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How to Read PDF Aloud on iPhone/iPad? (Easy Guide)

Although PDF format is the best method of saving and sharing documents, it can be a little tricky to read these, especially if you are on the go. In such situations, you can use your iPhone and its speech feature to read the PDF aloud. When you read PDF aloud on iPhone, you get the experience of listening to an audiobook, which is more convenient and productive than manual reading.

Part 1. How to Read PDF Aloud on iOS with UPDF?

Using the UPDF software on your iPad or iPhone is the most effective method to read PDFs aloud on iOS. Every iOS device may use the app, which offers a thorough workflow for dealing with PDF files.

When you use the speech feature to read PDF documents aloud, it sets a natural-sounding pitch by default, and the speed is kept normal so that you can quickly but conveniently read and understand the whole PDF document. This way, reading your lengthy PDF documents becomes very convenient as you can do that by the following steps:

1. Download UPDF on your iPhone and open the PDF file

Open the Apple App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for "UPDF" application. Tap the UPDF icon and install the application. Or click the button below. You can download and install it on your devices for free. Once the app download is complete, you can open the PDF document in this app using multiple methods, including UPDF Cloud, iCloud, and offline storage. Click the "+" button at tight bottom and open a PDF file in the application.

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2. Hold to select text and choose "speak"

Tap and hold on text to select it. Once the selection identifiers appear, you can drag and position them according to your requirements of selecting text in that PDF document. After you are done selecting the desired text, you need to click on the "right arrow" in the pop-up menu. Keep tapping it unless you see the "Speak" option. Tap this option, and UPDF will start reading your PDF aloud on your iOS device.

Other Advanced Features:

Since UPDF is a fully featured tool that takes care of your PDF requirements, it not only provides a comprehensive PDF reading experience but brings a long list of other features as well, including:

  • PDF text editing to change color, font, style, etc.
  • PDF image editing for rotating, replacing, cropping, or extracting images from PDF.
  • Built-in ChatGPT Ai to effortlessly translate, summarize, and explain content of PDF documents.
  • Annotation features include pencil drawing, highlighting, strikethrough, underlining, etc.
  • You can add comments as basic text or inside text boxes with UPDF.
  • Extensive PDF organization features are available, including inserting, extracting, replacing, and deleting pages.
  • UPDF can split and merge multiple PDF documents
  • File management features
  • Easy file-sharing features
  • PDF password protection with encryption
  • UPDF Cloud manages all your PDF documents in one place
  • All your devices with the same UPDF account share their synced work

Along with these mentioned above, UPDF brings many more features. So, if you also want a comprehensive PDF working, editing, and sharing experience, you can download the UPDF app on all your devices. It brings some premium features at very cheap and competitive prices if you purchase UPDF Pro now.

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Part 2. How to Read PDF Aloud on iPhone/iPad With Default Speaking Feature?

iOS has built-in functionality that reads PDF documents' content aloud and enables viewing PDF files. Selective text reading and whole-screen reading are the two ways to use this functionality.

For selective text, you must select the text and use the speak feature repetitively, while the screen speaking feature provides a better experience with more control over the content and a better experience. So, here we will be discussing how you can read PDF documents aloud on an iPhone by the default speak screen feature.

1. Enable the speaking feature in settings.

Begin with opening "Settings" application on your iPhone or iPad. Inside settings, you need to search for "Speak Screen". Tapping its option will take you to the accessibility screen, where you can switch this feature on. By default, this feature will be turned off, so turn it on and proceed.

2. Use the built-in feature to read aloud PDF content on iOS.

There are 2 methods of using the Speak Screen feature. The easier one is activating Siri by using the command or button and then saying, "Speak Screen". Siri will automatically start this feature. Another method is swiping down with two fingers from the top of your iPhone/iPad screen. The feature works either way, but the experience is much easier with Siri command.

3. Navigate through the PDF content on iPhone.

When you use the Speak Screen feature, you can easily navigate through the PDF content on your iPhone line by line. Press the "Next" and "Previous" buttons on your screen to skip sentences, and you can also pause this feature. Additionally, you can set the playback speed for a quicker or slower speech speed.

Part 3. How to Read Aloud PDF on iPhone/iPad With PDF Docs Voice Aloud Reader HD?

Do you want to control the pitch of voice or the speed of speech? Using the "PDF Docs Voice Aloud Reader HD" application allows you to do that with comprehensive experience. It is an application that converts PDF documents into a natural-sounding voice with the highest clarity.

With options to set the reading pitch and speed, users can enjoy a convenient experience of comprehending the information in their PDF documents.

On top of everything, you can read aloud your PDF documents with this app while switching to other apps or locking your screen since it is integrated with the built-in audio playing functionality in iOS. Here are the detailed steps on how you can read PDF documents aloud using this application.

1. Open the application on your iPhone and add the PDF document to it

The process starts with opening the application on your iPhone and adding the PDF document to it. It only supports adding PDF documents from your iPhone's local storage or iCloud and offers no other method to add files. Start by pressing the "+" button at the bottom right to open the file manager window for selecting and adding files.

2. Click the Speaker icon on the right top to start PDF Read Aloud

Once the file is added to the app, click on it and open it. The application will immediately scan the document and identify its language. After it detects the language, you can press the "speaker button" present on top right to start reading the PDF aloud.

At the bottom of your screen, you can use the play and stop buttons. Some other options it provides are adjusting the speaking speed, pitch of the voice, and auto scroll as it keeps reading the document.

Final Words

Reading PDF aloud on iPhone makes it very efficient and productive to quickly go through whole PDF documents. It does not take that much energy and time to comprehend the main idea behind the content, so grabbing all the information on the go becomes much easier. However, the built-in feature is not that polished, and that's why you may opt for third-party options.

The best option for reading your PDFs aloud on an iPhone or iPad is using UPDF. It allows you to listen to PDF documents by selecting the text in them, so you have complete control of which content is being read. Apart from that, it packs a list of features that make your PDF editing experience much better. So, download UPDF on your iPhone and enjoy a premium PDF usage experience.

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