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Free 3 Annual Report Templates to Evaluate Performance

If a company wants to stand out in the market, improving performance is not enough nowadays. You also have to evaluate this performance and deliver information to customers and stakeholders regarding the company's financial situation. Therefore, the ultimate solution is to create a report on the company's overall performance throughout the preceding year. The annual report templates help businesses generate reports by adding the required information to the template.

Additionally, documents from the annual report give an indication of what needs to be improved in the performance by analyzing the problem in progress. This article will discuss the need for an annual report and the templates available online to make the report.

Part 1: Why Do You Need an Annual Report?

After getting the idea of the annual report, the point is why you need a yearly report as a company. It allows the company to communicate with the stakeholders effectively. With the help of a year-end report sample, companies can fulfill their corporate social responsibility and contribute to the reputation of the esses. In addition to that, here are some points that clarify why there is a need for annual financial reports.

  • Transparency and Accountability: The annual report provides data on the company's financial health to the stakeholders and employees to promote transparency. Moreover, this report holds the businesses accountable for their decision and actions that build trust among stakeholders.
  • Strategic Planning: The process of making a report from the yearly report sample helps the organization in strategic planning for the upcoming year. Furthermore, you get a detailed review of the company's success, challenges, and activities for setting goals.
  • Employee Engagement: Organizations can recognize and celebrate employee achievements with this annual report. Also, it enhances morale and engagement in the work environment by outlining the good work of employees in the annual report.
  • Marketing and Branding: A sample of end-of-year reports can create a well-structured document used for the marketing poses. Other than that, the values, strengths, and achievements of the organization in the report can build the trust of the customers.

Part 2: 3 Free 2024 Annual Report Template

As discussed, annual reports make analysis and decision-making processes easy for the organization. Creating an attractive annual report covering all perspectives of the company's yearly performance can be challenging. However, annual report templates overcome the challenge as the user needs to edit the section in the template to make an appealing annual report. Additionally, the 3 templates provided by the UPDF can help you to create the annual report according to your preferences.

1.  Revenue-Based Annual Report

This yearly report sample of UPDF can help you generate a final report on the company's previous year's revenue. The template contains a pie chart to review industry contributions in overall revenue generation. The industry may include banking, finance, travel, hospitality, and financial services. In addition, you can get the details of the overall revenue that you get after tax and energy consumption.

Organizations can add extra information to the report by using the award and recognition section on the plate. Download the UPDF to edit this annual report template by clicking the "Free Download" button below.

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annual report template

Download Annual Report to Edit

2. Expenditure-Based Annual Report

UPDF provides an expenditure-based yearly report template to determine how much money was spent in the preceding year. Analyze the company's expenditures by categorizing them into different sections, including utilities, rent, and transportation. Moreover, the template offers to further categorize the expenditure to analyze the company's financial performance in detail.

Plus, the company can get an overview of spent vs. saved by adding the budget and expenses of different categories. Download the UPDF in your system to edit and use this year-end report template. It lets you analyze and improve your company's financial health.

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annual report template

Download Annual Report to Edit

3. Goal-Based Annual Report

Making expenditure and revenue-based annual reports is insufficient to get company performance information. A goal-based annual report template can help you examine the achievement of goals over the whole year. This template provides the bar graph to get a glance at growth by adding the inform action.

Furthermore, you can set the percentage of goals that need to be improved in the coming year. Use this UPDF template to investigate the company's performance and growth based on the goal. For this, download the UPDF to edit the annual report template according to your requirements.

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annual report template

Download Annual Report to Edit

Part 3: How to Edit the 2024 Annual Report Template?

Previously, we have discussed the 3 different annual report templates offered by the UPDF for creating a final report on organizational performance. UPDF is a PDF editing tool that can help users edit these year-end report templates and any PDF file. Users can also customize the template of the annual reports and PDF documents by adding text and images.

Besides that, you can add the clickable web links or attachments of a page or video in the PDF document with its editing feature. So, there is no need to create the annual report from scratch as ready-to-fill templates are available on the UPDF website.

