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Revealing Your Story: The Perfect Guide to Create Stunning Brand Presentations (With Templates)

When it comes to communicating the brand strategy and value to different stakeholders, a presentation should be well-prepared and designed to meet those conditions.

However, there should be particular guidelines that should be met in order to have the presentation template align with the brand’s strategy.

In this blog, you will know what details need to go into a brand presentation and go through a few templates that you can edit with UPDF. Let’s dive straight in.

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Part 1. Everything You Should Know About Brand Presentation

1.1 What is A Brand Presentation?

Let us define first what is the meaning of a brand presentation. It is typically a collection of slides that have been designed to meet a business’ branding core values. This mainly means the logo, the typography, the colors, and so on, making sure the visual appearance of the slides is a key indicator of the brand’s consistent identity.

brand presentation

1.2 Why is Brand Presentation Important?

Having well-crafted and consistent brand presentation templates are important for companies to make them stand out against their competitors. It also helps to attract their target audience and make sure their brand identity gets stored in the customers’ minds. In addition to that, it makes it easier for staff to make their work more efficiently when they have prepared brand presentation templates that they can easily utilize for any work-related presentations or meetings. This includes even content such as Word documents, excel spreadsheets, emails, social media posts, pitch decks, and so on.

Part 2.  How to Make an Impressive Brand Presentation

It is no doubt that your brand presentation must have a consistent theme and matches your company’s brand strategy.

Establishing a Brand Identity

In most brand presentations, it is essential to have a brief introduction section that is in alignment with your brand fundamentals. You can exhibit this by revealing the company’s vision and mission statements. This helps to clearly define what the company stands for and what they offer, and what ambitions the company has for the future. In addition, having a brand purpose and a set of principles is important to establish a brand style guide. This can be principles such as maintaining integrity, and respect, offering a comfortable working atmosphere, being a cooperative supplier, and so on. This is to ensure that your brand has a personality in the long run. Furthermore, having a brand voice is important so using specific words consistently helps to have your target audience associate them with your brand name.

What to Include in a Brand Presentation?

Here are a few components you may want to add when creating a brand presentation or even a template design:

1. Logo

First and foremost, your company logo is the principal graphical representation of the business. Having a good logo design helps and its presence should be felt throughout the brand presentation. Having a primary logo design may not fit in all of your presentation materials, hence, it is good to prepare alternate logo design versions so it fits properly in most marketing materials. Your logo can either be a normal solid logo, a logo with different dimensions, or a logo blended into the background. Whatever the design might be, it should be clear that the audience can see and feel it throughout the presentation.

2. Font styles

Next up, it is the typography that can help determine the quality of your brand presentation. For a general rule of thumb, it is best to restrict your font selection to only two types that complement each other well. This is where you can explore different Google font pairings and pick out the best one that aligns with your brand values.

3. Colors

The next important component is the brand colors. This is where you need to be consistent as people recognize and perceive color combinations that relate to a specific brand. When they see blue and white, they associate quickly with Facebook or LinkedIn. When they see a dominant red background with a small shade of yellow, they get reminded of Mcdonald's. Likewise, your brand color theme and combinations can be inspired by the logo itself and this can be used in variations across your brand presentation slides.

4. Images

A presentation is not lively without illustrations and photographs that help to deliver a specific brand message. This is important to include any type of imagery or illustrations that can help to represent your brand the best and deliver a fun and productive presentation in the process.

5. Other static designs

The last thing to include is other stationery designs such as a banner that are used in letterheads, specific design elements that can be used repeatedly in other marketing materials, or social media assets that can be used for your social media posts. This is important to also complete the design set of your brand presentation and utilize the same brand style guidelines in your other essential marketing materials for your campaigns.

brand presentation example

Part 3. Customize Your Own Brand Presentation with Stunning Templates

To create your unique brand presentation template, you will need inspiration first. In this part, we'll show you 3 stunning branding presentation templates you can get inspired from and base your template on.


Before customizing the following templates, it is necessary to find an ideal editing tool. In such a case, UPDF is a perfect choice. UPDF is a powerful software that helps you to easily edit text, add images, and add shapes to your documents. It makes it easy for you to customize your brand presentation templates and use them repeatedly for many presentations thanks to UPDF’s advanced features. Therefore, it is suggested to click the button below to download it first.

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Now that you have an editing tool installed on your device, let's check the following template.

This brand presentation template was prepared by designer Agatha Skowicz. You can see it represents a fast-food brand and the usage of a funky color theme provides a joyful feel to the brand image.

editable brand presentation template

Download to Edit

The color usage and font styles are consistent and you can see the layers are also consistent in each slide to provide harmony and balance.

brand presentation color usage

UPDF - More Than A Tool to Customize Your Own Brand Presentation

Except for the above-mentioned features, there are many other functions offered by UPDF:

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UPDF mainly offers:

  • Page management tools to reorder, rotate, crop, extract, replace, and delete pages.
  • Edit text, images, typography, and so on to optimize your brand presentation.
  • PDF to Word/Text/HTML Conversion.
  • PDF protection and security.
  • Advanced annotation tools to make your presentations easily readable.
  • Multiple reading modes give different angles of your presentation reading experience.

Closing Note

To make your workflow smoother and have a consistent design for your brand presentation, use UPDF today to optimize your files and edit everything under one app.

UPDF is available on Windows, Mac, and also on iOS, and Android. So you can easily optimize your brand presentation template at the tip of your fingertips. Download it and have a try now!

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