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Birthday Wishes For Grandson: Top 30 Heartfelt Messages & Digital Templates

Birthdays are a special time and as a grandparent, your grandson's birthday presents the perfect opportunity to share with them just how much you love them. But if you are not a writer, you may have a hard time expressing your feelings on this special day.

We hope that the following 30 best birthday wishes for a grandson will help you settle on the perfect birthday message for your grandson.

To make your day easier, we also provide some PDF birthday card templates, so that you can download them on your computer and add the birthday wishes you pick from the below lists directly with a grandparent user-friendly PDF editor tool like UPDF to this template. You can download UPDF here to check this tool.

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Top 30 Happy Birthday Grandson Wishes

Heartfelt Happy Birthday to my Grandson

  1. I will always be here for you, even when you don't need me to be. Happy birthday, grandson!
  2. Happy birthday! May this day bring you fun, adventure, and love.
  3. You always bring joy into our lives and we love you so much. Happy Birthday!
  4. Having you in our lives has been the greatest single happy surprise of our lives.  Happy Birthday, grandson!
  5. I have been so happy to be a part of your amazing life. I hope you continue to grow into a gracious, courageous, and healthy young man. Happy Birthday!
  6. Warm wishes on your birthday from your most loving grandmother. I love you very much.
  7. You're the best thing to happen to us in a long time. May this day bring you joy, cheer, and as much love as you've given us.
  8. Thank you for always making time to see us. Happy Birthday our beloved grandson!
  9. We are so proud of you and all your magnificent achievements. Hope you have many more birthdays.
  10. Happy birthday, our precious boy. May God grant you many more wonderful days.

Are none of the birthday wishes above what you're looking for? Give UPDF AI Web a try and let it automatically generate the perfect wish for you!

birthday wishes for grandson

Here is a suitable birthday card PDF template for you to add the above birthday wishes for your grandson. You can download this template and customize the contents by downloading UPDF here.

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birthday card template

Free Download Birthday Card for Your Grandon>>

Inspirational Birthday Wishes to Grandson

  1. Remember to experience life in all its glory, worry less, and love completely. Happy Birthday!
  2. Life may not always give you what you want when you want it. But the things you need will always show up on time. Happy Birthday!
  3. Always make time for the ones you love. They are the glue that will hold your life together. Have a happy birthday!
  4. Whenever life brings you down, know that you always have a confidant in me, my grandson. Happy birthday.
  5. Happy Birthday! Know that we will always be here for you, just as you've been for us.
  6. When life brings you down, I hope these words remind you that you are deeply loved. Happy birthday, grandson.
  7. Welcome this new coming year with open arms. Allow life to surprise you and you'll always be the happiest person on earth. Happy Birthday.
  8. As you grow older and wiser, always keep your counsel, and remember to be kind, loving, generous, and courageous. Happy Birthday!
  9. As you build your life, remember to take time for pleasure and joy. That is where the spice of life is. Happy Birthday!
  10. You will always be special to us. Now go into the world and share your specialness with everyone you meet. Have a Happy Birthday!

Why not add the inspirational birthday wish to this cute birthday card? Download UPDF and the below PDF template to customize it now.

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birthday card template

Free Download Birthday Card for Your Grandon>>

Simple Birthday Wishes to Grandson

  1. Happy Birthday! May you get all that you wish for this day!
  2. Happy Birthday, my sweet boy. I hope you find reasons to remain happy.
  3. You always bring a smile to my face even in the most difficult times. May this happy day bring you just as much joy.
  4. Happy Birthday to the best grandson any old grandma could ask for.
  5. Wishing you an adventure-filled life with all the success you could ask for. Happy Birthday, Grandson!
  6. You always light up a room with your warm smile. Happy Birthday!
  7. Today we celebrate your life. Have fun and enjoy!
  8. I hope you can feel just how much we love you always, but most especially today. Happy Birthday!
  9. Thank you for always being my wonderful grandson. Happy Birthday!
  10. Smile! You are loved. Happy Birthday!

Simple birthday wishes should be put on the simple birthday card. Download this simple birthday card and customize it per your needs via downloading UPDF here.

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birthday card template

Free Download Birthday Card for Your Grandon>>

Do you find the one birthday wish for your grandson you like from the above 30 options? If not, no worry. As you already downloaded UPDF on your computer from the above button, you can use its UPDF AI to generate more birthday wishes for your grandson according to your requirements. You can open PDF in the UPDF, click the "UPDF AI" icon at the right side corner, enter the prompt "give me 30 birthday wishes for my grandson", then, you will find 30 ones here. If it is not what you need, you can change the prompt to get more ones. What is worth mentioning is that the UPDF AI free version allows you to ask 30 questions which means you can use it for free. Why not use it now?

UPDF AI generates birthday wishes for grandson

Do you have a friend whose birthday is coming up? Have you thought about what to write to him or her? Here is an article that good wishes for friends: Birthday Wishes for Friend.

How to Create a Birthday Card for your Grandson

With the popularity of digital cards exploding, more and more people are choosing to create PDF birthday cards. One of the main benefits of choosing a PDF card is that they are easy to create and even easier to share, ideal for when you cannot be with your grandson physically.

But to create a great PDF birthday card, you need a PDF program that gives you the freedom to be as creative as you want without complicating the process of customizing the card. Thankfully, we have a tool that ticks both boxes effortlessly. UPDF is a great way to create and edit PDFs and you can use its unique tools to create the perfect birthday card for your grandson. And good news is that it is very cheap now, you can purchase the premium version here.

Here's how to use it. First of all, download UPDF via the below button.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 1: Download the Birthday Card Template

If you don't want to start from scratch, we offer a lot of pre-designed birthday card templates that you can download and then customize to perfection. Click here to find the templates you need.

You can also create a blank PDF document if you don't want to use a template.

Step 2: Design the Birthday Card

Once you have the template or the blank document open in UPDF, you have various options to customize the design.

To edit text on the birthday card, click on the "Edit PDF" button from the options on the left. Then click on the section of the document you want to update the text and type in your message.

edit birthday card for grandson

To add an image or text to the project, simply click on "Text" and "Image".

Step 3: Share the PDF with your Grandson

When you're happy with the design, click on the "Share this file with others" button on the right or the "Send file by Email" button to share the PDF file with your grandson.

share birthday card for grandson

Step 4: Print the Card

You can also choose to print out the card. Just click on "File > Print" and then select the printer.

Want to try UPDF? Download it to your computer here.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure


Grandson is the gift your children bring you. It is the fruit of your child's love. What a wonderful thing it is to send sincere birthday wishes to your grandson. This article provides many different blessings for your reference. There is always one that can touch your heart.

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