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[The Latest Jasper AI Review 2024] - Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons…

Starting to build your own platform or business is no easy task. For most people, it will require not only hard work and dedication but also the acquisition of skills that they never previously had. While all of this used to be time-consuming, and oftentimes would be where businesses ended up failing, with the introduction of AI powerful tools became easily available to users who wanted to scale up their business in a very effective way.

Jasper AI is a complete marketing solution that can help transform the way you handle your social media posts, blog articles, sales emails, copywriting, and many other aspects of your business. In this article, we offer a full review of its features and online asset creation capabilities, as well as guidance on how to use a better alternative - UPDF AI to help you improve the document productivity of a business. Try it now.

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What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a powerful AI tool that has been specifically designed to handle marketing campaigns, and assets and ensure that the way in which you handle your digital content will be completely transformed so as to function in an efficient way. This AI tool is trusted not only by small but also large businesses such as iHeartMEDIA Inc. and Sports Illustrated.

jasper ai interface

Features of Jasper AI

Jasper.ai offers an array of features all of which are designed to ensure that your marketing campaigns will be as effective as possible. These features include:

  • Blog writing and copywriting with AI
  • Smart writing to match your brand style and voice
  • A chatbot to ask questions with Jasper AI, similar to ChatGPT
  • Content Optimization to reach SEO Rank
  • High-performing creation of assets, campaign briefs, and blog posts/releases
  • Chrome Extension that allows you to use the AI tool from anywhere
  • Secure cloud storage for all information regarding your business

Use Cases of Jasper AI

Jasper.ai separates itself from the world of artificial intelligence by being completely focused on a niche. While many AI tools claim to be able to effectively write all of your content none of these tools are specialized. As a result, the material you will often end up with will not match your brand identity or messaging.

  • This is why Jasper AI is more often used by marketers who want to create quick and easy-to-use brand campaigns that follow the brand identity and language they had previously used.
  • Similarly, small businesses can take advantage of Jasper AI to avoid having to hire an entire PR and advertising team to handle all of its external communications.
  • Finally, this tool is also used by content writers who want to write quick content about a product that they have been called to promote.

Is Jasper AI Free to Use?

Jasper.ai is not a free tool. In fact, they only offer a very limited 7-day trial for all those who are considering purchasing the tool. This means you will only have one week to determine whether the tool is effective and working well for your purposes.

The biggest problem with this limitation though is that when it comes to marketing, 7 days is not usually enough to run an entire campaign. As such, within the 7-day trial, you are unlikely to actually see whether or not the AI tool is beneficial to your business.

Jasper AI Pricing - How much does Japer.ai Cost?

Jasper.ai offers businesses two different pricing plans. The first of these is known as the Creator plan and it costs $49 per month. As part of this plan, you will gain access to 1 seat, and 1 brand voice, as well as 50 assets and more than 50 templates. SEO mode will also be accessible allowing you to optimize your assets.

A Teams version is also available for those who run businesses with more than one employee. This plan costs $125 per month and it includes 3 seats and 3 Brand Voices. There are also 150 Knowledge assets included, and the platform gives users access to create their own templates and instant campaigns.

Yearly billing options are also available at a price that is reduced by 20%.  

jasper ai price

Jasper AI Pros and Cons

Jasper AI Pros::

  • Content and Asset creation only take seconds
  • Commands feature allows you to instruct the AI through the creation of assets and templates.
  • Can help with the creation of blog and social media content
  • Content is more accurate than traditional AI because of its niche
  • Simple-to-use interface

Jasper AI Cons:

  • Extremely limited free trial
  • Additional cost for the usage of plagiarism detection
  • Has problems with the creation of more assets about more technical topics
  • Can be very pricey for enterprises

A Better AI for PDF Documents

When it comes to generating marketing campaigns the online aspect of your assets is not the only one you should consider. Your non-online assets, as well as any pamphlets, booklets, or other printed assets you create will often require the same amount of care and attention and will be used at times to generate your online assets.

As such, it is incredibly important that you have organized all of your files and ideas into PDF documents as these can be easy to use to inform Jasper AI of the content you are looking to generate.

UPDF AI is the perfect tool for doing exactly that. You can easily start your journey with UPDF by downloading the software directly through the button below. Once it is downloaded you can use UPDF to load any existing PDFs you have that relate to your business. UPDF can then analyze all this content, summarize, translate, and write additional content while also polishing the material you uploaded.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

jasper ai updf ai editor

Write, summarize, and ideate with AI: Another big benefit of UPDF is that it will allow you to easily create a brief based on all the assets and materials you already have. From there it is really easy to simply take the content generated by UPDF and add it to Jasper for the creation of your online assets.

The same process can also be used the opposite way. If you have run a campaign entirely online and only have online assets you can add those to UPDF for the creation of a beautiful and polished PDF that you can use for your business brief or meeting with clients and investors. By leveraging the power of both UPDF and Jasper AI you can ensure that you have the best of both worlds and will have both great physical and online assets.

Translate PDF with AI: Another great tool that will be added to your arsenal if you use UPDF is the translation tool that it has available. If you have previously run your business in your native language and would like to now switch to English to reach a more worldwide audience, UPDF can translate all of your assets and material without problem.

FAQs about Jasper AI

What is Jasper AI used for?

Jasper AI is predominantly used for the creation of marketing content that can be used online and on social media as part of larger campaigns. The AI tool is particularly well known for creating assets that are aligned with SEO principles and that can help scale up your business.

Can Google detect Jasper AI?

In theory, Google has the capability to detect all AI-generated footage. As such, it is safe to assume that it is also able to detect any assets and content that have been created through AI. As such, when using Jasper there is always a risk that your AI-generated content will end up being detected as exactly that.

Is Jasper AI built on ChatGPT?

Much like ChatGPT, Jasper is also using the GPT-3 language model that had originally been developed by OpenAI. Apart from the tool for the creation of human-like written content, ChatGPT also gives the option to use "Jasper Chat" which works in the same way as a chatbot.


AI has been a great tool for scaling up business and can be the perfect choice for those who have started to grow their business on their own. Jasper AI is the ideal tool for managing your online assets, but there are times when you might be called to deal with your printed or non-online assets as well.

While Jasper AI is only focused on online promotions and does not include any tools to help you polish, translate, and perfect all of your other documents, UPDF provides you with an array of options for doing this. UPDF can essentially be your one-stop tool for managing everything that relates to your business, whether it is advertising content, printed content, documents to send to your business partners and investors, or other information files. Read more on UPDF reviews on howtogeek. Download it now and you can get 30 free questions for UPDF AI!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

To take advantage of all of these AI capabilities and tools all you will really need to do is buy a subscription to UPDF. Depending on the type of volume of material you can use any tier of the subscription, with the lowest one starting from US$9. Buy UPDF and unlock all of your business' potential.
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