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The GPT Store is Live: Your Gateway to Limitless Possibilities

There are many versions of GPT apps available all over the internet. However, users do not have a single platform to access all these GPTs. For this purpose, OpenAI decided to launch a GPT Store to collect various GPTs in a single place.

So, this multi-dimensional store contains GPTs belonging to several categories that can help boost users' productivity. With the recent launch of the store, these GPTs are now available for common use. In this article, we will give you a detailed introduction to the GPT Store and the best GPTs listed in this store.

Introducing the GPT Store: Your One-Stop Shop for AI-Generated Products

OpenAI has launched the GPT Store to assist users in accessing the valuable custom GPTs of the official ChatGPT technology. In addition, the GPTs present in this store are created by partners and the community for common use. You get the chance to explore the most popular and trending GPTs organized into different categories on the community leaderboard.

These organizations may include categories such as top picks, DALL·E, Writing, Programming, Education, and more. OpenAI announced the GPT store two months ago and claimed over 3 million GPT versions are available online. Their mission was to collect all these versions in one place for the ease of users. Additionally, builders are expected to earn revenue based on user engagement after listing their GPTs on this store.

gpt store is live

The Top 3 GPTs You Need to Try from the GPT Store

GPTs are Generative Pre-Trained Transformers that can interact with our documents and respond to queries conversationally. In this section, we will highlight the top 5 GPTs you can use to maximize your potential in various fields.


UPDF AI is among the top and most comprehensive document-handling GPTs that can interact with any file flawlessly. The integration of UPDF with AI made this tool much more innovative and effective in dealing with documents and creative works. Notably, you can type any query and get the most appropriate response in this GPT tool with its "Chat" feature. Also, you can upload your document and ask this tool about anything in the document.

updf ai in gpt store

Furthermore, you can modify your PDF documents with better and grammatically correct sentences with this efficient GPT tool. Thus, UPDF AI has simplified the complex world of data and technology with precision and productivity.

Extra Tip:

However, we recommend you download UPDF to use UPDF AI instead of going to the GPT Store because you will need to spend $25 monthly for the GPT-4 premium account. On the other hand, you can take advantage of UPDF AI at only $9 monthly or $59 yearly by installing UPDF on your system. What's more? It also allows you to preview and perform the UPDF AI functions directly on the document in the reading mode, which is far more powerful than the GPT version. Download it from the button below to get 30 free questions. Alternatively, upgrade to Pro to get more benefits now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Key Features of UPDF AI

  • Summarizes Content: This GPT tool can scan through your whole document and summarize it in the most informative and precise way. So, it saves you from reading lengthy content to get the required information.
updf ai GPT summarize feature
  • Translates into Multiple Languages: UPDF AI is integrated with innovative artificial intelligence algorithms, which enables it to translate your PDF documents into almost any desired language.
  • Interacts with Document: With this unique GPT, you can interact with your uploaded document and ask about anything in the document.
  • Explains PDF: You can even make this tool explain your desired portion of content in the simplest and most appropriate form if you find anything difficult to understand.
  • Rewrite Text: If you find anything unsatisfactory in the text of your document, you can rewrite the whole text or any specific part with UPDF AI. Thus, you can transform your content into more satisfying words.
  • Chats in an Intelligent Way: Not only can you interact with your document with this GPT, but you can also chat with it to ask questions and search for anything available on the internet. You can even talk with it for fun or entertainment purposes.
updf ai gpt store
  • Proofreads with Precision: If you are unsure about the grammatical errors in your PDF document or any content, you can simply use UPDF AI to proofread it.

Benefits of UPDF AI GPT

  1. UPDF AI allows document uploads up to 2GB per file, so you don't have to worry about large-sized PDFs.
  2. You can upload up to 1000 pages per document to UPDF AI GPT, and analyze them anywhere.
  3. It provides the most accurate and fast response to help you connect with your PDF documents and ask any questions about the documents.

We highly encourage you to download UPDF to optimize your PDF-related tasks with AI. Click the "Free Download" button mentioned below to get started.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. Consensus

Consensus is an advanced AI search engine specifically designed to assist in research purposes. This GPT uses artificial intelligence to get insights into PDF research papers and can assist researchers in getting essential content. Not only is it convenient for researchers but also for students, clinicians, analysts, or content creators, who can use this tool for their specific purposes.

Consensus gpt store

Key Features

  1. Results generated by this GPT tool are from peer-reviewed studies so that you can trust the credibility of the content.
  2. Consensus is integrated with GPT-4 and summarizes the results for better understanding and instant analysis.
  3. You can get science-based responses and draft content with accurate citations through this GPT present on the GPT Store.

