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Microsoft Copilot Now Has a New "Add a Screenshot" Button to Take and Explain Screenshots

Microsoft Windows Copilot has recently received a new feature. You will now see the "Add a Screenshot" button when you use Copilot in Microsoft Edge. This feature is designed to empower you to take screenshots and ask questions about the images. Are you interested in using the feature?

In this guide, we will uncover everything about the Microsoft Copilot add screenshot feature and also explain the steps to use this feature. So, let's get rolling!

Part 1. Microsoft Copilot "Add a Screenshot" Feature – Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft is at the forefront of leveraging AI technologies and developing AI-powered tools to enhance the experience of users. One such recent addition to Microsoft Copilot's capabilities is the "Add a Screenshot" feature.

The Copilot add screenshot feature allows users to take and share screenshots directly within the Copilot interface. They can screenshot whatever is open alongside the Copilot and then share it with the AI chatbot along with the question they want to ask for the image.

For instance, you can screenshot the computer error message you recently encountered, share it with Copilot, and get its assistance in resolving the error. This way, Microsoft is enhancing the capabilities of the Copilot and making it more capable of handling text and visual prompts.

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Part 2. How to Use Copilot Add a Screenshot Feature

The Microsoft Copilot explain screenshot feature is accessible from the Microsoft Edge browser. So, follow the below steps to learn how to take screenshots and ask questions with Copilot:

Step 1. Launch Copilot in Microsoft Edge.

Step 2. Click the "Add a Screenshot" icon located beneath the text prompt section.

copilot add screenshot Microsoft Edge

Step 3. Screenshot the area of the screen you want to share with Copilot. Once done, you can also add shapes to the image before sharing it with Copilot. Afterward, click the "tick" button.

copilot add screenshot Microsoft Edge

Step 4. Add the question about the image and then click the "Send" button. Once done, Copilot will explain the screenshot and provide the best answer that matches your question.

For example, I took a screenshot of an error message and asked for a solution; it efficiently provided one.

copilot add screenshot Microsoft Edge

This way, you can easily use the Copilot add screenshot feature and effortlessly take screenshots and ask questions with Copilot for almost anything. Overall, this feature is practically useful for sharing visual information with your prompt, illustrating specific issues, or getting assistance with visual content.

Part 3. UPDF: A Powerful AI Chatbot to Explain PDF Content and Do Other Customizations

Besides sharing screenshots and asking questions, you can do the same with PDFs and other documents. This is what UPDF offers with its powerful AI chatbot known as UPDF AI.

UPDF AI is a feature-rich AI assistant for PDFs. With UPDF AI, you can use AI chatbot to ask for PDF summary, translation, explanation, ideating, rewriting, and much more. For instance, if you have a lengthy research paper to read, you can use UPDF AI to quickly summarize the key points. The key activities you can do with UPDF AI include:

  • Summarize a large PDF with multiple pages.
  • Get an explanation of complex concepts in the PDF for better understanding.
  • Translate editable or image-based PDFs into any language with its powerful OCR and AI translation features.
  • Rewrite existing PDF content.
  • Ideate on PDF-related or any concept.
  • Check grammar, polish content, or compose new content.
copilot add screenshot UPDF

Simply put, UPDF AI provides the assistance you need to effectively consume PDF files. Other than AI assistance, UPDF offers a lot more to handle PDFs, from editing and annotating to converting, merging, organizing, and more. Below are all the key features you can assess with the UPDF powerful toolkit:

  • Read PDF: It provides the best reading experience by providing multiple page layouts, light/dark reading modes, scrolling options, and more.
  • Edit PDF: It can edit PDF text, images, links, backgrounds, and more.
  • Annotate PDF: It lets you highlight, underline, mark, draw, or add stamps/sticky notes.
  • Convert PDF: It can convert PDF format to image, Word, text, RTF, Excel, PPT, and HTML.
  • OCR PDF: It can turn scanned or image-based PDFs into editable PDFs.
  • Compress PDF: It can shrink/reduce the size of PDF with simple clicks.
  • Organize PDF: It can rearrange, add, remove, replace, rotate, split, crop, or extract PDF pages.
  • Batch Process PDF: It can print, encrypt, merge, convert, and insert two or more PDFs simultaneously.
  • Fill & Sign PDF: It can help fill out PDF forms or sign a PDF digitally.
  • Protect PDF: It can secure a PDF with a password and also redact PDF content to protect sensitive information.
copilot add screenshot UPDF

In short, UPDF is a full-fledged PDF editor and AI assistant tool to handle all PDF-related activities effectively. Download and purchase UPDF right now and start handling PDFs like never before.

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Part 4. FAQs About Copilot

Q1. How do I use copilot in Windows 11?

To use Copilot in Windows 11, make sure you have enabled it by clicking Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > toggle on "Copilot". Afterward, you can launch Copilot using the "Windows key + C" or click the Copilot icon from the taskbar. Alternatively, you can also use Copilot using the Microsoft Edge browser.

Q2. Is Copilot Pro better than ChatGPT Plus?

There is a mixed opinion on this point. Copilot Pro dominates for its real-time internet access, Microsoft 365 integration, image handling, and much more. In contrast, ChatGPT Plus applies conversation guardrails universally over all interactions, offers superior image creation skills, and much more. So, the final decision mainly varies from user to user.

Q3. Is ChatGPT 4 free on Copilot?

Yes, ChatGPT 4, or OpenAI's latest GPT-4 Turbo model, is available for free use with Microsoft Copilot. The conversations you have with Copilot will be based on ChatGPT 4 without costing you a penny.


The Microsoft Copilot "Add a Screenshot" feature is empowering users to have more visual-based assistance from Copilot. With this feature, sharing visual information with your prompt has become easier than before. Therefore, follow the above steps to take screenshots and ask questions with Copilot. On top of that, download and use UPDF if you want similar AI assistance for PDFs and instantly get summaries, explanations, and translations.

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