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OpenAI Sora: How to Access, Release Date, Pricing & More

Imagine bringing your wildest imaginations to life in the form of high-quality realistic videos. Sounds cool, right? Well, this is exactly what OpenAI has done by introducing its ground-breaking text-to-video AI model, Sora.

And if those AI-generated videos trending on social media have piqued your curiosity about Sora's advanced capabilities, you're at the right place to find your answers! In this post, we will explore the video AI Sora in detail so that it's a little less mysterious than it is right now. As a bonus, to make Sora work better, your prompt to create video should be better.

To fully avail the capabilities of this advanced AI video generator, we will also introduce the best tool to generate good prompts for Sora. We're talking about UPDF AI! Download it now and enjoy 30 free prompts.

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Let's get started.

Part 1. What is Sora from OpenAI?

Sora is OpenAI's official text-to-video AI model that can generate highly "realistic" and "imaginative" videos. Sora is described as out of this worldeye-poppingbreathtaking yet terrifying, and technically a data-driven physics engine.

sora generated a video of a woman walking down a damp Tokyo street

Sora uses text prompts as the input for generating videos of varying dimensions and quality. Although OpenAI has only shared videos generated by Sora using text prompts, Sora can also take other inputs. Apart from being a text-to-video AI tool, Sora can also work as an image-to-video, and video-to-video AI model while still using text prompts.

According to the research shared by OpenAI, Sora is a diffusion model that transforms static noise in various steps to generate a realistic video. Unlike LLMs like ChatGPT which use text tokens, Sora is trained on images and videos in the form of data units called "Patches".

Let's find out what Sora can do to bring your imagination to life.

Part 2. What Can Sora Do?

The official launch of Sora can raise the bar for all the possibilities in the world of generative AI. Although Sora is a diffusion model just like Google's text-to-video Lumiere AI, it can do more. Sora can generate longer videos with better resolution and flow. Here's a closer look at what this advanced AI model is capable of.

1. Generate Videos Up to 1 Minute

Sora is capable of generating videos of up to 60 seconds with specific types of motion. This is a much longer duration compared to other text-to-video models. And impressively, Sora can accurately adhere to the details provided by the user throughout the video.

Screenshot of two dogs covered in snow from a video generated by Sora.

2. Create Complex Scenes

According to OpenAI, Sora can create complicated scenarios involving multiple characters and details. And while doing that it does not fail to follow the subject and background details. This text-to-video model can also capture subjects from various angles and merge multiple scenes into a single video.

sora create complex scenes

3. Portray Characters and Visual Styles

Sora can accurately understand the characters and visual styles the user wants to be portrayed in the video. For instance, a user on X prompted Sam Altman to generate an "instructional cooking session for homemade gnocchi hosted by a grandmother social media influencer set in a rustic Tuscan country kitchen with cinematic lighting." And the result was remarkably accurate as shown below.

sora portray characters

4. Extend and Combine Videos

Apart from generating videos from text input, Sora can also take videos and extend them either forward or backward in time. You can fill in gaps between frames and also combine two videos with different scenes into one. This allows seamless transitions between different environments or merging two worlds into one.

5. Generate and Animate Images

Besides text and video input, Sora can also take up images with a specific prompt. It can animate static images according to the information provided by the user. OpenAI used the images generated by  DALL·E 2 and  DALL·E 3 as input to successfully generate an animated video. Sora can also create its own images of varying resolution with the highest one being 2048x2048.

sora generate and animate images

That's all about the powerful capabilities of Sora. Now, let's find out who can access Sora!

Part 3. Who Can Access Sora Now?

Despite Sora's earth-shattering announcement by OpenAI, it is shrouded in mystery. So far, Sora is only accessible to a limited number of users. And that's for assessing the safety risks associated with the use of such advanced AI models. As of now, Sora is accessible to:

Red Team Members

According to OpenAI, Sora is only accessible to the Red Teamers who are the experts for accessing safety risks of "critical areas". These can be the possible bias, hateful content, misinformation, etc. in the video AI tool.

Creative Professionals

OpenAI has also mentioned that they are giving access to a limited number of visual artists, filmmakers, and designers. This is to check for the possible areas of improvement in Sora so that its true potential can be leveraged by creative professionals around the world.

