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Your Comprehensive Manual on How to Read a PDF File

Having multiple reading options with the same application is a blessing. Many applications provide different reading experiences within the application that most of us are unaware of. These types of features provide more value to readers, especially to book readers or novel readers.

In this article, we'll look for an application that provides an excellent reading experience. We'll also explain how you can read PDF files in this application. All you need is to follow our instructions and read the article closely.

How to Read PDFs on Windows?

Choosing a perfect tool that suits your system's environment is very important. The best reading PDF files experience on Windows is UPDF. It is a fast PDF editor, and you can edit text, images, and links in PDF, add comments in PDF, and organize PDF pages.

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It offers the best reading experience, and you can switch the page layout, add bookmarks, zoom in & out, use thumbnails, open multiple PDFs at once, etc.

Now, let's look for the steps for reading PDF using UPDF:

Step 1: How Do I Open the PDF File

Foremost, all you need is UPDF installed on your system. The main interface of UPDF will open. Click on the "Open File" button on the main dashboard and choose the PDF file you want to read.

Step 2: How to Read PDF Books in 4 Modes

UPDF offers 4 different reading modes to its users. Right-click and select the "Page Display" button. Click on that icon and choose the mode that you prefer.

Apart from different reading modes, you can also play with other features like adding bookmarks, annotating, editing, and organizing PDF pages with UPDF. The best thing about UPDF is that every helpful feature is presented right before you. 

Want to see more information about viewing PDFs? Here is a video to show you how to view the PDF:

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

How to Read PDF Books on Mac?

The application of UPDF is similar to what we've seen in Windows. That means the procedure of reading PDF on Mac is almost the same as on Windows. 

What's more? The Mac version supports dark mode and you can switch to dark mode according to your mode. The Mac and Windows version all has a slideshow feature to help you display your PDF as a slideshow.

Step 1: How Can I Get the Best App to Read PDF Books on Mac

As we previously described, you would need a reader or editor on your respective device to read a specific PDF file. To do so, you need to go to App Store and type search for UPDF, or you can go to UPDF's official site and download the application from there.

Step 2: Open PDF on Mac

Alright, you've successfully installed UPDF on your Mac; now, open the application. Right away, you'll see its dashboard or main interface. You'll see an "Open File" button at the top interface. Click on the button and choose the file you want to read PDF on Mac.

Step 3: How to Read a PDF on Mac

At this point, your PDF file is an open book in front of you. Now, you can read PDF books in different reading/displaying modes. There'll be a book icon on the bottom left corner of the interface. UPDF offers 4 different ways of reading PDFs. Choose any reading mode that suits you.

You can also play around with other editing features in UPDF. You'll find additional features like annotating, editing, and organizing PDFs.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

How to Read PDFs on iPhone and iPad

The best thing about UPDF for iOS is that it's also available on iPhones and iPad. Although the mobile application doesn't support advanced features, it completes the need to read PDFs with your hands. To read PDFs on iPhones and iPad, follow these steps;

Note: The procedure for both iPhones and iPads is the same.

Step 1: Import PDF into UPDF App

To read PDFs on your iPhones and iPads, you need to download and install the UPDF application from App Store.

Open the application on your iPhone or iPad. You'll see it's the main interface. At the bottom right corner of the application, there's a "+" button. Tap on it and import your PDF to the UPDF interface.

Step 2: Read PDF on iOS

The last step is to tap on the PDF file that you previously imported to read the PDF document on your smartphone. Then you can use the pen tool to draw on the PDF file.

UPDF mobile application is not only limited to just reading perspective but also supports multiple features.

  • Upload: You can upload multiple documents simultaneously and preview them later.
  • Turn photos into PDF: You can turn the pictures and photos into PDF.
  • Scan to PDF: You can scan photos into PDF format.
  • Security Space: You can hide photos, files, and videos on your iPhone in the security space.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

How to Read PDFs on Android

Being a regular Android user, you will always need to have a PDF editor that can support reading and managing your important PDF files. Rather than shifting to your desktop, you can consider opting for UPDF on Android. The tool is designed to cater to smartphone conditions and provide an absolute experience of reading and annotating documents. To see how efficiently you can use UPDF for this purpose on your Android, let's find out in the steps below:

Step 1: Open a PDF after Authorizing

As you open UPDF after installing it on your Android, select the "All PDFs" folder while authorizing UPDF to access all documents on the device. Select and open a PDF document to proceed.

Step 2: Select Any View Mode

Once the PDF opens, you can view it under four different modes, which include: "Vertical-Continuity", "Vertical-Singular", "Horizontal-Continuity", and "Horizontal-Singular".

Step 3: Enable Split-Screen

To view PDFs in split-screen mode, you must enable the "Split-Screen Mode" feature on your Android and re-open UPDF. Long press the document to open a list of different options where you have to select the "Open in multi window" option.

Step 4: Annotate Documents with Ease

As the document opens, you can access the "Edit" icon on the top to open the annotation tools. Here, you can highlight, strikethrough, underline, include squiggly lines, use a pencil, add sticky notes, and create shapes to annotate PDFs.


Although reading sounds like a basic process, it should be adequate for a long-lasting experience. UPDF provides a cross-compatible platform that allows you to enjoy reading PDFs on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac. The sleek, perfect design gives the best reading experience; regardless you are a student, teacher, official, lawyer, or healthcare personnel.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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