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How to Modify PDF on Mac: Complete Guide (macOS 14 Compatible)

PDF files are widely used in both academic and business field because it is a very reliable format for digital documentation. It never fails to amaze its users with its consistent formatting because no matter how often you share a PDF file, it will never interfere with the content. If you are a student and your final year project in PDF format is coming to an end, you must be looking for ways to modify it.

Modifying PDF can include changing text, images, and other file parts. Moreover, if you are a Mac user, you must be facing difficulty while finding a reliable tool to modify PDFs. In this article, we will discuss UPDF, which can help make your PDF file more interactive. It is the best option in scenarios where you need to modify PDF on Mac.

Part 1: Is it Easy to Modify a PDF on Mac?

Mac is known to be a device with many advanced technologies. However, these innovative devices do not have as many applications as Windows computers. Finding a good PDF modifier can be challenging if you are working with Mac. Many users think they can modify PDF files with Preview, but it is not true because Preview helps you with very limited things.

For this reason, you need to work with the best PDF modifier like UPDF for Mac because it has all the modifying parameters a user can need. This application holds a good reputation on Mac, and Mac users love to work with this. It offers a wide range of features in addition to a well-organized interface.

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The blazing-fast speed can help you in making a PDF more readable and productive. In short, it is an answer to the questions like how to modify a PDF on Mac.

Part 2. How to Modify a PDF on Mac?

Now that you have an idea about the assistance and functionality of UPDF, you may be wondering about using it. It is not challenging, even though it is a PDF editor for Mac with the most detailed algorithms. If you want to modify the PDF file on your Mac with the help of UPDF, follow the steps listed here:

Step 1: Open Your PDF File

In this first step, you need to add a PDF file to modify it. For this, install UPDF on your Mac and launch it. From the tool's interface, select the "Open File" option and, locate the file you want to modify, double-click to open it.

Step 2: Modify PDF Text on Mac

Once the file is opened with UPDF, click on the "Edit PDF" icon from the left side of the window. Now that all the text on a file is editable, you can modify PDF text on Mac. For this, select the existing text on a PDF and replace it with the text of your choice.

You can also modify the text by changing its font size, style, and color specifications. This tool also allows you to "Bold" and "Italicize" the text and align it according to your needs. Select the text in a PDF, and from the protruding window, select options of your choice to modify the text.

modify pdf mac with updf

Step 3: Modify PDF Image on Mac

While you are on the "Edit PDF" interface, select the "Image" button from the above panel and select the image you wish to modify. The modifying image option in this tool includes "Rotate," "Crop," "Extract," and "Replace." You can choose the option of your choice for modifying an image.

how to modify a pdf on mac of image

Step 4: Modify PDF Annotations on Mac

Annotations are part of every PDF file; you can modify them conveniently with this tool. For this, Click on the "Comment" button from the right panel of the window. You will see several annotation options from the above side of the window, such as "Sticky Notes," "Highlight," "Strikethrough," "Underline," and "Squiggly." Other options include "Text Comment," "Text Box," "Text Callout," "Pencil," "Eraser," "Shape," "Sticker," and "Stamps." By selecting the desired metric, you can modify PDF annotations.

The service of UPDF does not end with the options listed above, as you can also modify the PDF in multiple ways. Editing links, watermarks, background, and header & footer are some of the complementary modifying parameters of the PDF. You can edit links in the "Edit PDF" interface, whereas watermarks, backgrounds, and header & footer can be modified in the "Page Tools" interface.

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Part 3. When Will You Need to Modify a PDF on Mac?

Here are some points that will clarify why you need to modify PDF Mac with UPDF as they are not targeted to the specific industry so that every PDF user can relate to them. You can see these points below:

  • Add Text in a PDF: Every institute and industry has its own rules and regulations. However, sometimes the rules are upgraded, and, in that case, you need to mention it on the PDF also. You can do this by adding text in PDF with this tool.
  • Customize Text and Images in a PDF: If you're an editor, you will need a PDF modifier that can help you customize text, images, and other types of content in a PDF. UPDF is the best PDF modifier because it can help you in solving multiple types of PDF problems.
  • Correct Mistakes: Anyone can make mistakes in writing, but the mistakes can be corrected perfectly with this tool. It can also help a user with correcting mistakes in a PDF and adding new information for the upgradation of a file.
  • Add and Remove Pages in a PDF: While making a business proposal, a user can face a need to add or remove pages in a PDF. This can be done perfectly with the help of this state-of-art tool.  
  • Merge PDF Files: Moreover, if you are a student who needs to merge all the class notes at the end of the semester, this tool can also help you with this. You can merge PDF files with ease by using UPDF. This PDF tool also allows you to add images in a PDF for better understanding.
  • Add Annotations: To make important points in a PDF file more notable, you need to use a PDF tool. The best tool that can help you in a good manner in scenarios like this is UPDF. It has all the advanced annotation features that can improve a PDF file's readability and notability.
  • Add and Edit Links: To make the PDF file more valid, you can also add links to it by using this tool. It also allows its users to edit links in a PDF in a fully optimized manner.

UPDF can fulfill all the needs above for modifying a PDF on Mac.


In short wording, anyone can come across a need where they need to modify PDF Mac. However, Mac users mainly face more difficulty than Windows users because of limited support for third-party applications. Therefore, you can work with one of the most reputable tools named UPDF. This tool has all the features that a user can need while modifying a PDF.

It is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use tool, and you can work with it without any problem. You can find all prominent features, including protecting, signing, and organizing PDF files. It also gives the option of performing OCR to convert scanned PDFs to editable and searchable documents. If you want to edit PDF files with UPDF, do follow the detailed steps listed above.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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