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How to Translate PDF from English to Chinese? (3 Ways)

If you're looking to secure a business deal with a Chinese organization, you may need to translate your business proposal and quotation into Chinese for this process. Many tools in the market can help you translate PDF English to Chinese to fulfill this business partnership requirement. Moreover, these translators can equally benefit freelancers in communicating with clients located in China.

Hiring human translators to aid in this process can be pretty expensive, so taking the services of free and paid translation tools is a better idea in our view. In this article, we'll explain the working of 3 such tools to translate English PDFs to Chinese to make your choice easier.

Part 1. Translate English PDF to Chinese Via UPDF AI

UPDF can make the translation task easier for you. With its easily navigable UI and properly labeled translation prompts, the process of translating PDFs from English to Chinese is more straightforward than ever. Moreover, this tool provides two separate modes to optimize translation according to your needs.

translate pdf english to chinese updf ai icon

In addition to these features, UPDF can also translate the text in the image into Chinese. With the accurate Optical Character Recognition technology, this tool can even recognize the text in screenshots and scanned files for translating them into Chinese. We'll highly recommend you download UPDF to translate PDF from English to Chinese if you are trying to win Chinese clients.  

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Straightforward Step-by-Step Instructions to Translate English PDF to Chinese Via UPDF AI

UPDF gives you the option to translate English PDF to Chinese and other 13 languages to lessen the communication gap for success in professional life. Users can conveniently carry out this translation process with the help of the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the UPDF AI Mode to Begin the Process

First and foremost, import your English PDF on UPDF using the “Open File” option to translate the file into Chinese. Following this, hit the "UPDF AI" icon on the bottom of the toolbar present on the right side of your window to access this AI translation tool.

Step 2: Prompt AI to Carry Out Translation

Once you access the UPDF AI tool, click the "Chat" option of this feature, and then press the "Translate" feature present in the prompt dropdown menu. Afterward, select the output language as Chinese Simplified or Chinese Traditional to translate PDF from English to Chinese.  

translate pdf english to chinese translate english to chinese with updf

Step 3: Select and Paste English Content in Text Box

Once completing all these translation settings, select and copy the content in the PDF file, and just paste your English content in the "Chat" mode text box to change its language to Chinese. Then press "Enter" to apply these settings to your content.

Complementary Method: Alternatively, you can translate the content by simply highlighting it and then choosing the "Translate" prompt on the pop-up toolbar that appears after selection. You can download UPDF via the below button to try your own.

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Video Tutorial on How to Translate PDF to Any Language on Windows

Part 2. Translate PDF From English to Chinese Via DeepL

DeepL is an AI-powered translation tool having an interface similar to Google Translate. It allows the translation of over 31 languages to and from Chinese to give foreigners access to the Chinese market. Furthermore, it comes with an AI writer feature that can evaluate and correct your Chinese writing errors to make communication error-free.

However, this tool only allows users to complete 3 English to Chinese translations for free operations in one month. You have to buy a premium version to perform limitless translations on this tool. Let's analyze how to translate PDFs from English to Chinese in a few simple steps.    

Step 1: Access the DeepL translation tool on your browser to kick-start the process. Then proceed to sign-up for free on this tool to upload your PDF document. However, keep in mind that you can only upload 3 documents per month to translate them into Chinese. Alternatively, you can also paste or type the English text on this tool to carry out the translation.  

translate pdf english to chinese upload the pdf in english in deepl

Step 2: After uploading or writing the content on this translator, wait a few seconds to let the system automatically detect the language of your content. Following this, you have to select the output language as Chinese.

translate pdf english to chinese choose the chinese language deepl

Step 3: If you've typed or pasted the English content for the translation to Chinese, the system will perform the operation without pressing any button. If you've uploaded the PDF to the DeepL translator, hit the "Translate into Chinese" button to get the output file translated into Chinese.     

translate pdf english to chinese hit the translate button in deepl

Part 3. Translate English PDF to Chinese Via DeftPDF

DeftPDF is an online translator that can instantly translate PDF English to Chinese in an instant while preserving its layout. This tool supports almost every file format, including DOCX, PPTX, PDF, TXT, and even scanned PDF. However, it only allows free translation from English to Chinese of only 3 PDF pages. Users have to pay $1/page after exceeding the free page limit.

Additionally, this tool takes full care of your privacy as it automatically deletes your English PDF after 5 hours from its server. With its fully encrypted system and interactive UI, DeftPDF has emerged as one of the best translation tools in the market. Users can easily PDF translate English to Chinese free of cost by following these simple steps:    

Step 1: After opening the DeftPDF site on your browser, you can add any file format such as DOCX, PPT, PDF, and TXT by clicking the “Upload File” button or simply dragging and dropping that file from your device. Moreover, you can also upload documents from cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Step 2: Following the upload of your PDF or any other file, choose English as the current language of the content and Chinese as the target language for your output file.

translate pdf english to chinese select source and target language in deftpdf

Step 3: Finally, click the "Translate" button to generate the download link for the output translated file. Keep in mind that if your PDF contains more than 3 pages, you’ll be charged $1/page for any additional page.

translate pdf english to chinesepress the translate button in deftpdf

Sum Up

You're ready to break the language barrier with Chinese? All you need to do is translate PDF English to Chinese, and you're all set to deal with Chinese locals. You can utilize any of these PDF document translators to aid this process of translation.

However, after analyzing each and every feature of these tools, we've come to the conclusion that UPDF is the best one among them. The UPDF AI feature and its affordable cost make it the go-to option for students and professionals alike. Download UPDF to take advantage of this multi-functional PDF editor for achieving professional and educational growth.

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