Get Festive with Personalized Merry Christmas Cards – Free & Easy-to-Use Templates!

There are very many different Christmas cards in stores this month. But most of them often convey the same message or have similar design concepts. So, if there is something special that you would like to say to that special someone, it can be very difficult to find the ideal card with the correct message.

This is one of the reasons why more and more people are choosing to use digital solutions to create the cards themselves. The problem is that unless you are familiar with Photoshop or some other fancy design tool, you are limited in how much you can do.

We've found a way around this problem by designing pre-made templates that you can simply customize to fit your needs. Here are a few of our best Christmas Card templates and how to customize them with UPDF. Download UPDF to edit your card.

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Top 3 Merry Christmas Card Templates You Can't Miss

The following are three of our best Christmas card designs that you can download and customize;

Simple and Elegant Christmas Card

If you want to simply wish someone a Merry Christmas without too much fanfare, this design is simple enough to meet your needs while remaining elegant. It is the ideal design for that person in your life whom you know appreciates elegance. The color is subtle while actively conveying the magic of Christmas and you can customize the text to add any message you want.

merry christmas card

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Colorful Christmas Card

This is the ideal template design for the fun-loving and lively person in your life. All the traditional Christmas colors are represented in this design so you know that you are getting a Christmas card. It is also very easily customizable, allowing you to add your text and even images if you choose to.

christmas greeting card

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Bold Christmas Card

This third option stands out as a traditional representation of Christmas complete with a Christmas tree and is therefore the perfect card to accompany a Christmas gift for a friend. You can customize the text below the tree to convey your Christmas well-wishes to the recipient.

funny christmas cards

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What Do I Say on a Christmas Card?

Christmas is a time for giving and sometimes the only meaningful thing you can give to a loved one is your message of love. It is therefore important that you speak from the heart when writing a Christmas wish message.

But the message that you add to any one of the designs that we have shared with you here will depend on the person receiving the card. If it is your longtime friend, for instance, a playful tone may be more ideal than the formal tone you could use for a Christmas card you intend to send to your boss.

How Do You Make a Christmas Card for 2022?

You will notice that all the Christmas card templates we share are in PDF format. This eliminates the need to know how to use complicated design software to customize them. All you need is a reliable PDF management solution and lucky for you, we have also taken the time to develop the most ideal solution.

UPDF for Windows and Mac is a PDF editor and management solution that has all the tools you need to take one of the templates above and turn it into a unique and memorable Christmas card. UPDF can be used to create, edit, convert, annotate, print, and share PDF documents of all kinds. It is also one of the easiest solutions in the market, meaning that you can use it to create your Christmas card in a matter of minutes.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started; Before editing your card, you need to download and launch UPDF. If you still haven't downloaded it, the below button can help you.

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Step 1: Download the Template You Want to Use

Start by choosing a template from our collection. Each of the templates that we design is available for free and can be downloaded in PDF format. They are all also fully customizable, allowing you to be as creative as you'd like to be.

Now, open UPDF on your computer and then open the PDF template on the program. You can do that by clicking on "File > Open" and using the "Open File" button on the main screen.

Step 2: Customize the Text

Once the template is open in UPDF, you should see all the tools you need to customize it appear on the left side of the screen.

To add your custom message to the card template, click on the "Edit PDF" icon from the left toolbar options. You can now edit the current text on the template. You can then use the options UPDF gives you to change the font size, style, and color of the text.

You can also add new text using the "Text" tool from the from the set of tools that appear above the document. Then on the document, click on the "dummy text" section to add your custom message.

edit chrismas card template

Step 3: Use the Beautifully-Designed Stickers to Decorate Your Card

UPDF has many beautifully-designed stickers for you to decorate your Christmas Card. There are many Christmas elements for you to choose. Go to "Comments" > "Stickers" and choose the one you want.

print chrismas template

How to Print the Christmas Card with UPDF

When you are ready to share the Christmas card with the recipient, UPDF gives you two options: you can choose to share the card via email or you can choose to print out the card.

To print out a physical copy of the card, click on "File" and choose "Print" from the options. Select the page range to print and other options in the dialogue box that appears and click "Print."

print merry christmas card


Knowing what to say to someone at Christmas time can be just as difficult as finding the best way to present your Christmas message. Our Christmas Card templates give you the best way to preset your perfect message. Just download the free templates and use UPDF to make them as unique and presentable as you need them to be. Download UPDF to start experimenting with customizing your cards.

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