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A Comprehensive Review of TLDR This Article Summarizer & Its Better Alternative

Article summarizer tools have become very popular today with technological advancements, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI). These tools help to quickly summarize articles to extract key points instead of reading the whole article. TLDR This is one such popular article summarizer tool that can provide AI-based summaries of articles/text. Therefore, this article is going to thoroughly review TLDR This article summarizer capabilities, including performance efficiency and pros/cons. In the end, the article also presents its better alternative, the UPDF AI.

Part 1. TLDR This – A Comprehensive Review

TLDR This is a web-based article, webpage, and text summarizer that provides a click-based interface to get the summary quickly. You can either enter the article URL or copy-paste the text to get two types of summaries, i.e., key sentences only or an AI-powered summary. In addition, TLDR This also provides the option to choose between short/concise and detailed/section-wise summaries.

tldr this summarizer

The main features of TLDR This include:

  • Instant Web-Based Summaries: It provides a web-based interface to instantly summarize an article directly from its URL or copy-paste the text.
  • 2 Types of Summaries: It can summarize an article by highlighting key sentences or providing an AI (human-like) summary.
  • Short or Detailed Summary: It allows you to choose between short/concise and detailed/section-wise summaries.
  • Display Important Keywords: It can display important keywords of the summarized article.
  • Browser Extensions: It provides Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.
  • Article Metadata Extraction: It automatically extracts related images, author name, date, title, and reading time details from the summarized article.

In short, TLDR This provides an easy-to-use online platform to quickly get article summaries, making it a handy tool for students, writers, institutions, journalists, etc.

How to Use TLDR This Article Summarizer

  1. Go to its official website.
  2. Enter the article URL or paste the article text you want to summarize.
  3. Choose whether you want "key sentences" or "AI (human-like) summary". If you picked the "AI summary", then you have to create an account. Afterward, choose between short and detailed summary sizes and click the "Summarize This" button.
tldr this short summary

TLDR This will provide the summary of the article as per your selected settings. After a quick look at the result, the summary accuracy level and attention to detail seem less effective compared to what UPDF AI summaries offer - you can check it from the following performance section. Plus, we don't get the option to further customize the summary the way UPDF AI offers. So, do download UPDF to experience its AI feature and check out its advanced summarization capabilities.

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For more details, read Part 2 of this article.

Performance Efficiency of TLDR This Article Summarizer

Now that we know the main functionalities of TLDR This article summarizer, let's do some performance tests and analyze its efficiency.

We are using an online article on a cybersecurity topic to ask TLDR This to summarize. First, we asked it to summarize the article by highlighting "key sentences" and doing a "detailed/section-wise" summary.

tldr this detailed summary

The summary it provided was very detailed, almost like reading the original article. It barely reduced sentences. So, we decided to ask again for a "Key Sentences" summary, but this time "Short/Concise".

tldr this key sentences

The summary this time was concise but was not good quality-wise. Some sentences did not make sense, and it seemed like it randomly picked a few sentences from the article.

Now, we decided to use its AI summary feature. For the same article, we asked TLDR This to provide an "AI (human-like) Summary" in the "Short/Concise" form.

tldr this short

The summary became much more sensible. It could now explain the article's main points very briefly. Since it was very brief, we asked it again to provide an "AI (human-like) Summary" in the "Detailed/Section-wise" form.

tldr this ai summary

This time the summary was detailed and provided a quick overview of the whole article. However, we noticed that it was still copy-pasting article content despite claiming to provide an AI-powered summary.

Overall, after conducting multiple tests on TLDR This, we can say that it can reduce the time to read articles if you summarize articles through its AI summary option. However, we believe that summary quality could have been improved, and more options should be present to customize the summary results, like short bullet points, etc. These features are easily accessible with UPDF AI. To gain access to UPDF AI, simply download UPDF by utilizing the provided button below.

