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All GPT 4 Tools Now Accessible Without Switching With the New Version of ChatGPT

ChatGPT Plus offers users many advanced capabilities, including an up-to-date knowledge base, built-in browsing with Bing, advanced data analysis, DALL·E 3, and plugins. In the past, the concern of most users was that they had to switch between these modes to use them one at a time.

However, the new update of ChatGPT now offers "all GPT 4 tools" mode that allows users to access all tools in GPT-4 from one mode. So, let's talk in detail about this update and see what benefits it can offer to ChatGPT Plus users.

Part 1. The New Version of ChatGPT: All GPT 4 Tools Without Switching

OpenAI has recently released an updated version of ChatGPT, which now empowers Plus users to access all GPT-4 tools without switching. This includes built-in browsing with Bing, advanced data analysis, and DALL·E 3. Besides that, ChatGPT now supports uploading and analyzing multiple document types, such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc.

updated chatgpt-4

Let's consider an example to better understand the effectiveness of "all GPT-4 tools" update:

  1. You ask ChatGPT to see an image – The basic mode of ChatGPT.
  2. ChatGPT understands/summarizes the image content, or you ask to design a similar image – The DALL·E 3 mode.
  3. You ask it to generate a report – The advanced data analysis mode.
  4. You access the details from the internet – The Bind-based browsing mode.

Simply put, ChatGPT Plus now offers a centralized, all-in-one interface to access all tools in GPT-4 without switching.

This was a much-awaited update because the users were concerned with a single-skilled approach of GPT-4 in the past. Now, they get a more powerful, multi-talented, and centralized ChatGPT that can handle text-based and other queries seamlessly.


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Part 2. A Deeper Look at All Tools in GPT-4

The new multimodal functionality update of ChatGPT looks convincing and enhances the way users can use GPT-4. So, let's now shed light on all tools in GPT 4 that are accessible to you.

List of All Tools in GPT 4

GPT-4 offers many built-in features and supports plugins to expand its capabilities. However, the latest update has made GPT-4 more powerful and user-friendly, making many plugins obsolete.

Below is a quick overview of all tools in GPT 4:

  1. Upload and Analyze Different Documents: GPT 4 allows users to upload PDFs, data files, and other documents they want to analyze. Once uploaded, they can ask specific document-related queries and analyze documents thoroughly.
  2. Text-based Queries: GPT-4 allows users to use its chatbot to ask text-based queries of almost anything. ChatGPT-Plus comes with an up-to-date knowledge base to offer authentic information on almost any topic.
  3. DALL·E 3: GPT-4 DALL·E 3 is an image generation generative AI model that can generate unique images from text prompts. It is also capable of manipulating existing images based on text instructions.
  4. Browsing with Bing: GPT-4 allows users to browse the web using Bing, which is a Microsoft-powered browser. It can search for specific topics from Bing and provide relevant web links, images, etc.
  5. Advanced Data Analysis: GPT-4 allows technical/non-technical teams to analyze data in seconds, whether it's financial or code-related.
gpt-4 tools

All the above GPT-4 tools make ChatGPT a multimodal tool. And now, everything is accessible from the main interface of ChatGPT without the need for switching.

However, the only downside of using all GPT 4 tools with ChatGPT Plus is the cost, i.e., $20/month. In contrast, UPDF AI offers many similar functionalities but costs just $9/month – 50%+ cheaper than ChatGPT Plus.

UPDF AI allows you to upload and analyze various document types and chat with them easily. Though UPDF cannot chat with images, it supports uploading images to it and converting them to editable format with its OCR tool. So, if you want an advanced and seamless way to upload and analyze documents, download and purchase UPDF AI right away.

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Part 3. Bonus: UPDF AI: The Most Cost-Friendly & Intuitive GPT-4 AI Assistant for Handling Document

UPDF AI is the most intuitive and powerful GPT-powered AI assistant meant to handle documents proficiently. Its AI chatbot allows you to summarize, explain, translate, ideate, rewrite, proofread, and do other analyses with documents.

Below is a quick glimpse of all the exceptional features UPDF AI offers:

  • Chat and Analyze Documents: It allows you to chat with PDF documents by asking document-related questions or get summary, translation, explanation, proofreading, writing/rewriting, etc.
  • Two AI Assistant Modes: It offers two modes of AI assistance, i.e., "Ask PDF" to interact with documents and "Chat" mode to ask general questions.
  • Analyze Complex Charts: It can efficiently analyze and explain complex charts in documents.
  • Wide Document Support: It supports various document types, including PDF, Word, text, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
  • Compatibility: Its one account provides access to the tool in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Image to Editable Text: Its OCR technology can scan and convert image-based text to editable text.
  • Add/Edit Document Content: It is part of the PDF editor tool, which means you can also add/edit text, images, links, and other document elements.
  • Annotate Document: It can highlight, underline, mark, sign, add stamps, and do other similar annotations.

In simple words, UPDF AI is a comprehensive, all-in-one GPT-4-powered tool that modernizes and streamlines the way you interact with documents. The best thing is that it costs just $9/month, which is more cost-effective than ChatGPT Plus.

Simply hit the download and purchase UPDF AI and have an advanced AI document analyzer tool at your disposal.

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Part 4. FAQs About GPT 4

Q1. Is GPT-4 available for all?

GPT-4 is available to everyone who is subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. Besides that, it has recently launched GPT-4 Turbo, the more capable and latest generation model. GPT-4 Turbo is available to try for all paying developers (who have API access) by passing "gpt-4-1106-preview" in the API.

Q2. What GPT-4 cannot do?

Although GPT-4 is a multimodal and feature-rich AI tool, it does come with some limits, as follows:

● It cannot verify the accuracy of its outputs.

● It lacks transparency in its decision-making processes.

● It can generate biased results.

● It cannot update its knowledge in real-time.

Q3. Where can I try GPT-4 for free?

OpenAI has not made GPT-4 free to use for users and asks you to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. However, there are a few ways you can try GPT-4 for free, as follows:

1. Microsoft Bing chat

2. Perplexity AI with GPT-4 copilot

3. Merlin AI Chrome extension

All these tools allow you to try GPT-4 for free but offer a limited number of queries you can ask per hour/day.


The latest update of ChatGPT and the amalgamation of all GPT 4 tools has optimized the use of GPT-4 for ChatGPT Plus users. Now, you can ask text queries, analyze/generate images, perform advanced data analysis, and browse Bing, all without switching. The only downside is the costly $20/month bill.

So, if your major need is to upload and analyze documents, convert images to editable text, or do edits with PDFs, then UPDF AI is a much better choice. With just $9/month, you get access to the most advanced document analysis and other AI capabilities in the intuitive interface. So, the best advice is to try GPT-4 capabilities with UPDF AI before committing to a $20/month bill of ChatGPT Plus.

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