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Top 10 Sites for Rent Receipt Format PDF Templates You Can Download For Free

Rent receipts are crucial for both landlords and tenants to track the payment records or as proof that rent has been paid. It typically includes details such as the name of the tenant/s, rent's due date, payment date, signature or stamp, and more. While other tenants pay their rent with a check or cash, online or digital rental receipts must be issued especially when tenants are paying through a credit card, bank account, or online payment. This is why we'll be giving 10 websites for rent receipt format PDF free download.

Top 10 Sites for Rent Receipt Format PDF Free Download

1. UPDF Rent Receipt PDF Templates

UPDF provides free receipt PDF templates and you already know it's free. The templates range from professional and efficient formats to ones that embrace business modernity. Best of all, you are able to customize the receipt using the PDF editor that is being provided by UPDF itself. You can easily edit, print, and share free rent receipt template PDF in UPDF for FREE! DOWNLOAD UPDF now!

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rent receipt format PDF free download updf

And now, we will walk you through the steps so you can customize, print, and add an e-signature to the rent receipt PDF.

How to Customize the PDF Rent Receipt

1. Download the PDF Receipt Template you want from UPDF template library.

2. Launch the UPDF program, then, choose "Open File" to import the PDF receipt.

3. Customize the elements of the receipt that you wish to change on the "Edit PDF" option. You get access to a wide range of editing choices. The text can be readily edited, additional data may be added, and the size, color, and other formatting features can be changed.

4. Next, select your logo by clicking on the image in the "Edit PDF" window. Add the logo on the placement and make sure to double-check if all the information is correct.

5. Once done, save your rental receipt, and the entire process is finished.

rent receipt format PDF free download updf edit

How to Sign the Rent Receipt

1. Download and install the UPDF PDF signature generator on your device.

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2. Open the signature maker and select a PDF to add electronic signs by clicking the "Open File" button on the main interface.

3. Select the "Comment" icon located in the left toolbar of the screen. Then, utilize the "Signature" option found on the upper right of the menu bar so you can use this tool to digitally sign a PDF. Click the "Create" button on the newly appeared menu to open a window.

4. You can add your electronic signature through drawing or typing once you have accessed the "Create Signature" window.

5. You can also experiment with your e-signature color and thickness. To sign your PDF file, select the "Create" option in the box and click anywhere on the page you want to put the e-signature on.

6. Once everything is set, proceed to the rental receipt PDF download option and you are done!

rent receipt format PDF free download sign updf

How to Print the PDF Rent Receipt

1. Start UPDF on your device and navigate its interface.

2. Import the PDF file by tapping the "Open File" button. To open a new window, select the "File" icon from the left side and click the "Print" button.

3. On the new window, select a printer and adjust the print settings. Customize the "Page Size" and "Page Range" options as per your preferences.

4. You have the option to select the Fit, Actual Size, and Custom Size while in print mode. To turn off the "Print in grayscale (black and white)" option, simply tap the checkbox located at the top of the window. Now, you can then print your PDF file in color.

5. Once all the options have been checked, click the "Print" button to finish.

rent receipt format PDF free download updf

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2. TemplateLAB Rent Receipt

This site offers 49 exclusive rent receipt templates that are ready to print and use for free. You can adjust and customize the template easily based on your rental period, address, payments, contacts, and other details. You can download their templates in several formats like Microsoft Word, PDF, or ODT.

rent receipt format PDF free download templatelab

3. Sample.net Monthly Rent Recipt

The Sample.net site provides you with professionally made rental receipt templates that are downloadable, fillable, editable, and printable. They offer more than 27 samples of monthly receipt templates that include the tenant name, landlord name, rent paid, rent period, property address, and landlord's signature.

rent receipt format PDF free download samplenet

4. TEMPLATE.NET Rent Receipt PDF Templates

They offer online sample rental templates with a wide range of options which becomes handy because of the pre-structured blueprint for standardized rent slip format receipts. This means much like the others, you don't have to make everything from scratch. You may use their templates using MS Word, Google Docs, and PDF.

rent receipt format PDF free download templatenet

5. SCRIBD Rent Receipt

This site is considered the world's largest digital library. They have ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, documents, and even receipts such as rental templates that can be found and customized. You can also choose the rent receipt download PDF option. You may download it as a Word Doc, PDF file, Text File (.txt), or read it online from SCRIBD for free.

rent receipt format PDF free download scribd

6. Invoice Simple Rent Receipt PDF Templates

Invoice Simple makes work easier for small businesses in handling the administration of the business. They create quick and easy rental PDF templates that usually include contact information, name of tenant, total amount paid, and rent location. You may use their templates with Microsoft Word or Excel.

