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How to Translate PDF from English to Spanish?

If you are facing the challenge of translating PDF English to Spanish, this can be a complex issue. Especially when dealing with urgent documents from clients and having minimal deadlines. However, using UPDF, you can effortlessly convert PDF documents and make information accessible.

Moreover, we understand that different users have different preferences. So, in this guide, we will also explore a range of online web tools that can help you tackle this translation process.

Part 1. Convert PDF from English to Spanish Via UPDF (The Best Way)

UPDF is the top-rated English-to-Spanish PDF translator to convert PDFs from English to Spanish without any hitch. This PDF toolkit has many options for editing and transforming your PDF document. Now, you can apply annotations to your PDFs without any limits. The amazing features of UPDF include the ability to organize PDFs. Moreover, you can also convert your PDF to different formats or vice versa.

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Convert PDF from English to Spanish Via UPDF (The Best Way)

Plus, UPDF Cloud enables access to your documents from any device, making editing on the go a breeze. However, the best part is UPDF now offers an AI translation feature, allowing you to translate your PDF into a wide range of languages. The results this tool produces are very accurate and precise. Below, we will discuss two ways you translate the PDF for better understanding:

Way 1. Translate Part of the PDF from English to Spanish

Now, with the power of UPDF, you can effortlessly convert a specific part of your PDF document from English to Spanish. Follow the below steps with just a few clicks, and you will be able to bridge the language gap and make your content accessible with this English-to-Spanish PDF converter:

Step 1: Enter Edit PDF Mode to Copy PDF Content

On your desktop, open the UPDF tool via double-click and access the document by clicking the "Open File" option and importing PDF. Then, enter the "Edit PDF" mode in the left toolbar and double-click on PDF content to copy the part you want to translate.

Enter Edit PDF Mode to Copy PDF Content in UPDF

Step 2: Head to UPDF AI and Paste the Content to Translate

Following this, hover the cursor to the bottom right and click the "UPDF AI" icon for menu options. Make sure to stay on the "Chat" tab and tap on "Prompt" to open an extended list of options.

Choose the "Translate" option from there and paste the copied content in the "Ask Something" search bar. Also, select "Espanol (Spanish)" as the translation language. Finally, press the Enter key on the keyboard to get the results.

Head to UPDF AI and Paste the Content to Translate in UPDF AI

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Way 2. Translating the Entire PDF from English to Spanish

Before we head into the steps for translating your entire PDF from English to Spanish, we must follow a two-step process. First, we'll export the PDF to Word format using UPDF and then translate PDF from English to Spanish using the given steps:

Step 1: Export PDF to Copy All the Content

After you open UPDF and import PDF, choose the "Export PDF" option from the right toolbar and then select "Word (.docx)" from the extended menu on the left side. Now, customize the settings as per needs and hit the "Export" button to save the file in the system location.

Export PDF to Copy All the Content  in UPDF

Step 2: Ask UPDF AI to Translate the PDF Content

Now, access file explorer and open the exported Word document. Next, copy all the content from that document and head to the UPDF tool again. Afterward, access the "Chat" tab in the "UPDF AI" mode again and choose "Translate" from the "Prompt" list. Choose "Espanol (Spanish)" as the language and paste the content in the chat box. In the end, press the "Right Side Arrow" icon to translate the whole PDF content.

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Video Tutorial on How to Translate PDF to Any Language on Windows

Part 2. Translate PDF English to Spanish Free Online Via OnlineDocTranslator

OnlineDocTranslator is a fantastic free online tool that lets you easily translate PDFs from English to Spanish free and many other languages. With no installation or registration required, you can instantly translate your documents while preserving their layout.

It supports many languages, including right-to-left (RTL), and has translated over 151 million documents since 2010. To get started with translating your PDFs, follow the guided steps and enjoy the convenience of this web-based tool:

Step 1: First, on your web browser, navigate to the official website of OnlineDocTranslator. There, scroll down and find the “Translate Now” button and tap it. On the next page, you can now drag & drop the PDF or press the “Upload File” button to import the PDF for translation to Spanish.

press the upload file button in OnlineDocTranslator

Step 2: Moving on, you will now get the option to select the languages. From the "Detect Language" drop-down menu, choose "English" and likewise select "Spanish" from the other drop-down. Moreover, this also detects the language of PDF automatically. Now, hit the "Translate" button and wait some time so that the PDF gets translated and then downloaded to the device location.

click on translate button to translate english to spanish in onlinedoctranslator

Part 3. Translate PDF from English to Spanish Free Via Google Translate

For an exciting language transformation, Google Translate, the fantastic free online tool, is the top-rated choice. This tool is at your fingertips due to its ease of use and ability to easily convert PDFs from English to Spanish. However, moving on with this tool, there are a few limits to keep in mind.

Google Translate will not work on large PDFs exceeding 10MB or stretching above 300 pages. In addition, it also maintains the original layout of PDFs even after they are converted. To begin translating PDF English to Spanish free using Google Translate, follow the provided steps:

Step 1: At the start, access the Google Translate website and then find and press “Documents” mode from the top bar. Here, press the "Browse Your Computer" button and then upload the required PDF in English version.

upload the pdf document in google translate

Step 2: Afterward, from the upper left side, choose the language of the PDF you need to translate, and then from the right corner, choose the language you want to translate to, like "Spanish.” In case you are unfamiliar with the language of your PDF, you can hit the "Detect Language" button for automatic detection.

choose source and destination language in google translate

Step 3: Next, tap on the “Translate" button, and Google Translate will translate the file and give a button for "Download" to save the file at the required device location.

hit the translate button to translate pdf from en to es in google translate

Part 4. Translate PDF from English to Spanish Free Via Reverso

Using this productive online tool called Reverso, you can easily convert PDF from English to Spanish and other popular document formats across 26 languages. The best part is that it is an online tool, so you don't need to install any software on your device. Whether using a simple netbook or a smartphone, Reverso's high-performance cloud servers will handle the translation process smoothly.

Moreover, after uploading the file, your PDF will be translated into your desired language within seconds, preserving its original structure. However, do note that PDFs longer than 250 pages won't be translated. Follow the guided steps and witness the productivity of this translation tool:

Step 1: Begin by browsing the PDF translation page of Reverso's official site. Now, click the "Upload and Translate" button. Once uploaded, choose "English" from the first drop-down menu and "Spanish" from the second.

choose languages reverso

Step 2: After making all the language selections, press the “Translate” button. Following this, click on the “Download” button to export the translated file, or you can preview it using the “Review Translation” option.

tap the translate button in reverso

Final Words

Summing up, we have explored the simple and effective ways to translate PDF from English to Spanish. We discussed the amazing UPDF tool, which stands out with its built-in AI translation feature. This, in return, makes the process smooth and efficient. Additionally, we explored three online tools that allow users to manage PDFs effortlessly.

However, considering UPDF's top-notch capabilities and user-friendly features, it's highly recommended for hassle-free and innovative PDF document translation.

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