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How to Scan PNG to PDF in 2 Different Ways

Sometimes it becomes necessary to scan PNG to PDF. The conversion ensures that your images display correctly. This also ensures that you can print your files more effectively. In modern times, you do not have to worry about the quality being lost after conversion. There are various ways you can convert PNG to scanned PDF. This article guides you on how to scan PNG to PDF using the best tool. 

The Best Tool to Scan PNG to PDF

UPDF for iOS is the best tool you can use to scan PNG to PDF. It is an easy-to-use and versatile app with vast features. The app allows you to organize your files and secure them at all times. With its rich features, you can copy, upload, view, organize, protect and share files on your devices. 

scan png to pdf

UPDF has more advanced features you may not get from other similar applications. Some of the other highly advanced features you get from the tool include security space, PDF annotations, multi-finger selection, password protection for the application, cloud sharing, and others. Its user-friendly interface allows for fluid operation and smooth connection to ensure efficient file management and transfer.

How to Convert PNG to Scanned PDF with 2 Methods

With its rich features, UPDF allows you to scan PNG to PDF in a hassle-free way. One of the things that you like most about the app is that it is easy to use. Even if you have never used it before to scan PNG, you will find it the friendliest tool to use offline. There are two ways you can scan PNG to PDF. Both ways provide you with high-quality PDFs after the scan. You just need to choose the one that is most convenient for you. Here are the two ways to convert PNG to scanned PDF.

Method 1. Scan PNG to PDF by Taking Photos

You can scan PNG to PDF using UPDF by taking photos either manually or automatically. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1. Click on the "+" sign located on the bottom right. This opens the import menu. Click "Scan".

png to scanned pdf

Step 2. Now take a snapshot of the PNG you want to scan to PDF. To allow for automatic recognition click on the "Auto-capture" located on the top middle before taking the snapshot. All recognizable elements within the area are identified automatically. It is also possible to change auto capture to manual and then take the photos.

convert png to scanned pdf

Step 3. Save the photos by clicking the icon that shows the numbers of all the active scans.

turn png to scanned pdf

Step 4. From here you can now crop, rotate, delete, filter, and add more scans to the line.

Step 5. Now click the download icon to save the PDF to UPDF.

png to scanned pdf

Method 2. Turn PNG to Scanned PDF from the Photos App

Here are simple steps to follow to scan from the Photos app.

Step 1. Click on the "+" sign found on the bottom right of the app. Click "Scan".

Step 2. Then, you will enter the camera mode. If you want to scan the photos from the Photos app directly, you can click on the photo icon on the bottom left corner.

scan png to pdf

Step 3. You will enter it into the Photos album. Choose one or several PNG files from your album or any other photo storage feature on your device. Click "Add" on the top right side of the app to import them to the UPDF.

png to scanned pdf

Step 5. Now you can do all the edits PDF you want. You can also perform several scans by reordering them. Finally, tap the download icon located at the top right side and add the PDF document to UPDF.


As you can see it is easy to scan PNG to PDF using UPDF. The tool is easy to use and has the features needed to have high-quality PDFs. After you do the scan you can print, share or use the PDFs in the way you want.