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How To Convert Picture To PDF On iPhone? 5 Different Ways (iOS 17 Compatible)

There are occasions where you will want to convert a picture to a PDF on iPhone. Maybe you need it as a visual aid for a presentation, perhaps you're making a template for future use, or want to convert it into a document for sharing. Regardless of why you want to convert pictures to PDFs on an iPhone 15, there are many ways to do it.

Instead of transferring that image from your device to your computer, laboriously typing in the file name and location on your computer, then finally printing it out, why not save some time? Check out 5 of the best free ways devoted solely to converting pictures to PDF format on an iPhone 15.

How to Convert a Picture to PDF on iPhone

Once photos are imported into UPDF for iOS, you can convert them to PDFs via either of the following methods. The UPDF Mobile app offers two ways to convert photos to PDFs on iPhone. Both operations keep the original quality of your images intact.

How to Make a Picture a PDF on iPhone

Step 1. Touch the "…" icon next to a photo or long-press the photo you want to use from your phone's storage.

Step 2. Tap on the "Convert to PDF" button, which is now showing on the screen.

Step 3. A PDF copy of the document is generated. It will be available in the same document name as the image name.

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How to Convert Multiple Pictures to PDF on iPhone

Step 1. To add more than one photo, tap the checkbox on the top-right and select the photos in your album.

Step 2. Tap the "More" button located in the bottom menu.

Step 3. Tap the "Convert to PDF" button and convert the selected pictures to PDF on iPhone 15.

You have saved the selected images as PDFs, which have the same name as the original image files.

How to Change Picture to PDF on iPhone with the Printer Option

When you want to convert your picture to a PDF on an iPhone 15, you may be sometimes confused about how to do that with the help of a printer option. When it comes to convenience, no mobile device can beat the iPhone. 

Almost all iPhone users use the mobile camera to take a lot of photos with the camera function of their iPhones. However, sometimes you may want to print or share your photos on a bigger screen. Don't worry; we'll show you how to convert images (like HEIC, JPEG, PNG, etc.) to PDF using the printer option.

It's not hard to convert a picture to PDF on iPhone devices. Just make sure your device accepts the print protocol. Because you will need a printer with the print option.

Step 1: Find a picture you want to convert.

Step 2: Open the photo and press the "Share" icon.

Step 3: Then select "Print", the printer will appear on your iPhone 15.

Step 4. Using two fingers, we'll pinch the screen now. You have to pinch outwards, and you'll see the PDF option to save the image file as a PDF.

How to Turn Picture to PDF on iPhone with the Books App

The Apple Books app is already loaded on your device, and it allows you to view documents and PDF files as well as eBooks. This can be extremely useful if you're looking for a way to view your picture files in a format that's more convenient and mobile than viewing them on iTunes or uploading them straight from your computer. 

Step 1: Select the picture you want to convert using the Books app.

Step 2: Click on the "Share" option.

Step 3: In all the options under Share, choose the Books app.

Step 4: Now, the image will auto convert into a PDF, which will open on the Books app. Click on the back arrow, and go back from the current screen. You can also tap on More (the 3 dots hamburger menu) to share the PDF document.

That's all you had to do!

How to Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone with the Files App

Files can be used to quickly create PDFs from the images stored on your iPhone 15. However, the photo must be saved under Files. Here's how you can turn a series of photos into a PDF on your iPhone 15 with the Files app:

Step 1. To copy your photos, follow these steps. Simply select the images in Photos → tap the "Share" button → tap "Save to Files".

Step 2: To convert a single picture into a PDF: click "+" in the bottom right, then choose "Create PDF" to get a blank PDF.

To convert several images into a single PDF file: Tap "More" (three dots inside a circle) from the top right, then tap on "Create PDF".

The Files app will make a PDF file from your pictures. It will save the file in the same location as the original location folder.

Over to you

There are plenty of ways to convert a picture to a PDF on an iPhone 15. So you won't have a problem finding the one that works best for you. Not only can you convert pictures to PDF, but you can also convert multiple files at one time. That's pretty awesome, right?

Using UPDF is the best way to go in our experience for converting a picture to PDF on iPhone 15. It is safe, secure, and fast-paced. 

It's a light size application that won't even occupy much space on your iPhone 15. Moreover, it's trusted by thousands of users globally! So don't wait, try it today to convert iPhone pictures into PDF files in under 2 minutes!

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