3. ScholarAI

ScholarAI stands out as an advanced tool designed to enable researchers and clinicians to perform at their best. Also, it provides reliable AI plugins like ScholarAI GPT and ScholarAI ChatGPT to enhance users' work. Users can also access a wide range of peer-reviewed research articles, ensuring they can rely on accurate and credible information.

scholarai in gpt store

Key Features

  1. ScholarAI allows users to explore information and articles on topics such as Science, Business, Journalism, and more.
  2. Users can even analyze text, figures, and tables with the help of this document analyzer.
  3. The information provided is updated and accurate, along with the direct link to the source of the paper for double-checking.

How to Create a GPT and Get Listed in the GPT Store?

As we know, you do not require any coding skills to create your GPT for common use. After creating your GPTs, you can list them on the store by verifying your builder profile. All of this can be done by following these simple steps:

Step 1: First, you have to create your personal GPT before listing it in the store. For this purpose, access ChatGPT with the premium account and click on your name at the bottom left to access the "Create a GPT" window through "My GPTs." Now, you can use custom prompts in the "Create" tab to design your GPT. Afterward, optimize your GPT in the "Configure" tab before hitting the "Save" button.

Note: While saving the GPT, select the "Public" option to make it accessible to everyone worldwide. If you choose the "Only People with a Link" option, it will not be visible to the general audience.

create gpts in gpt store

Step 2: After making your GPT accessible, click on your name again and choose the "Settings" option from the bottom-up menu. Now, click on the "Builder Profile" tab and then enable the "Name" or "Website" toggle to include your GPT in the GPT Store.

include your gpt in gpt store

Essential Categories of GPTs You Should Know

ChatGPT has become an essential part of our lives as it helps us write multiple work-related content with ease. Moreover, users can now discover and create quality content with the custom version of ChatGPT. The following are some of the categories you can get in the new and advanced GPT Store.

  • Top Picks: In the GPT Store top picks, you can find the most trending tools and GPTs recommended by ChatGPT. You can find the best tools that assist your needs, such as Consensus, Grimore, Ai PDF, DesignerGPT, and Web Browser.   
  • DALL-E: This category in the GPT Store can help creators transform their imagination into reality with various generative tools. These tools include Glibatree At Designer, Cartoonize Yourself, Image Generator, and more. 
  • Writing: You can take your writing skills to the next level, as GPT Store provides various tools for editing and style refinement. Therefore, you can find tools like Humanize AI, Write For Me, and SEO Optimization Blog to improve your content.
  • Research & Analysis: If you are having difficulties researching your thesis, GPT Store provides various research-based GPTs. You can interpret, evaluate, and visualize data with Scispace, Scholar AI, Bio To Schema, and more.
  • Productivity: It will become much easier to work efficiently with ChatGPT productive GPTs. You can find WebPilot, Prompt Perfect, Professor Synapse, and AI Voice Generator. 
  • Programming: If you are new to learning code and want to write, debug, and test programming, use GPT Store tools. With AskTheCode, WebGPT, Flowbite GPT, and Java Assistant, learn to easily write code.
  • Education: Students mostly find it hard to grasp the concept of their syllabus; you can explore new ideas and revisit existing skills with education GPTs. Tools like AI Tutor, Math Solver, AI GPT, and Book Summary can be your life savers. 
  • Lifestyle: The GPT Store has various tools that can provide you with tips on travel, style, food, and workout. You can start your routine using tools like Healthy Chef, Home Style Advisor, LifeOS, and GymStreak Workout Creator.

FAQs about the GPT Store - Discover a World of Possibilities

Q1. Is it free to use GPTs?

You will not be charged separately to use GPTs, but you must have a ChatGPT Plus subscription for this feature. Also, the GPT Team and Enterprise users can utilize GPTs to maximize their exposure in exploring a diverse range of GPTs developed by the OpenAI community.

Q2. Will the builder get paid for GPTs?

Yes, US builders will shortly be paid for GPTs; however, the payment for US builders will be determined by user engagement. It means it will be dependent on how actively users engage with the applications and features they have created.

Q3. How are privacy and safety handled in GPTs?

The developers of GPTs do not have the ability to access or monitor the user conversations with their models. OpenAI has automated systems to ensure that GPTs are compliant with the usage policies. As a result, it will prevent any harmful content and impersonation. Also, users can report any concerns for further review.

Q4. Which is the best GPT available on the GPT Store?

There are many GPTs available in the store, allowing you to boost your productivity. However, UPDF AI provides you with the best option to perform various tasks effectively. This tool enables users to enhance their writing and research skills, which leads to greater productivity. It has features such as summarization, translation, and PDF interaction to help you work more effectively.


After going through this article, you have an extensive introduction to the GPT Store. Now, you can easily navigate through this store to find GPTs that will surely boost your productivity. However, if you want an all-in-one GPT, we recommend you try UPDF AI by clicking the download button below. With its multi-dimensional AI features, this GPT will make your writing and research process easier than ever.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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