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ChatGPT in Education: How Can ChatGPT Help Teachers and Schools

ChatGPT has emerged as a leading AI tool recently, and the world is already praising it for the convenience it offers. Its ultimate features and human-like responses have revolutionized different sectors, and education hasn't remained out of reach. Influencing how teachers teach, and students stay, this AI tool raised certain concerns about "Is ChatGPT a boon or bane for education?"

If you are stuck with the same and have mixed feelings of praise and fret, no need to worry; we are here to clear things out. Just hop inside this article and explore answers to your curiosity-filled questions about ChatGPT in education.

Is ChatGPT Good or Bad for Schools?

No doubt, ChatGPT has proved beneficial in multiple aspects and should be appreciated for the efforts it has put in to free up humans from performing those recurrent and frustrating tasks. With it, we can take several steps toward digitalization, and it's indeed a worthy invention.

But is ChatGPT a boon or a bane for school? This question has left many of us and even the authorities wondering. While it's helping teachers expand their knowledge and effectively plan lessons and grade papers, it also offers students multiple ways of cheating.

They are more into copy-pasting questions on ChatGPt and relying on the answer it gives instead of thinking on their own. This AI tool can significantly hamper their creativity; the results are already visible!

This has led to authorities taking action against using ChatGPT for education, banning the use of it in schools. According to Vice Dean for Digital Innovation and head of the Digital Futures Institute, Lalitha Vasudevan, "These are the hard decisions schools need to make, but they should not be made out of fear! They should be made within the scope of improving student learning." We agree with her for sure, as limiting youth's creativity and letting them rely on AI will lead us nowhere.

For education, ChatGPT is a double-edged sword. If used well, it can greatly help teachers improve efficiency, but if used poorly, it can stifle creativity. This article will also explain how to better use ChatGPT in education while avoiding those negative effects.

What're the Benefits of ChatGPT for Education?

Though multiple concerns have been taken into account still, no one can deny the benefits ChatGPt has offered in the education sector. It has opened doors to new innovation and has sparked the interest of millions out there. Below, we have mentioned a few advantages of ChatGPT for education, especially for students; let's have a look at them!

Effective Alternative for Performing Certain Time-Taking Tasks

ChatGPTis equipped with technologies that make it capable of fast reviewing and processing information. This feature can be beneficial for both students and teachers. For instance, it can be used for content creation, and ChatGPT 4, the recently launched AI beast, can even generate visual content just from your suggestions. So, you can use it to create personalized content with ultimate ease.

24*7 Availability

ChatGPT can be used as a quick info generator that's accessible 24*7. Though Google is accessible the same way, ChatGPT takes the lead as it provides to-the-point info; you don't need to waste time reading certain articles to get answers to your query. This way, it's a quick and readily available info source for both teachers and students anytime and anywhere.

Personalized Learning

Another great feature of ChatGPT is that it supports personalized learning. You can ask it to generate your course-related problems and solve them. It can also give you explanations about certain topics to clear out your concepts in detail. Long story short, there's no bound to how you can use this ultimately helpful tool.

What're the Concerns of ChatGPT in Education?

Besides the above-mentioned advantages, multiple concerns are rising about ChatGPT. These include shifting a significant student population towards cheating in assignments, presentation preparations, and even during class in quizzes and tests. This non-serious attitude is risking their creativity a lot!

According to Blikstein: "It becomes this weird learning environment [where] people don’t trust each other anymore."

Here are a few concerns about ChatGPT and education:

ChatGPT is Risking Job Opportunities

What we teach at schools is closely linked with what market needs are. For instance, Commuter science and data science professionals have been in demand for coding, web development, and more. But, recently, ChatGPT has evolved as their strong competitor, which can write efficient code with minimal inputs. So, why would one pay a hefty amount to a coding expert when he or she can get the same thing from ChatGPT for free?

Not All the Info Provided by ChatGPT is Reliable!

That’s alarming! ChatGPT can be a quick source of information, but it doesn't guarantee that its information is reliable! It's defendant solely on its database that has a cut-off of 2021. Thus, you can expect to be unaware of anything after the cut-off.

