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How to Translate Hebrew PDF to English? (5 Easy Ways)

As we traverse the internet for our daily duties, we often find ourselves finding articles and pages that are almost perfect for our needs but are not in the language that we speak. It can be very frustrating to encounter this problem, if we were to read something in Hebrew we would want to find a way to translate Hebrew to English and you can save them into PDF or you have the PDF format, you can use the methods here. In this article we will be talking about the different ways and methods to translate Hebrew PDF to English, may it be online or offline we will be giving you everything you need for all your translation needs.

Part 1. Translate PDF Files from Hebrew to English Online (2 Ways)

Translating Hebrew PDF to English online can be a very intimidating task if not given the proper procedures and methods, this is why we will show you how to easily translate Hebrew to English PDF to not compromise any time you should be spending on more important things and boost your overall productivity and improve your workflow. We will be discussing two methods in the hopes of one being the desired option for you.  

Method 1. Translate Hebrew PDF to English Online With UPDF AI Online

Our first method will focus on using UPDF AI Online to translate Hebrew PDFs to English online. This is but one of the many features UPDF AI online can do with others like being PDF editing, viewing, and annotating to make your work flow as efficient as possible, click the below button to try it now!

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STEP 1. Open the UPDF AI Online Tool

Go to UPDF AI Online website and login. If you do not have an account, the site will help you make a new one for easier access the next time you use the tool.

STEP 2: Upload the PDF file you want to translate to English

Select the PDF file that you want to translate from Hebrew to English by clicking the upper left part of the screen that will reveal your profile as well as the option to upload a file.

Click "Upload File" and choose the PDF file with Hebrew texts that you want to be translated into English.

STEP 3: Use UPDF AI Web's Translation tool

To access UPDF AI Online's translation tool, navigate first to the lower left of the page and find the crystal or diamond icon.

You can choose between translating by pages or individually translating pages.

If you want to translate a number of pages, click "Translate by Page". The site will then prompt a range on which page you want to start translating and where to end. There is also an option to choose which language you want it to be translated to and in this case it is going to be English

If you want to translate an individual page of Hebrew text to English you can do so by inputting the prompt "Translate page [number] en". This can help you translate specific pages that you need without having to go through the hassle of waiting for an entire document to be translated.

You can also translate portions of text using the UPDF AI online tool. In order to do this we first have to go back to our home screen by clicking on the upper left portion of the screen again and then clicking the home button.

After that, copy the specific text you want to be translated into English and then paste it in the prompt template below. 

"Translate this into English [copied text]" 

Click enter and wait for UPDF to translate the text for you. As easy as one, two, and three with UPDF AI Online you can never go wrong with your translation needs, give it a try now!

Method 2. Translate Hebrew PDF to English Online With Google Translate

Another method you could try is using Google Translate to translate Hebrew PDF to English. This method can be useful if you are not translating content that is not particularly large and is a good solution for a quick and easy translation on the go.

STEP 1: Open Google Translate

Open Google Translate on your phone or computer by downloading the app or going to "https://translate.google.com

You can then choose the languages you want to translate as well as the language you want it to be translated to.

STEP 2. Translate Hebrew PDF to English Online With Google Translate

In this case we will be choosing Hebrew on the left and English on the right. After that you can now paste the text that you want to be translated into English and it will automatically show you the translation in real time.

Although it is very easy to translate with Google Translate, it still does come with some drawbacks and disadvantages when used.

  • Limited Translation
    • You can only translate a few words and characters at a time, if you are translating an article it will be a very tedious task that will take a very long time.
  • Inaccuracy and Inconsistencies
    • When you start giving the application longer texts it tends to sacrifice its quality over quantity and have a lot of inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the translations.
  • Limited vocabulary
    • When translating texts or documents with specific work jargons that are hard for the application to understand it will not be carried over to the target language, oftentimes it simplifies it based on what it does know.

Part 2. Translate a PDF from Hebrew to English Offline (3 Ways)

It is never always the case that we have access to the internet when we have to translate a specific text into English. We have found 3 ways for you to translate Hebrew text to English offline for free. Make sure to download UPDF and enjoy its many efficient features to optimize workflow and give you more time for other things that you care about. Watch this clip to learn more.

