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[Full Guide] How to Learn English with AI in 2024

English is a global language and the best medium to interact with people across the globe. If your native language is not English, it's essential to uplift your English skills to remain competitive and communicate effectively.

Out of the different ways to learn English, there is a growing buzz to learn English with AI. There are now AI tools that can assist in learning English. However, the main question is which tool to choose. Therefore, this guide is designed to assist you in learning English with AI by presenting different ways of learning depending on your current English level.

Part 1. Choose the Right Strategy/Stage to Learn English with AI

There are different types of English learners. Some are complete beginners, while others want to become proficient in their English skills. Therefore, it is important to choose the right stage and then choose the right tool to learn language with AI.

Below are the three main stages to choose from when learning English with AI:

  1. Learn English vocabulary using the appropriate AI tool or electronic vocabulary tool — read Part 2.
  2. Engage in conversations with a suitable AI-powered simulator — read Part 3.
  3. Enhance language proficiency by reading English documents with the right AI tool — read Part 4.

If you have a basic-level understanding of the English language, then your main focus should be to enhance language proficiency. For that, UPDF is one of the best AI tools to use.


UPDF allows you to read English documents with a text-to-speech generator to improve pronunciation. In addition, its virtual AI chatbot can help get explanations on complex wording, understand English vocabulary, ask document-related questions, and do much more.

Simply put, UPDF is your ultimate AI-powered tool to learn English with AI. Download UPDF now and begin elevating your English language proficiency from today.

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Part 2. Stage 1: Learn English Vocabulary with AI Apps

Learning English vocabulary is one of the first steps in mastering the language. Luckily, there are now many AI apps to help you learn English vocabulary. Let's go through a few AI apps you can use:

1. WordUp

WordUp is an AI-powered English vocabulary builder app. It offers a smarter and more interactive way to learn English with AI. It uses advanced algorithms to expand your vocabulary. For instance, it lets you learn a new word every day, depending on your current English level. This way, you can keep learning new words and grow your vocabulary. Moreover, it will repeat words in the form of games and challenges until you master them.

learn english with ai wordup

2. LanGeek

LanGeek is a resourceful app to learn language with AI. It has over 20,000 English words that are categorized in multiple lessons based on the topic/level. It allows you to choose the topic and get relevant words to learn. Moreover, it includes a comprehensive grammar library that includes all minor and major grammatical topics. Besides that, you can also take tests and improve your spelling.

learn english with ai langreek

3. Vocabulary

Vocabulary by Monkey Taps is another useful app to learn English vocabulary. It keeps providing new words to learn every day by sending notifications. It allows you to choose the topic of your choice. Afterward, it intelligently provides words to learn related to that topic, such as food, tech & science, travel, etc. It allows you to customize the background, add words to the collection, save word images, and even add widgets to your home screen.

learn english with ai vocabulary

Part 3. Stage 2: Engage in English Conversations with an AI-powered Simulator

If your intentions to learn English with AI are related to enhancing English conversation skills, then you need an AI-powered simulator with which you can engage in English conversations.

SmallTalk2Me is a dedicated AI simulator you can use to boost your confidence in speaking English. Based on your spoken English, it provides your current CEFR level. Moreover, it provides daily stories and courses to practice your spoken English every day.

SmallTalk2Me can also prepare an IELTS speaking test for you and provide you with a band score and a comprehensive report. In addition, you can also use its mock-up interviews to answer commonly asked questions and get feedback on your responses. In short, SmallTalk2Me provides an all-in-one platform to learn language with AI verbally by engaging in human-like conversations.

learn english with ai smalltalk2me

Part 4. Stage 3: Become Proficient in English by Reading English Documents with the Best AI Tool

If you want to become proficient in English, then one of the best ways is to read English documents with deep understanding and accurate pronunciation. This is where UPDF for Mac and iOS comes into action.

UPDF is an AI-powered document reader tool that empowers you to read English documents by leveraging AI capabilities. It offers two prominent features to help improve your English proficiency, as follows:

1. Text-to-Speech Feature

UPDF allows you to view and read any English document, whether it's in PDF, Word, text, PPT, or other file formats. While reading the document, you can use its text-to-speech generator (available in the Mac and iOS versions) to listen to the content aloud in a natural-sounding voice.

Download UPDF for Mac or iOS now to enjoy a seamless English document reading experience.

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learn english with ai updf speak

This helps you to learn accurate pronunciation of words in English and makes you speak more proficiently. All you have to do is select the text and click "Speak" to make the tool speak the text aloud.

2. AI Chatbot

UPDF also incorporates an AI chatbot called UPDF AI. This chatbot serves as your virtual AI assistance while reading and understanding English documents. With UPDF AI, you can ask for summaries, explanations of difficult words, translations of selected text in your native language for better understanding, and do much more with human-like chats.

learn english with ai ai chatbot updf

Simply put, UPDF AI helps you easily understand English documents with a virtual companion in the form of an AI chatbot. This way, you can have a deeper understanding of English documents and increase your vocabulary.

Overall, UPDF is a top-notch tool to learn English with AI, especially when you want to improve proficiently in it. Therefore, hit the download button to install UPDF and start improving your English language skills.

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Part 5. FAQs About Learning English with AI

Q1. Can I learn English with ChatGPT?

Yes, there are multiple ways to use ChatGPT for English learning, as follows:

  • You can learn and practice English vocabulary.
  • You can write sentences in English and ask it to check your sentence/grammar.
  • You can ask it to explain different tenses, prepositions, etc.
  • You can have back-and-forth verbal conversations with ChatGPT in English.

In short, ChatGPT can act as your virtual English tutor. In addition, you can use ChatGPT-powered tools like UPDF to improve English document reading capabilities. It provides an AI chatbot with which you can get explanations on difficult words, translate sentences into your native language, and ask other questions.

Q2. How can I practice English speaking with AI for free?

There are many AI-powered tools you can use for free to practice English speaking, as follows:

  • AI Talk
  • Speak & Improve
  • TalkPal
  • Gliglish
  • SmallTalk2Me

Some of these tools may require a subscription if you want to access all features. So, explore them and use the one that seems best to you.

Q3. Is there a free AI I can use?

Yes, UPDF is a powerful AI tool you can use to become proficient in English by reading English documents and getting assistance from an AI chatbot. All you have to do is register with UPDF and access its AI features for free.


English has become a crucial language to master in today's globalized era. However, it has become easier than ever to master English with emerging AI technology. As evident from this guide on how to learn English with AI, there are multiple AI tools that can assist in all stages of learning English.

Out of all the above tools, UPDF is the tool you must download and use because it acts as your companion in reading/understanding any English document. Its text-to-speech generator and AI chatbot can help you enhance your English proficiency by improving punctuation, helping you learn new vocabulary, and doing much more. To wrap up, install UPDF and other AI tools that suit you and start enhancing your English language skills.

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