rent receipt format PDF free download invoice sample

7. Jotform Rent Receipt Templates Free Download

Jotform is an online platform that generates customizable and fillable rent receipt templates. Same as the others, their forms contain the vital information the other websites offer. You can download, print, share it instantly, or convert these form submissions into PDFs for free. However, they have no receipt templates that are compatible with e-signatures.

rent receipt format PDF free download jotform

8. Vertex42 Rent Receipt Templates

Their rent receipt templates are somewhat convenient. Using their PDF rent receipt form, you are able to print out a bunch of blank receipts or fill out their editable templates online. The forms are in a PDF format, so you need Adobe Reader to view or print the recent receipt template. However, you won't need to use Adobe Reader if you just use UPDF.

rent receipt format PDF free download vertex42

9. Avail Rent Payment Receipt Free Templates

Avail templates can be printed or emailed to tenants for them to have their own copy of the proof of payment. Instead of sending it personally, their system automatically helps you streamline the rent collection process. You can customize their rental slip format PDF by creating an account or logging in to the platform.

rent receipt format PDF free download avail

10. Legal Templates Rent Receipt Format PDF

They offer a wide range of documents covering different aspects of legal requirements and financial transactions such as rent receipt templates. On their site, you can select the template you want and it will instantly create the document. Of course, it goes without saying that you can download rent receipt PDFs.

rent receipt format PDF free download legaltemplate

What is a Rent Receipt?

A rent receipt is an online or paper document or form that a landlord uses to track rental payments. In other words, it is tangible evidence of a successful rental payment collection. It also acts as a written acknowledgment payment between the tenants and the landlord. Issuing this can give you some benefits, such as preventing possible conflicts and establishing a solid landlord-tenant relationship.

In this current day and age, electronic or online rental receipts are now becoming more common than printed forms because of easier storage, enhanced security, and better accessibility. Rental receipts play a crucial role in maintaining financial records as it is essential for tracking payments especially when landlords have multiple properties, tax preparation for accurate earning reports, maintaining professionalism as it demonstrates transparency, and settling disagreements where it provides clear records of transactions that might be used as reference.

What Should be Included in a Rent Receipt?

Now that you know what is the best website to get rental receipts, it's best to understand it should include this essential information to serve its purpose effectively:

  1. Payment Date: The date the rent was paid by the tenant.
  2. Tenant Name and Contact Information:  To identify who paid the rent and make it easier to trace the source.
  3. Rental Property Address: This is necessary to know where the property is located, especially when the landlord operates multiple real estate properties to avoid misleading documents. This includes the unit number, street address, city, state, and ZIP code.
  4. Rent Amount/Balance Due: This involves the amount that the tenant will pay. It may or not include other utilities depending on the tenants' and landlord's agreement or arrangement.
  5. Amount Paid: The amount paid to the landlord by the tenant.
  6. Payment Method: Whether the tenant uses cash, credit card, check, or other methods for payment.
  7. Landlord's Name and Signature: It is also crucial to track who the tenant paid their rent to; and their signature as an acknowledgment of the existence of the transaction.

FAQs about Downloading Free Rent Receipt Template PDF

1. Where can I download rent receipts template for free?

You can download rent receipt templates for free in UPDF's template library. You can get the best selection of designs and templates for rent receipts. Besides, you can use UPDF to customize it, as UPDF is a platform where you can edit, organize, summarize, translate, explain, and share PDF files. Try this ALL-IN-ONE PDF for FREE! DOWNLOAD UPDF NOW.

2. Can I customize the rent receipt template PDF?

Yes! UPDF will definitely satisfy your PDF needs as it is a comprehensive PDF solution with advanced capabilities like editing, converting, annotations, and page organizing. And oh, UPDF is on SALE! Buy NOW and get 61% off. And not just that, with JUST ONE PURCHASE, you may use UPDF simultaneously on all Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices! Other tools charge separately for various platforms, but not for UPDF. You can even use it simultaneously on four devices

3. Do you need a signature on the rent receipt?

Yes. The legal arrangement that exists between the landlord and the renter must include a signature. It gives your tenant the documentation that proves that they have paid the landlord and that they have complied with their legal rent payment obligations. That's why it's important to have a rent slip format PDF.


It's crucial for rental owners to keep track of multiple streams of income. Rent receipt templates are a useful tool for keeping track of rental payments, guaranteeing correct record-keeping, and making it easier to comply with legal requirements. Ensure your records are correct and up to date with the use of UPDF for FREE! DOWNLOAD NOW.

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