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Method 1. Translate Part of the PDF from Hebrew to English Offline

The first method we will be using to translate Hebrew to English is to use UPDF as it can be used offline which makes it very convenient and easy when you are on the go using any of your devices.

STEP 1: Open UPDF and choose the Hebrew PDF file you want to translate

Download UPDF if you still do not have it installed and then open it. Open the application and click the "Open File" button to choose which PDF file you want to be translated.

STEP 2: Translating Hebrew PDF files into English

After choosing the PDF file, you will then need to click on the UPDF AI button on the lower right of the screen to open the AI chat menu.

You can use the AI chat to translate the Hebrew text into English. Between the "Ask PDF" and "Chat" option click the latter. You will then see a menu to make you choose between "Summarize", "Translate", and "Explain" . We will be using the Translate feature. After selecting the translation feature and the target language we want it to be translated to, we will now highlight the paragraph or copy the text in the PDF file that we want to translate into English. We will then paste the text and UPDF will automatically translate the text for us.

Alternatively, you can also just highlight the text and a prompt will appear that will give you the option to translate it directly without using the UPDF AI Chat.  Just click the UPDF AI icon on the pop up menu, select the "English" as output language. Then, UPDF AI will translate your Hebrew content into English.

Method 2. Translate the Whole PDF from Hebrew to English Offline

Our second method will focus on translating entire PDF documents from Hebrew to English all offline. This way we will be able to translate PDF files of texts in another language into a more understandable and universal language. This makes it easier for us to translate on the go with no internet required. Let us get started.

STEP 1: Open Hebrew PDF with UPDF

Select the PDF you want to be translated and then open it with UPDF. Then click the UPDF AI button on the right side of the screen

You will then be given two options between "Ask PDF" and "Chat". Choose "Ask PDF" and click "Get Started"  

Click on the tip icon, select "Translate by Page"  to select all pages that you want to be translated as well as the target language you want to be translated to. In this case, we want our Hebrew text to be translated to English so we will choose accordingly.

Alternatively you can also export your PDF file into a Word or Text document by clicking on the "Export PDF" > "Word"  or "Text" to export the PDF to Word or Text to your computer.

This way you can easily just open the converted Word or Text file, copy all the contents, and go to the UPDF Ai "Chat" feature and enter the following prompt.

"Translate this into English [Insert copied text here]"

This is all thanks to UPDF AI on device. You can also edit your translated PDFS using the array of features UPDF has to offer which includes annotation, comments, cropping, and even organizing. It is a haven for all your PDF needs, download now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Option 3. Translate Scanned PDF from Hebrew to English Offline

There is still one last method we have yet to talk about when we want to translate Hebrew PDF to English Offline, and that is how to translate scanned PDFs in Hebrew to English. In this method we will be using UPDF's OCR feature or also known as Optical Character Recognition. We use this to turn our PDF file into a searchable and editable text document making it easier to traverse and select specific texts we want to be translated. Let's get started.

STEP 1: Choose the PDF you want to use

Choose the PDF in Hebrew that you want to be translated into English. Then click the OCR button on the right hand side of the application. Choose the option "Searchable PDF" and then you can edit the layout, document language, and page range however you want. After you are satisfied with you settings, click Perform OCR

Once the OCR is performed, the OCRed PDF will be opened automatically on your computer. After getting the new OCR document, proceed to copy the PDF or the parts you want to be translated. Then go to the UPDF AI icon on the lower right part of the application.

Then you will proceed to the "Chat" tab and input the following prompt.

"Translate this into English [Insert copied text here]"

Let UPDF do its thing while you wait with no hassle at all.

In The End

To wrap it up, translating Hebrew PDFs to English is a straightforward task when we have the right tools to do it. UPDF provides all of this and more with the help of UPDF AI you can translate, summarize, and explain. Online options like UPDF AI Online and Google Translate offer quick solutions, though Google Translate may falter with longer texts. Offline, UPDF is reliable and versatile, working without the internet and handling scanned documents via OCR technology. Each method has its pros and cons, so choose based on your needs to ensure efficient and accurate translations. The different methods here is a great way to solve all your translation problems, it does not have to be Hebrew, the range UPDF offers goes beyond what is discussed in this article so it would be best to try yourself and see if it's worth your while.

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