As of which specific professionals are given access, no names have been mentioned by OpenAI.

Part 4. When will Sora be Released to the Public?

So far, OpenAI has refrained from providing any specific release date for its ground-breaking video AI, Sora. Interestingly enough, there is no indication whether Sora will be released in the coming months or even this year.

OpenAI has mentioned in their blog post that they are only sharing their research progress early. This is to give the public an idea of the advancements in AI technology and what to expect from it in the future. Plus, early access to some professionals and red teamers can provide valuable insights on its best use and possible misuse.

According to OpenAI, there are no details or a timeline for Sora's public release as of now. Before Sora is publicly released, several policymakers, educators, and artists around the world will be engaged to identify their concerns and positive use of this advanced technology.

Part 5. Is Sora free?

Now, onto the most important part. Is Sora going to be free? How will OpenAI charge for Sora? Well, so far Sora is undergoing a testing phase and no information regarding its pricing has been disclosed.

What to Expect?

Although ChatGPT was launched for free at first, it is hard to imagine the same for Sora.

  • Given the amount of resources needed to operate this advanced Video AI model, it will likely have its pricing tiers.
  • If OpenAI uses the same pricing approach as it did for DALL.E, you can expect to get some free credits on signing up. But you will have to buy more credits as per your use requirements.
  • It is also likely that the free tier if at all available, will have limited features. Similar to the limitations of GPT 3.5, it might offer limited access, less accurate outputs, or lower-quality videos.

But these are only speculations, and we will only know for sure once Sora is launched publicly.

Part 6. Why is Sora so Mysterious?

Although OpenAI previewed Sora on February 15 with various realistic and high-quality videos, it is still shrouded in mystery. No specific details are provided about its official launch and it is only accessible by a specific group of people. Why? Here are some possible reasons:

Continuous Testing Phase

It can be safely said that OpenAI is not yet ready to release this advanced video AI model. The company has mentioned that they are testing Sora with Red Teams starting the day Sora was announced. As for how long the testing will continue, no particular duration is specified.

Preparing for Ethical Issues

AI models especially the ones that can conjure realistic videos, animate images, and morph existing videos come with a myriad of ethical issues, especially in a year full of elections. Apart from its existing safety methods for DALL.E 3, OpenAI will use a new text classifier to screen text inputs requesting inappropriate imagery like sexual content, extreme violence, hateful depictions, etc.

Ensuring Safer AI Systems

OpenAI announced Sora while mentioning, "We'll be taking several important safety steps ahead of making Sora available in OpenAI's products." OpenAI is well aware of the safety concerns regarding the misuse and possible abuse of an advanced transformer model like Sora. That's why Sora remains an enigma only available to explore for a cohort group of people as of now.

Part 7. Advantages and Disadvantages of Sora

Now that you know everything about the magical capabilities of Sora, let's find out some strengths and weaknesses of this video AI tool.

Advantages of Sora:

  • Understand Language Deeply: Sora understands the requirements of the prompt with remarkable accuracy. It can handle lengthy prompts of as long as 135 words.
  • Accepts Multiple Inputs: Sora goes beyond being a text-to-video AI model by accepting images and videos along with prompts to generate high-quality videos.
  • Provides Versatile Features: Sora can handle complex scenes, with specific motions, backgrounds, and various types of characters including fantastic creatures.
  • Generates High-Quality Outputs: Unlike other text-to-video AI tools, Sora creates videos with high resolution, different aspect ratios, and varying durations.

Disadvantages of Sora:

  • Struggles with Complex Scenes: According to OpenAI, Sora can get confused when simulating a scene with multiple characters and complex interactions.
  • Inaccurately Describes Physics: Sora also struggles with depicting cause-and-effect relationships. For instance, a cookie eaten by a person may not have a bite mark.
  • Mixes up Left and Right: Sora may not accurately interpret the spatial details mentioned in a prompt. It can get confused about the left and right or specific direction of an object.
  • Flawed Timeline of Events: OpenAI has mentioned that Sora may struggle with following a timeline of events like following a certain camera trajectory.

