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Crafting Thanksgiving Memories: Create Unique Greeting Cards with UPDF

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we are sure that, like every year, you'd want to let people you love know you are thankful for them. However, while verbal appreciation is great, why not spice it up this year and let your loved ones know how much you appreciate their existence with an added effort? What will that effort be, or how will you increase your thankfulness gesture?

Well, through a Thanksgiving card, of course! If you are someone who liked this idea and want to know more about how you can create some greeting cards for Thanksgiving, then this article has got you covered. Hop on below to find out.

Three Free Thanksgiving Cards

If there is one untold truth, everyone likes sentiments that come as a greeting card. No matter what, a small, simple, thoughtful gift like a card penned with a loving note can change anyone's day. So, without putting in much thought, we suggest you start preparing some happy Thanksgiving cards for your loved ones. How will you do it? Through UPDF, of course!

Besides being an exceptional PDF editing software, UPDF is also big on festivities. Hence, the service is always on a quest to bring out valuable features that can help its users during the holiday season one way or the other. Therefore, Thanksgiving is no exception.

UPDF, for its users, has brought about three beautiful happy Thanksgiving greetings. Each PDF card differs from the one before it but has the same aesthetics of fall and holidays that would immediately drop anyone in the festive spirit. Here is a breakdown of each of UPDF's Thanksgiving PDF Cards:

1. Blush Autumnal Elegance: Personalized Thanksgiving Card

With a light tone of pink as its background and the beautiful hues of red, maroon, and brown embedded on the side, representing leaves, pumpkins, ferns, and many other fall elements, this card is a great pick.

Apart from the detailed elements and gorgeous colors, the text representation on the card is also spot on. The card has a bolded and capitalized lettering of Happy Thanksgiving in red and orangish-yellow colors, which goes well with the background. Below this, the celebration date is listed in a font smaller than its above lettering. This is a minute detail, but adds much more warmth to this beautiful card.

While all this is great, the paragraph below steals the show. UPDF lets its users write any Thanksgiving greeting they want to their loved ones below the date.

thanksgiving card

Free Download the Thanksgiving Card>>

2. Pink Hues & Pumpkin Views: Customizable Thanksgiving Card

While it has the same beautiful light pink background as the previous card, the aesthetics on this one are slightly different. Compared to the more floral and fern borders of the first card, thanksgiving card number 2 is bordered with pumpkins, spice, and quite literally everything nice you can find on Thanksgiving (Read: pie).

The card also has some fall leaves dropping in its background, while the text representation is a mix of slim capitalized and cursive, unlike the previous card embellished in the colors of fall. However, similar to the previous version, UPDF lets users put the date and their Thanksgiving greeting on the card, too.

thanksgiving card

Free Download the Thanksgiving Card>>

3. Luminous White & Autumn Gold: Sentimental Thanksgiving Card

Unlike the pink background on the previous two cards, the background this card holds inclines towards a whiter tone. However, the aesthetics of fall and Thanksgiving on this card are the same.

Bordered with leaves, flowers, and pumpkins in yellow tones, this Thanksgiving card is an excellent pick for you. You can add any Thanksgiving greeting to this card and send it to your loved ones, letting them know you appreciate their role in your life.

thanksgiving card

Free Download the Thanksgiving Card>>

What Should I Say on Thanksgiving Card?

Now that you know where to find the best Thanksgiving card, you must be confused about what to write. While we understand your sentiments and appreciation are present, many people cannot find the words to write down for their loved ones. Well, lucky for you, you don't have to worry about that. Why so?

It is because we have already concluded the best happy Thanksgiving Day greetings you can write on the card you choose. Tap here to read a list of Thanksgiving greetings for your family, friends, colleagues, boss, funny Thanksgiving cards, and many more!

How to Edit the Thanksgiving Cards?

Now comes the trickier part! How you can edit the Thanksgiving card texts and add what you want to write? This is no complicated job, and all you have to do is follow the steps we have mentioned below:

  1. Choose the Thanksgiving card template that you want to go with.
  2. Tap the "Edit PDF" button present on the left side of your screen.
  3. Select and paste the text you want to insert, or start typing in whatever you want to write.
  4. Your Thanksgiving card is ready!
thanksgiving card edit

Creating and sending cards through UPDF is extremely easy, and if the beautiful card piqued your interest, we highly urge you to use this software for all your Thanksgiving appreciation. Moreover, taking up the subscription for UPDF Pro today will help you avail an exceptional discount. So, download the service and easily avail yourself of its exceptional features.

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How to Print Thanksgiving Cards?

The Thanksgiving cards on UPDF are unique and, when created, can quickly be sent to the desired people through email directly from the software. However, if you want to deliver them in person or hand them out on the dinner table this holiday, then let us assure you that UPDF also allows users to print the cards they have created. Here is how to print a Thanksgiving card from UPDF:

  • When you have created the card entirely, select the option to print off a copy of that card.
  • Go to the "File" option and then select "Print". A pop-up will appear, asking you to choose your printer.
  • When selected, the software will begin printing your creation.
thanksgiving card print


Thanksgiving is the holiday to spend quality time with your loved ones and devour some good food. However, it is also a time to appreciate and be thankful for those around you. If you want to do it in a bit more style, check out the Thanksgiving cards on UPDF. Try the service today and take up the UPDF Pro for exceptional discounts. Trust us; you will not be disappointed.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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