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Your Ultimate Guide Scan Photos on Your iPhone - Get Started Now!

Dealing with multiple documents for making a report at the office sometimes turns into a great mess. The same thing happened last days when the scanner at my office's desk got out of order. Imagine you have only an hour left to submit a report. You have compiled everything and only have some photos that you need to scan and then attach to the report. At such a crucial time, the best way to rescue yourself is by seeking assistance from your iPhone 15.

Sounds strange! Well, you can scan photos on your iPhone 15 as well. For this, you should know about how to scan photos on iPhone. Do you want to know how? Let's dig in together.

The Best Photo Scanner for iPhone

A great, probably the best photo scanner for iPhone 15, a tool that will help iPhone 15 users to scan photos easily is UPDF for iOS. It is a quite versatile application specifically for iOS users. The easy-to-use interface and versatility of the application make it unique and more reliable for the users.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

There are multiple options that UPDF offers to its users. The core features of the application include viewing, copying, downloading, uploading, sharing, protecting and organizing PDF on the device. You can also connect it with your PC wireless over the same Wi-Fi and can enjoy the perks of advanced features, including security space, PDF annotation, password protection, and multi-finger selection, etc.

The unique feature of the UPDF is the photo scan feature which helps to scan pictures on iPhone 15. This feature enables iOS users to scan anything no matter whether they are using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. With the assistance of this unique feature, being an iOS user, you can scan anything with the touch camera, and it will instantly convert that into a PDF.

You can also import files from different apps on the device to the UPDF. To import files, UPDF offers a couple of options to its users. Hence, being the most comfortable and user-friendly application, UPDF is undoubtedly a great choice that iOS users can rely upon.

How to Scan Photo to PDF on iPhone with UPDF

If you want to scan a photo to PDF on your iPhone 15, UPDF is the right choice for you. The "Scan to PDF" feature of UPDF offers two different options to its users, offering more choices to them and making their experience great and comfortable from every aspect.

The two different options that UPDF offers to scan to PDF are:

  • Option 1 (Select from Photos App)
  • Option 2 (Take Photos)

Option 1. Scan Picture on iPhone from the Photos

You can import previously captured photos to the application by selecting them from the Photos App. Follow the following simple steps to get your task done.

Launch the application on your device. On the right bottom corner of the screen, tap on the "+" symbol.

Now select the "Scan" option.

There will be an option for the Photos app on the screen. Tap on the Photos app.

Photos or album sections will be displayed on the screen. Select the desired photos from the albums or the photos app. You can select a single photo or multiple photos according to your choice. Now, select "Add" from the top right corner of the screen.

Your photos will be imported to the UPDF application. Now you need to save the image or images. Tap on the icon that is displaying the number of active scans.

The application will offer you a number of different options like crop, rotate, apply a filter, delete scan, add more images, and many others.

When you are done with the editing, you need to proceed to the final step. Tap on the Download icon, and the process will get completed.

Option 2. Scan Image on iPhone using the Camera

You can directly scan anything by using the camera as well. The "Take Photo" feature of the UPDF application is another great option for its users. To explore this method, below we have listed the complete step-by-step guide that you should follow carefully in order to get your scanning done perfectly.

  1. Open the import menu by taping "+" from the bottom right side of the screen.
  2. Select the scan option this time.
  3. The screen will now allow you to capture your document.

At this step, the application offers another two different options to the users:

  • Auto-Capture
  • Manual

Depending upon your choice, you can select either of the two options in order to proceed with the scanning.

Once the shot is done, you can edit the image using options like crop, rotate, apply filters, etc.

In the end, by taping on the download, you can add the files to the UPDF.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

How to Scan Pictures to PDF on iPhone with the Notes App

Let us reveal another hidden secret of your iPhone 15 now. Maybe you are well aware of it, or maybe not. Many people will get amazed to know that without using any other application, you can scan pictures to PDF on iPhone 15 with the help of a hidden scanner in it.

Yes, a hidden scanner in the iPhone 15 is commonly titled Notes app. You can easily scan any document from your iPhone 15 by opening the Notes app. To explore this amazing hack, you need to go through the guide mentioned below.

First of all, launch the Notes app. Now, open a new note. Tap on the camera icon and select the "Scan Documents" option. 

The camera will be opened on your device. Try to adjust it in a manner that the entire document is focused on. After capturing, you can also edit the image in the PDF, sign, share, and save your PDF document.


Now you can easily get all your scanning tasks done. Without any hustle, just in a matter of a few taps, UPDF has made scanning quite easy and affordable for iOS users. It is highly recommended for iOS users because it is reliable and user-friendly. UPDF offers Scan to PDF options with multiple other features, making it a wholesome experience for its users. It would be best to explore it by yourself to get a better idea about the application. Once you have explored it, you will never regret investing your time.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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