It Promotes Racism.

ChatGPT sources data from the internet without any limiting safeguards and its information is accused of promoting racism. According to Dixon-Román, "ChatGPT inherits much of the existing colonial logics of racial hierarchies that permeate the internet and social media in insidious and explicit ways. This leaves it open to racialized framings, characterizations, and interpretations."

How to Avoid ChatGPT's Negative Influence on Education?

Though ChatGPT has negatively influenced education, it's undoubtedly a blessing in disguise. We have to take certain steps to avoid influence and eliminate all the concerns. Here is what we can do in this aspect:

Educate Students about the AI Tool

The very first step is to educate students about the boons and banes of the ATI tool. Make them aware of how they can use them effectively and how improper use can risk not only their but the future of mankind. This is truly important for promoting the effective use of the tool.

Promote Creative and Critical Thinking Alike

Teachers should struggle to promote not only creativity but also critical thinking. Whereas the former will help them rely on their mental skills. The latter will help them judge if the information generated by AI tools is correct and whether it's a fact or just an opinion.

Introduce Clear-Cut Policies about the Use of ChatGPT in the Education Sector

The authorities, especially the education department, should come forward and introduce clear-cut policies about AI use. Teachers and parents should also collaborate to monitor how students are using it and if they are sticking to the policies.

How Can Teachers Use ChatGPT to Help Teaching and Research?

Where ChatGPT has imposed significant risk to the future of students, it has also proved to be an undeniable boon for teachers. It helps them save time wasted in checking bundles of papers by automatic grading assessment. Teachers invest this time in some productive tasks like reading books or more. It doesn't end at this; it can aid in multiple other ways, some of which are listed below!

Effective Planning of Instructions

Teachers can use ChatGPT for planning instructions effectively. These include not only lesson and course outlines but also generate interactive discussion questions to intrigue students' minds. These can help trigger creativity among students.

Auto-Feedback Generation

With ChatGPT, teachers can now generate feedback o students' content without hassle. Just copy-paste the material on the AI tool and get the comments. You can also customize how it reviews the content, ask it to look for certain mistakes, especially or avoid some. It all depends on how you deal with it!

Creates Handout Materials

This AI tool can also aid in generating handout materials like assignment instructions, solving examples for students' convenience, compiling syllabi, suggesting problems, and producing certain flashcards and posters. In short, it's purely fruitful in one way or another.

How is UPDF with ChatGPT Helping Schools and Education?

PDF software is widely used in schools and education, as many reports and researches are in PDF format. UPDF, the ultimate PDF editing software, enables users to read, annotate, convert, edit, OCR, protect, and do any other tasks with PDF documents.

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It has recently announced integration with ChatGPT! This amazing collaboration can prove effectively helpful for schools and education, especially teachers! Wondering how? The three innovative features of Summarize, Translate, and Explain have got you covered! Hop on below to delve deeper into what these features offer!

1. Summarize

Teachers require going through hoards of books, research works, and more to gather knowledge. In all this, they can save loads of time by relying on PDF summarizing tool of UPDF AI with ChatGPT. It can give a short and to-the-point summary of the text added to it using the power of AI.

2. Translate

Nowadays, classrooms are more and more diverse. Being a teacher, one might need to deal with multilingual students. In such a situation, translating features of UPDF with ChatGPT can help them cross the language barrier. With it, they can translate PDF content into their desired language. All they have to do is to input data, select a language from the supported ones, and that's it; UPDF will generate the translated text as output!

3. Explain

Explaining the third and one of the most important features will let teachers better clarify concepts y expand information while keeping the original meaning intact. This explanation can help students understand well and follow the instructions better. These can also be beneficial for being the most effective learning strategies, as the explanations would help students revise and remember the content at home too.


That was all about how ChatGPT is influencing the education sector. Where it offers benefits, risks associated with it can't also be overlooked. However, proper and guided use can help unlock new doors of success, which is exactly what UPDF with ChatGPT promotes. UPDF is your best bet if you are looking for a secure and affordable PDF solution. Try it for free now!

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