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3 Methods to Recognize Text in PDF Like Never Before!

If you've ever tried to make changes to a scanned or image-based PDF, you know how challenging it can be. However, PDF text recognition is the easiest and most successful method. In this approach, editing texts is a simple task. This post will teach you the most efficient method to recognize text in PDF.

Method 1. How to Recognize Text in PDF with UPDF?

To recognize text in a PDF, you need to employ professional PDF tools. Among the tools available on the market, UPDF stands out as the most cost-efficient and user-friendly choice.

UPDF is a comprehensive AI-integrated PDF editor that offers a convenient way to recognize text in PDFs through its advanced OCR feature. With UPDF, you can recognize text on scanned documents or images/photos, regardless of the amount of text present. It supports 38 OCR languages and you can use it to recognize text in English, German, French, Finnish, Chinese, and more.

Furthermore, after recognition, UPDF allows you to edit, annotate, or convert your PDF. Don't wait any longer—install UPDF on your device now to enhance your document efficiency!

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Here is how to do OCR text recognition using UPDF:

Step 1: Proceed to OCR Tool

Open the PDF document and navigate to the "Recognize Text Using OCR" button from the right panel.

Step 2: OCR Setting

With the menu that protrudes, select "Searchable PDF" in the Document Type section.

  • You can define the "Layout" that will be followed by the OCR tool with the options available in the menu. Select the "Gear" icon to open the advanced layout settings. Check mark any option that you want to cover in the process.
  • Once you are done setting up the layout settings, propagate to the "Document Language" and select any language that you want to detect specifically out of the 38 options available on UPDF.
  • Proceed to set the "Image Resolution" with the options available in the list. If you are not aware of the resolution properly, select the "Detect Optimal Resolution" button.

Step 3: OCR Text in PDF

Provide the specific page range of the document on which you have to perform the OCR and redirect to the "Perform OCR" button for execution to OCR PDF. You must provide the saving location for the converted document and click on "Save" to recognize the text in the PDF.

That's it. It is simple to recognize text in PDF with UPDF.

Here are the other important and popular features of UPDF:

  • Your PDF may be edited much like a Word document, allowing you to make changes to the current content with ease.
  • You can make your PDF documents stand out by highlighting text, paragraphs, and areas.
  • You can use its AI assistant to analyze your PDF document and chat with it.
  • Blank pages and other PDF pages can be inserted using UPDF. Using UPDF, you can replace a single page or an entire PDF.
  • You can select from several different reading formats. It's possible to open multiple PDF files at once.
  • You can also electronically sign your PDF documents with ease.
  • More.

In a word, UPDF is an all-around PDF tool that can streamline your PDF management. Give it a try now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

To learn more about how to ocr a pdf, watch the below video guide.

Method 2. How to Recognize Text in PDF with Adobe Acrobat

When it comes to creating, editing, and reading PDF files, Adobe Acrobat is the gold standard. If you need to rapidly OCR documents on a Mac or PC, Adobe Text Recognition is another application to use.

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and open the file.
  • In the right-hand sidebar, select Scan and OCR.
  • The Recognize Text option will show on the floating toolbar.
  • To access it, choose it from the drop-down menu and then click In This File.
  • To access the toolbar, choose Settings.
  • OCR can be initiated by clicking the blue Recognize Text icon.
  • When finished, click Recognize Text again.
  • Click the drop-down menu and choose Correct Recognized Text.
  • In the event that Acrobat detects text that it believes may be misread, it will highlight that text in red.
  • Inaccuracies in recognition may exist outside of the red boxes. Rather than showing a picture of the page, Acrobat will show the text layer that may be searched if you select the option to do so in the upper left.
  • If you want to see the page picture again, uncheck the Review box or click Cancel.
  • Keep going until the text is properly identified. Any text that has been accurately identified will not be highlighted in red.

Method 3. How to Use Bluebeam Text Recognition

Bluebeam Revu's professional design tools for creating, editing, measuring, and marking have made it a favorite of architects, engineers, and other specialists all around the world. The program's interface is dark and surrounded by several drawing tools when opened.

  1. Select File > Open to load the recognizable file.
  2. The OCR dialogue box contains a number of different tabs and settings.
  3. There are 14 languages and document types available for your selection. Additionally, you may upload files using the "File" tab.
  4. Then you can proceed to use the text recognition tool by clicking the OK button.
  5. Select Edit > PDF Content > Select Text to find text in your searchable PDF and copy it.
  6. Now, most of the text on your page should be accessible.

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Comparing the 3 Methods for OCR Text Recognition

After introducing three methods to OCR text in PDF, you may wonder which method to choose, right? Don't worry, here we make a comparison table for you to make a decision wisely.

UPDFAdobe Acrobat DC ProBluebeam
Easy-to-useSuper easy to use and only 3 steps need for OCR text in PDFComplex with many steps to OCR text in PDFMedium
Pricing with the OCR FeatureSuper easy to use and only 3 steps are needed for OCR text in PDFUS$ 239.88 / YearBasics: US$240 / Year
Core: US$300 / Year
Complete: US$400 / Year
OCR LanguageUPDF supports 38 languages for OCR. (You're also allowed to select multiple languages if your document has more than one language)12 languages14 languages
User InterfaceBeautiful and User-FriendlyMediumOld-Fashioned
Overview Rating4.94.84.0

After comparing all three tools, we will find that UPDF is not only the easiest way to OCR text in PDF but also the most cost-effective solution with a pleasant interface. Don't hesitate to choose it.

Someone may also wonder if is there any free PDF text recognition online. There are a few tools that can help you. However, we didn't explain them in this article as we found that the quality is poor when you recognize text in PDF online. We always recommend that you use stable desktop solutions to perform OCR text recognition to ensure you the best result.


With all these methods available to recognize text in PDF, we recommend you use UPDF. It is fast, secure, and reliable. UPDF provides an OCR tool that allows you to recognize the text within a PDF by converting a scanned PDF document into an editable document. The dynamics are different with the OCR tool, which makes it a special addition to UPDF's features.

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