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tldr this updf sunnmarize pdf

User Complaints about TLDR This

TLDR This is liked for its easy to use interface and multiple summary modes, but many users have expressed their concerns. Some of the main user complaints about TLDR This include:

  • Get the error message "Sorry cannot summarize this"
  • No option to set the number of words for the summary
  • No customization of the summary results
  • Limited AI-based summaries in the free plan
  • The "Short/concise" summary might not make sense without powering it through AI

Overall, TLDR This looks perfect to use if you just want to summarize a lengthy article and quickly read the content. However, if you want a high-quality summary detailing all key points effectively, then you have to look into a TLDR This alternative.


  • Web-based article summarizer
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce the time to read articles
  • Multiple summary modes
  • Provide article metadata and extract keywords
  • Free Chrome and Firefox extensions


  • Require internet access to summarize articles
  • Copy-paste parts of articles to create a summary instead of writing an AI-powered unique summary
  • Some summary text may not make sense
  • Can take some extra time to summarize lengthy articles
  • Only 10 free AI summaries without a subscription
  • No perpetual (one-time fee) plan

Part 2. UPDF AI – The Better and Feature-Rich Alternative to TLDR This Article Summarizer

UPDF AI is the most advanced and powerful AI article summarizer and the perfect TLDR This alternative. It provides a truly AI-powered article summarization tool we expect today. It comes with a dedicated AI chat box through which you can summarize any article and customize the summary as per text format, word count, tone, etc. On top of that, it can directly summarize from PDF or other kinds of documents; and the same as TLDR This, it can summarize online articles by giving it an URL in the "Chat" mode.

Below are the key reasons why UPDF AI is the ideal alternative to TLR This:

  1. Latest AI Technology: It is powered by the latest AI technology, providing highly accurate summaries.
  2. Summarize Documents & Online Web Pages/Articles: It can summarize documents and online web pages/articles. For online articles, users have to choose the "Chat" mode and select the "Summarize" assistant in UPDF beforehand.
  3. Interact with Any Document: It can directly interact with any kind of document and provide summaries instantly. It supports uploading PDF documents and can convert other file formats to PDF using its built-in PDF creation feature.
  4. Instant Summaries: It can provide instant short or detailed summaries, no matter the article's length.
  5. Customize Summary Outputs: Its chat box allows users to customize the summary as they want, such as bullet points/paragraphs, short/lengthy, word count, text tone, etc.
  6. Support Multiple Languages: It supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, etc.
  7. Explain Content: It can explain technical information in the summary for better understanding.
tldr this updf ai

Overall, UPDF AI deep content analysis, AI-based accurate summary generation, and chat box-based summary customization truly make it the most advanced and best TLDR This alternative. So, what are you waiting for? Download and purchase UPDF now and get the fastest and most accurate article summaries.

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Bonus Tip: UPDF is a comprehensive PDF editor which is integrated with AI feature - by downloading and purchasing UPDF, you can not only experience its powerful AI summarizing feature, but also improve your productivity by utilizing its various tools like PDF editor, annotator, etc.

Part 3. FAQs about Article Summarization

Q1. What is the best AI tool to summarize a PDF?

UPDF AI is the most powerful and best AI tool to summarize a PDF. It conducts an AI-powered deep document analysis, simplifies complex data charts, and provides a concise summary within seconds. Its latest AI technology ensures that the summary is accurate, coherent, and reflects the key points effectively. Moreover, its AI chat box lets you get more customized summaries, such as bullet points, key insights, etc.

Q2. What is the best text summarizer AI?

ChatGPT is the best text summarizer AI tool available today. It can quickly process the text and provide the required summary, no matter the topic's complexity.

Q3. Does Grammarly have a summarizer?

Yes, Grammarly has a summarizer now. Recently, it has launched "GrammarlyGO", a generative AI tool. GrammarlyGO is able to summarize, rewrite, polish, and do other customizations for the selected text.


Article summarization is becoming a popular way to read lengthy and complicated articles and save significant time. TLDR This article summarizer is a handy tool to summarize articles on the go. However, its summaries are often less accurate and lack customization options. Therefore, choosing TLDR This alternative, like UPDF AI, is highly recommended. UPDF AI provides the most powerful AI technology to get accurate and to-the-point summaries for online articles and documents. In addition, its chat box helps do much more than just summarizing. So, download UPDF AI and summarize articles with the best AI summarizer tool.

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