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How to Compress Files on iPhone and iPad

In a world of sharing data with one another constantly, it is likely that you will be sharing a large number of files, photos or videos with friends and colleagues. Often you would like to compress multiple files or an entire folder, so you can email or upload easily. With the use of mobiles and tablets increasing, one often wonders how to compress a file on iPhone and iPad. Thankfully, new age tools have made it simple and easy to compress files on iPhone and iPad.

The Best App to Compress Files on iPhone

If you are looking to compress files on iPhone and iPad, the full featured file management app called UPDF for iOS is your best option. The UPDF file management app is a complete file manager that can be downloaded from the Apple app Store on your iPhone or iPad. This app has been developed by SuperAce, a professional software brand that develops cross-platform document workflow efficiency and PDF solutions for a wide range of use cases.

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The UPDF app supports every file management action including open, view, search, clipboard actions, delete, rename, compress, decompress, move, upload and download, and sharing of documents from iPhone and iPad.

how to compress a file on iphone

UPDF app lets you manage all types and formats of files seamlessly, quickly and in a very secure manner. The UPDF compressor app is extremely intuitive and user friendly. Therefore, there is no learning curve. One can select the files to compress and create a ZIP folder from the UPDF app in less than a minute. The compression can be done for one or multiple files. 

How to Compress a File on iPhone and iPad

To get started with compressing a file on iPhone or iPad you can follow the below set of simple instructions -

1. To start compressing a file you will first need to import the desired file into the UPDF app. Open the UPDF app.

2. Click the More icon ("...") on the bottom menu.

how to compress files on iphone

3. Finally tap on the 'Compress' option to start the compression and save the archived file.

compress file on iphone

4. The ZIP file is now generated for you. You can rename the file or share it with friends as requisite. You can also perform various other file actions.

how to compress file in iphone

5. To uncompress a ZIP file, simply tap and open it with UPDF. The contents of the ZIP file will be uncompressed and the contents of the ZIP folder will be available for use.

That's it. It is so simple to compress a file with UPDF.

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How to Compress Multiple Files on iPhone and iPad

If you wish to compress multiple files into a single ZIP folder, this can easily be done using the UPDF app. The steps are very similar to compressing a single file. The steps are as follows -

  1. In the UPDF app, tap on the checkbox on the top right corner of the Files page. You can easily select all the files you wish to compress.
how to compress a file on iphone

2. Select the More icon from the bottom menu

how to compress files on iphone

3. Tap on the Compress option to generate a ZIP file of the selected files.

compress file on iphone

You can now share or upload this ZIP file as you wish. Indeed, the UPDF app is extremely powerful and makes it extremely simple to manage files on iPhone and iPad. Compressing a file is just a matter of a few taps in the app.

download updf in app store