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4 Ways to Easily Convert Word to CSV and Increase Your Productivity

CSV stands for Comma Separated Value, a format that organizes data with commas or other characters as separators. This format is commonly used to transfer data between different applications. If you have a load of information in Word and want to use it in another program or website, you might have to change it into a CSV file.

This is particularly useful when transferring email contacts from Word to an online application. To help you convert it easily, we will explain the detailed steps in this guide about how to convert Word to a CSV file so that you quickly view and open files across devices.

Part 1. The Easiest Way to Convert Docx to CSV

If you need a Word-to-CSV converter tool, UPDF can help convert DOC files to CSV effectively. This user-friendly tool allows you to edit and make the most of your PDF documents easily. In addition to editing, it provides tools for annotation, organizing, sharing, and, most importantly, conversion. And here are the key features of UPDF you can have a look at. You can download UPDF via the below button and check the features with us one by one.

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Key Features of UPDF to Help You Manage Your Workflow

  • Sign PDFs directly in the app.
  • Easily send files via a link, email, or QR code.
  • Organize pages to rearrange, delete, or split them.
  • Conveniently fill out PDF forms.
  • Compress PDFs to reduce file sizes.
  • Merge multiple PDFs to make a single file.
  • Access files on any device with 10GB UPDF Cloud storage.
  • Set passwords for editing and opening files to protect them.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Convert the Word File Easily into CSV Format

Apart from the basic knowledge regarding this tool, we have outlined detailed steps below to help users convert files immediately. Perform the following actions step-by-step to convert Word to CSV file:

Step 1: Drag and Drop the Word File

Download the UPDF tool with the below button and install it on your device. Afterward, locate and double-click the UPDF tool to open it. Now, you need to head to File Explorer, find the required Word file and then drag and drop it into the tool. This will start converting your file into PDF first.

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Step 2: Export the Converted PDF File into Desired Format

Next, you need to head to the right-side toolbar once the Word to PDF conversion gets completed. Find and tap the "Export PDF" tool button. From the expanded list, tap on the "CSV (.csv)" option and customize the settings for output requirements. Then, press the "Export" button and save the file at the desired destination.

Part 2. Convert Word to CSV File Using Python

To convert a Word to CSV file using Python, you need to install Python 3.5 or a newer version on your computer. To make this conversion possible, you need to use special tools called APIs, which help with different tasks in the project. In Word to CSV case, you need to use two specific APIs, Aspose. Words and Aspose.Cells.

To install them, you can use the following commands in your computer's command prompt or terminal, "pip install aspose.words" and "pip install aspose-cells-python."

Step 1: To begin the conversion, open the Word file using the Document class. After opening the Word file, use the Save method to save it as an HTML file. This method requires you to provide the desired file name and the directory path where you want to save the HTML file.

doc = aw.Document(dataDir + "sourceWordFile.docx")

doc.save(dataDir + "wordtoHtml.html", aw.SaveFormat.HTML)

Step 2: Once the Word file is saved as an HTML file, load it with the instance of the Workbook class and provide the HTML file as the parameter. Moreover, specify any additional options or settings using the LoadOptions parameter.

Step 3: Now that the HTML file is loaded, you can convert it to a CSV file. Call the save method on the Workbook instance and specify the output CSV file path. This will perform the conversion from the HTML format to the CSV format. The resulting CSV file will be saved at the specified path.

import aspose.cells

from aspose.cells import Workbook, LoadOptions, LoadFormat

loadOptions = LoadOptions(LoadFormat.HTML)

workbook = Workbook(dataDir + "wordtoHtml.html", loadOptions)

workbook.save(dataDir +"wordtoexcel.xlsx")

Part 3. Convert Word Doc to CSV Online Using Convertio

Convertio, the leading website, a Word to CSV converter, has a base of millions of worldwide users. This highly efficient tool supports over 300 file formats, ensuring the effective conversion of any file. With Convertio, you can effortlessly handle large documents and media files as it allows for file conversions of up to 100 MB without creating an account.

One of the key strengths of Convertio lies in its swift conversion process. Moreover, the tool delivers your converted files very shortly. All conversions take place securely in the cloud to help to access files anytime. Head to the following steps to learn converting the Word to a CSV file:

Step 1: Search and open the official Convertio website on your web browser. In the top bar, navigate to the "Convert" options and select "Document Converter." Next, hit the "Choose Files" button and select the desired Word file.

Step 2: Once the file is imported, open the drop-down menu by tapping the "Downward Arrow" sign. From the "Document" section, choose the "CSV" format. Click the "Convert" button and patiently wait for a few seconds. Afterward, select the "Download" option, and your converted CSV file will be downloaded instantly.

Part 4. Convert Word to CSV File Online Free Using AnyConv

There is also one more online tool called AnyConv that you can use to convert Word DOC to CSV format. This online platform allows you to change the file format without downloading software. AnyConv offers a wide range of file conversion options, including documents. However, note that the Word file you wish to convert should not exceed 100 MB.

Additionally, AnyConv supports more than 400 different file formats. Regarding file security and privacy, AnyConv takes proper care of your files. See the steps below for the Word to CSV conversion process:

Step 1: Begin by accessing the AnyConv website online. Access the top bar and place your cursor over the "Convert" option. Following this, navigate to the "Document" section, select the "DOC Converter" option, and wait for a few seconds.

Step 2: Next, click the "Choose Files" button. Locate the Word file you want to convert and click "Open." Then, click the downward arrow icon and choose "CSV" from the list of available formats. Proceed by clicking the "Convert" button. After completing the conversion process, select the "Download .CSV" button to download the file.

Final Words

All in all, we have discussed four simple ways to convert Word to CSV format. Following these methods, you can effectively convert their Word files to CSV format without hassle.

When it comes to the best word to CSV converter, UPDF stands out as the top-rated tool as it also provides comprehensive features, including reliable and efficient file conversion capabilities. Download UPDF and try it now. And if you like UPDF and would like to upgrade to the pro version, you can click here to buy it.

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