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How to Edit Employee Annual Review Templates for Evaluation

Are you looking for a systematic way to evaluate employee performance in an organization? An ordered process can evaluate the past performance of employees and articulate the future expectations of the job. So, the annual review template is the document that helps to collect the information to create the individual development plans of the employee.

In addition, the review template contains different sections covering different aspects, including work, achievement, and employee behavior. This article will teach you how to create a report from the employee annual review template to assess performance.

Part 1: Three Free Employee Annual Review Templates

UPDF has a template library that contains several employee yearly review templates. With this multi-dimensional tool, you can customize these documents for evaluating employee performance. For now, it offers three different annual performance review templates that you can choose depending on the organization's requirements. Download the UPDF in your system by clicking the "Free Download" button to explore these templates and edit them as needed.

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1. Annual Performance Review

Employers can conduct a comprehensive evaluation of employee performance with the help of an annual performance review template. It includes a section on the yearly performance of employees and areas to improve by the employee. Other than that, there is a section of reviewer comments to know their perspective regarding the overall performance of employees.

Moreover, employee comments are taken in the section of the yearly performance review templates. This helps the employees to improve their shortcomings and focus on the next year's expectations. Also, it becomes a constructive dialogue between the employee and the employer.

employee annual review template annual

Download Employee Annual Review to Edit

2. Employee Performance Review

The employee performance review template is the structured framework to assess the performance of individuals in the organization. This includes the examination of employee goal achievement and ability to accomplish responsibilities.

A review template like this is useful to analyze the performance of an individual in a specific period of time. Moreover, this annual review template is a way to give constructive reviews to employees for their betterment. Managers can identify the contribution of the employee with this review template.

employee annual review template  ability

Download Employee Annual Review to Edit

3. Quarterly Performance Review

This review template helps the organization evaluate employees' performance on a monthly basis. A quarterly review of employee performance ensures that individual and company goals are achieved. Companies can recognize the accomplishments and areas of improvement in an employee in a timely manner to adjust them.

Furthermore, it provides a systematic way to give regular feedback on employee leadership and communication skills. On this template, there is a section on company values to inform the employee about company rules and values. Typically, the organization does this review after every three months for performance evaluation.

employee annual review template quarterly

Download Employee Annual Review to Edit

Part 2: How to Edit the Employee Annual Review Template

As we discussed above, UPDF provides the employee annual review template and makes the evaluation process easier. Apart from that, you can edit the PDF document with the features, including adding text and images. Additionally, information on PDF documents can be changed by using the editing feature of the tool. Other than that, the user can add and change the information of the employee in the UPDF-provided templates.

The fillable templates allow the user to make adjustments and make a professional document for employee performance evaluation. So, follow the easy-to-follow steps to edit the employee annual review template via UPDF.

Step 1: Download the UPDF Employee Annual Review Template

To start the process, hit the "Free Download" button to download the UPDF in your system. After this, browse the above templates and download the desired employee annual review template. Then, launch the UPDF and import the downloaded template to the tool.

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Step 2: Add Text to Employee Annual Review Template

Now, start the process by hitting the "Edit PDF" icon present on the left side of the editing interface. Afterward, click the text box to which you want to add the text and drag it to the specific area in the template. Then, edit the information in the remaining sections of the template with this process. You can also edit the text of the boxes directly in the Reader mode because the template is entirely editable.

employee annual review template edit

Step 3: Add Image to Make Employee Annual Review Template Effective

The template can be more effective by adding a picture of the employee whose performance you want to evaluate. For this, hit the "Image" feature next to the "Text" feature on the editing interface and add the required picture in the template wherever you want.

Part 3: How to Share or Print the Employee Annual Review Templates

After following the step-by-step guide, you can print or share the final template with other managers and employees whose performance is evaluated. UPDF allows the user to share the customized annual review template via link or email. Moreover, you can print this template in various paper sizes and settings using your desired printer. The steps for sharing and printing the employee annual review template are discussed below:

Firstly, download the UPDF in your system by clicking the "Free Download" button below to explore the print and sharing tools. Then, launch UPDF and import the already filled annual performance review template to the main interface.

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  • Share Employee Annual Review Template to Employee

Now, hit the "Share this file with others" icon on the right toolbar so you can share the template with the employee. After this, click the "Create" button in the "Share a Link" tab to generate a link for sharing a PDF. Then, copy the link and share it with other managers and employees so they can also see the evaluation document. Additionally, you can use the "Share with Other" tab and put the employee's email address to share the annual performance review template.

employee annual review template share
  • Print the Employee Annual Review Template for Employee

Also, you can print the performance review document and hand it over to the employee. To do so, click the "File" tab at the top of the interface and then select the "Print" option from its drop-down menu. After this, access the "Print" drop-down menu to choose your linked printer.

Now, select the required size of paper from the "Paper Size" drop-down list and perform other required settings. Then, hit the "Print" button to get the print of the annual performance review template.

employee annual review template print

Part 4: Benefits of Using the Annual Performance Review Template

The annual review template helps the employer to get a concise and systematic review of individual performance. In addition to that, there are many benefits of using the annual performance review template. The benefits are discussed below, so you are compelled to use them in your organization for employee performance evaluation.

  • Communication: It provides the chance for open communication between employees and employers with this formalized feedback structure. Also, the template is constructive dialogue to discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and responsibilities of the employee.
  • Professional Development: The employee annual review templates highlight the opportunity for employee development and growth by covering areas of improvement. Additionally, discuss the way of career and skill enhancement.
  • Employee Engagement: The organization can engage employees by involving them in this performance assessment process. Ultimately, it makes them feel valued and heard in the professional environment.
  • Organization Success: The yearly performance review template ensures that the employee's efforts align with the organization's goals. In addition, employees work on continuous improvement to play for the organization's overall success.
  • Documentation: With the help of such templates, an organization can keep a record of the employee's achievements. They can also track the progress with this paperwork to decide the future perspective.


Conclusively, the employee yearly review template helps employers assess the performance of employees in a systematic way. It can be annually or quarterly to find out employee responsibilities and areas to improve. People can find out the progress and shortcomings of the employee in a timely manner and decide the future perspective according to this. Moreover, the fantastic templates to review employee performance are provided by UPDF.

These templates are editable and can be shared or printed easily to other involved people via the UPDF PDF management tool. So, download the UPDF and buy the Pro version of this tool to get an upgraded version at amazing discounts. Furthermore, hit the link for a detailed iGEEKSBLOG review of this PDF editing tool.

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