writing on their assignments present in PDF format, and only limited apps support writing features. Above all, Android users face more difficulty with PDF files than iOS users, which can be problematic. If you are an Android user wondering how to write a PDF on Android, this article is exactly written for you. Here, we will discuss an exceptional PDF tool, UPDF, which can help you with all PDF problems. Moreover, UPDF can help you with more PDF tasks other than writing, and they will also be explained here. 

Part 1: How to Write PDF on Android?

Writing on a PDF document is not as difficult as it seems. There are two main methods by which you can write on PDF files as per your choice. Moreover, the method to write on PDF with UPDF for Android is given here:

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1.1 Write on PDF with Pencil and Eraser

Step 1: Launch UPDF and Import File

Initially, download UPDF on your Android device from Google Play Store and launch it. From the main interface of this tool, tap on "All PDFs," and then you can see all the PDF files present on your device. Tap on the file of your choice to open it.

select the pdf to write on pdf android

Step 2: Write on PDF with Pencil

Afterward, access the "Edit" mode from the above panel and select "Pencil." Here, you will see multiple options for pencils, and you can choose according to your requirement.

select pen on android

Step 3: Customize the Pencil Properties

Once you've decided what pencil you will use, hold it for a second, and you'll see a prompt window on the screen. From here, you can customize the selected pencil's colors, transparency, and thickness. After customizing the pencil, touch on the screen to go back to the PDF file and draw the figure or text of your choice anywhere in the file.

pen color/size adjustment on android

Step 4: Erase the Drawing with Eraser

In case you've drawn the wrong thing on a PDF, there is no need to panic. You will see the "Eraser" icon in the bottom left of the window. Select it and move it across the drawing you wish to remove.


Step 5: Personalize Comment in a PDF

You can personalize comments by adding sticky notes. For this, go back to the "Edit" mode and add comments in your PDF for a second. By this, you will see all the options like edit content, edit style, and copy content. Select the option of your choice to manage comments in a PDF accordingly.

draw on pdf android and edit comment

1.2 Draw on PDF with Shapes

Step 1: Select the Shape

To draw shapes in a PDF file, open the "Edit" panel and select the "Shape" icon from here. You will see all the built-in shapes here, and you can choose the shape of your choice. Before selecting, hold the "Shape" for a second and customize its border, fill color, thickness, and transparency.

pen adjustment in updf on android

Step 2: Save Finalized PDF

Once done with the writing on PDF, go back from the "Edit" panel and tap on "Three dots" from the above panel. Next, tap on the "Save" option, and your edited file will be saved on your device.

how to draw on pdf android and save it

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Part 2: What is the Best App for Writing on PDF Android?

If you are looking for the best app for writing on PDF Android, the answer is UPDF. UPDF is an innovative and intuitive app that helps its users in several ways. Most PDF problems can be solved effectively with this tool. Some of the advantages of UPDF are mentioned here:

1. Pricing Plans

It is one of the most top-rated and cost-effective tools. Every feature of this tool comprises the best technology engines so that you can give a professional outlook to the PDF. The Annual Plan costs $39.99 per year, and the Perpetual Plan costs $59.99.

2. Blazing Fast Speed

From writing on a PDF to editing it, every feature of this tool is exceptional. It can work proficiently on Android devices, and you don't have to master any skills to edit PDF files. The technology engines of this tool comprise blazing-fast speed, so you can carry out any task within a minute. Moreover, it is an offline tool that works efficiently even without an internet connection.

3. Same License for Every Platform

As this article is focused on Android devices, there is a point that you should know. When you buy one license of UPDF, you can use it on several platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android without any issues. Above all, whether you are working on a PC or mobile, this tool always has stable performance.

updf best app for writing on pdf android

4. User-Friendly Interface

The interface plays a crucial role in making a tool more competitive and assistive. The user interface of UPDF is very well organized, so you can use every feature of this tool smoothly. Above all, the user interface also swiftly helps users switch from one feature to another. Thus, you can say that it has one more plus point that shows the higher functionality of this tool.

Part 3: What Else can UPDF for an Android do Besides Writing on PDF?

UPDF is a tool that comprises a diverse range of features. You can use this tool to make PDFs more compatible and engaging. Some of the assistive things that UPDF for Android can do for its users are listed here:

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  • Annotate PDF: Annotations are a very important feature every PDF tool should have. This tool can satisfy this query whenever a user wonders how to type a PDF on the phone. With this PDF tool, you can annotate PDF on Android, such as highlight, underline, strikethrough, and squiggly line. This PDF editor also supports the stamps and stickers feature, so you can add them anywhere in the PDF.
  • Page Layouts: This tool always places its user's needs first, which is why it offers several Page Layout options for you when you read PDF on android. There are two main options for Page Layouts: Single Page and Two Pages. You can choose one of them as per your need.
  • Scrolling Options: The options to manage scrolling in a PDF is very reliable in this tool. You can manage the scrolling directions in both horizontal and vertical manners. Furthermore, you can also disable and enable the scrolling of a PDF. Thus, this shows that drawing on PDF Android is not the only assistive feature of UPDF.
  • Document Information: By using this tool, you can see all the information about your PDF in one place. This tool displays information like the name, type, size, modification, and location of a PDF. Moreover, the version of the PDF, number of pages, page size, keywords, date, and encoding software can also be analyzed with this PDF editor.

Want to learn about the ultimate PDF editor for Android users? Watch this video:

Part 4: FAQs about Writing on PDF Android

1. Can You Add Text on a PDF on Android?

Yes, you can write text on a PDF file using the fantastic tool named UPDF. It is the best PDF app for Android users because it offers a straightforward procedure to write on PDF.  

2. Which Android App Lets You Write on PDF?

UPDF is an application that lets its user write on PDF files. Not only writing, but you can also add several types of annotations in a PDF file by using this tool.

3. How Do I Draw on a PDF on Android?

For drawing on a PDF on an Android device, you can use UPDF. Open your PDF file with UPDF on your Android device and select the shapes option from the above panel. Before drawing, you can also customize it by changing the shape's border, color, thickness, and transparency.

4. Can You Handwrite on a PDF on Android?

Yes, handwriting on a PDF on an Android device is not as difficult as it seems. For this purpose, you can use an exceptional PDF editor named UPDF. Moreover, if you have written something wrong in a PDF, this tool allows you to remove it using its Eraser feature.


As this article states, writing on PDF on the Android platform can be very easy if you use a reliable tool like UPDF. This tool works perfectly with Android devices, and there is nothing to worry about regarding a slow internet connection. Above all, it offers very budget-friendly pricing plans, and you can select the plan of your choice without any issue.

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