Although Sora may have some weaknesses, it is still a work in progress undergoing testing. It is only bound to get better than worse over time. So, get ready to leverage this technological marvel. Let's find out how to generate good prompts to use for Sora.

Part 8. Tips for Writing Good Sora Prompts

  • Specify Your Objective: Start your prompt by clearly stating what you want to generate with Sora. Mention whether you need to animate an image, edit a video, or create a new video with Sora.
  • Mention Key Characters: Tell Sora about the type of characters you want to see in the video. Is it a fantasy creature, a fluffy dog, an old woman, a car, or any other object?
  • Describe the Scene: Once you've described your characters, provide details about the scenes. What your characters are doing, the atmosphere, the buildings, clothing, etc.
  • Describe the Visual Details: Tell Sora about the visual elements of your scene. You can mention the lighting, colors, time of the day, emotional tone, camera angles, etc.
  • Mention the Actions in the Video: Clearly describe the action you want in the scene. Tell Sora about the sequence of events, movement of your characters, audience reactions, etc.
  • Accept Sora's Limitations: Keep in mind that Sora struggles with complex scenes, multiple characters, and cause-and-effect principles of physics. So avoid adding such details to avoid these issues.

So, there you have it! These guidelines can help you generate the best prompts for Sora once it is available for public use.

Part 9. How to Generate Good Prompts for Sora using UPDF AI

You already know Sora can take prompts of more than a hundred words. This is good when it comes to generating accurate imagery from text prompts. The more words you have the more details you can feed Sora. But when it comes to creating good prompts for Sora by yourself it can be time-taking.

And, since we're discussing all things AI, why not use an AI tool to generate high-quality prompts for Sora? You can use GPT 4 for this purpose but you'll have to invest in monthly installments. Comparatively, UPDF AI lets you generate more accurate prompts cost-effectively. Download and try it now. It allows you to ask 30 questions for free.

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sora AI-powered UPDF

With UPDF AI you can summarize lengthy documents, explain intricate data, translate PDF into any languages, and write any type of content with great precision. UPDF also lets you chat on any topic and ask questions about uploaded documents.

To generate detailed prompts for Sora, you only need to feed specific information to UPDF AI and it will give you detailed prompts in seconds. Here are some prompts you can use to generate the best prompts for Sora with UPDF AI.

Prompts for Environments

  1. Generate some good prompts for a video showing a futuristic cityscape at dawn.
  2. Provide 5 different prompts to visualize the bustling city of New York at night time.
  3. Provide creative prompts to show a magical forest with different magical creatures.

Prompts for Business Promotions

  1. Provide prompts to promote products of a men's clothing brand on instagram.
  2. Generate some good prompts to promote my bakery shop situated in Seoul.
  3. Give me some creative prompts to visualize a company's logo transforming from a sketch to a polished design.

Prompts for Different Processes

  1. Generate prompts for a video showing the transformation of agriculture fields during the transitioning of seasons.
  2. Generate specific prompts to showcase the process of a painter creating a masterpiece of abstract art.
  3. Give me 5 different prompts for visualizing the process of sunflowers turning towards the sun throughout the day.

Prompts for Science Fiction

  1. Generate prompts for depicting a space battle in action between aliens and humans.
  2. Provide highly specific prompts for depicting the imagery of a post-apocalyptic world.
  3. Generate 5 different prompts for visualizing an alien town on the Moon.
sora generate good prompt

So, there you have it! These UPDF AI prompts can help you generate the best prompts for Sora once it is available for public use. Download UPDF AI now and get ready to make the most out of the Open AI Sora! It is a lot cost-effective than GPT-4. You can upgrade to the Pro version with an exclusive 60% discount.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure


In a nutshell, Sora is the ultimate video AI model capable of bringing imaginations to life through high-resolution videos. What sets it apart from other text-to-video AI tools is the versatility, quality, duration, format, and size of the generated videos.

Although Sora may struggle with complex scenes, physics principles, direction of objects, and sequence of events, it is still a great achievement for the future of generative AI. By using highly specific and detailed prompts, you can generate videos while avoiding Sora's limitations.

Once it is publicly available, we can only imagine the extent of possibilities it will bring to the world of AGI.

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