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How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone with Three Methods

A PDF is one of the leading mediums of the virtual revolution the world is going through right now. The jump from offline to online wasn't easy but PDFs made life much easier than we expected it to be. From dusty old log books to organized and systematic logging PDFs, tracking got convenient with just a few clicks. 

Currently, iPhones are one of the most widely used devices; hence knowing how to convert a photo to PDF on iPhone is a necessity. There will be innumerable options ready for you to download and use on your iPhone, yet how can one decide which is the best choice for your requirements? And what if the software is way too complicated? This article will help you ditch these questions and start your PDF mastering journey right away.

Method 1. How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone

It might be difficult to start working with PDFs, and you may find yourself wondering just how to convert photo to PDF on iPhone. But we will make this whole process easier for you by introducing UPDF. UPDF is the most convenient and user-friendly software designed to convert photo to PDF iPhone.

Let us get started and see a detailed step by step tutorial about how to create PDF on iPhone from photo:

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Step 1. Import the image you want to convert into a PDF.

convert photo to pdf iphone

Step 2. You can now see the "..." menu available under the photo. Click on that or simply long-press the said file.

convert photo to pdf iphone

Step 3. You will now see a list of features displayed in front of you. Select the "Convert to PDF" option from that list.

how to convert photo to pdf on iphone

The PDF of that photo will be created with the addition of ".PDF" in the end. This tells you that the selected file has been successfully converted into a PDF.

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Method 2. How to Convert Photo to PDF on iPhone with UPDF Scan Feature

The above instructions will only work if you have the photos already saved in your gallery. The process is slightly different when using the scanner to convert iPhone photo to PDF on iPhone. But UPDF has many great features like an intelligent PDF scanner. This function helps you easily capture any image or document you wish to make a PDF of with the proper guidelines and cuts. Here is how you can create a PDF using the scan feature:

  • After opening the app, you will notice a "+" on the home screen. It will be situated on the bottom right side of the screen. Click on it.
iphone photo to pdf free
  • Select the "Scan" option from the list of options.
how to convert iphone photo to pdf
  • Now hold the device stable and capture the photo of the document or any other thing you wish to make a PDF of.
convert iphone photo to pdf
  • Auto-capture is a feature that will help you aim and focus clearly on the object without any extra hassle.
  • After you finish capturing the image, you can move on to the editing process. Here you can crop, rotate, add a filter, delete and reorder the scanned images.
how to make a photo a pdf on iphone
  • You can click on the "Download" icon option to add them to UPDF after you are satisfied with the scanned results.
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Method 3. How to Convert Multiple Photos to PDF on iPhone

Now we know how to make a photo a PDF on iPhonebut what if you needed to compile multiple pictures in one PDF? UPDF offers simple and easy features for this purpose as well. Here is how you can easily convert various photos to PDF using UPDF:

  • You will notice a checkbox with a tick inside it on the top right side of the app's home screen. Click on that box.
how to change photo to pdf on iphone
  • Now you can choose multiple pictures from your saved images.
  • After selecting the pictures, simply click on the "More" option in the menu situated at the bottom.
how to convert a photo to pdf on iphone
  • Click on "Convert to PDF" to start the process.
how to make photo to pdf on iphone
  • Now you have PDFs of all images with the same name as the original pictures and an added extension of ".PDF".


UPDF makes the iPhone photo to PDF freeprocess so easy that you will never need any additional app to help you with your PDFs. It is packed with innovative concepts like a freehand drawing tool that enables you to sign documents like agreements or letters through the app. This tool is just not limited to drawing signatures; it can also help you draw straight lines with the ruler, change the colors of the text or even add a magnifier.

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They have also developed software that promises to keep your files safe and private. You can use the locking feature for any document or folder you wish. The intelligent PDF scanner and the systematic layout of the app will help you create your PDFs with even more ease. These are just a few features of the bunch, and that's why UPDF is recommended for all tasks related to PDF!