Just click the "Free Download" button given below and start editing the PDF templates. The following steps are the guide to editing the annual report template efficiently and effectively.

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Step 1: Launch the UPDF and Import Annual Report Template

Launch the UPDF to import the desired annual report template to make the annual report on the previous financial year.

Step 2: Edit the UPDF Annual Report Template

To add necessary information to the template, click the "Edit PDF" mode on the left side of the main interface. Then, hit the "Text" option and click anywhere on the document to add the required information to the template. After adding the information, you can add your employee image by tapping the "Image" option or link your annual report with other documents or sources using the "Link" option.

annual report template edit

Part 4:  How to Print the 2024 Annual Report Template?

Organizations can make effective reports for analyzing the achievements and revenue of the businesses by using the annual report examples discussed above. The easy-to-follow steps are also explained so the user can edit the templates on UPDF as needed.

Moreover, you can print the final annual report to show to the employees and stakeholders. Users can print the annual report in their required paper size and orientation using this PDF printer. The easy steps to print the edited annual report template are explained below.

Step 1: Download UPDF to Import Annual Report Template

To start the printing process, get access to UPDF by hitting the "Free Download" button available below. Then, launch this PDF printing tool to your computer desktop and import the already-made annual report template on its main interface.

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Step 2: Print the Annual Report Template

After importing the template, hit the "File" tab in the top left corner of the main interface of this tool. Then, click the "Print" option from the drop-down option to get access to the print settings window. Now, choose your configured printer from the "Printer" menu and select the desired page dimension from the "Paper Size" menu. Finally, hit the "Print" button to get the year-end report template and keep it as the company's yearly record.

annual report template print

You can also print the bar charts and pie charts of your annual report in A5 to maintain the resolution by downloading the UPDF toolkit. Moreover, use all basic and advanced of UPDF without any limit by upgrading to the Pro version.

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Part 5: Tips for Using the Annual Report

You can review your organization's goals, achievements, and financial performance by creating a document from the sample of the end-of-year report. Companies can use this report to capture investors by showing them the company's potential. It is also an efficient way to engage the employee and strategic planning for performance improvement and success. Users can make it more effective by following the tips given below:

  • Use Visuals and Graphics: The user should add graphics to make the annual report attractive and manage the complex information. In addition, captivating visuals can grasp the attention of viewers to understand information quickly. Many annual report templates already provide fillable graphics and charts where you need to add the required information.
  • Highlight Key Achievements: Give a narrative of the company's performance by adding the company's key achievements to the annual report. Additionally, it gives an idea of what milestones the company has achieved in the past year. This key achievement section addition in the year-end report template improves the company's reputation.
  • Financial Literacy Outreach: Some stakeholders or customers may not understand the financial terms of your complex financial report. For this, present the financial information in simple terms so everyone can understand the information in the annual report. Also, choose visuals that explain the complex financial information more easily.
  • Set Clear Objectives: Incorporating clear objectives in the annual report can help you to tell the stakeholders about the strategic direction of the business. Furthermore, the organization itself knows what the expectations are from them for the coming year based on objectives. Some yearly report samples have an editable section for writing the company objective.
  • Stay Consistent with Branding: The annual report can be used for marketing and branding purposes. Therefore, ensure that the design and tone of the annual report are consistent with the company's overall branding. This consistency increases the report's impact and maintains the brand's image.


Conclusively, you can review the achievements and performance of the business by generating a report from the annual report templates. These reports are helpful to engage the investors and employees and do marketing in an effective way. UPDF provides 3 templates for creating the report based on user preferences. Moreover, users can fill out the template while in reading mode and add extra information by using the editing feature of this tool.

With the help of graphics and charts, a company can deliver information to the stakeholders in a better way. So, get your hands on UPDF to edit this year-end report template by clicking the "Free Download" button. Moreover, if you want to get a detailed review of this PDF editing tool, hit the Pocket-lint link for an honest overview.

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