Edit PDF on iPhone and iPad with Our Complete Guide

An iPhone and iPad may be incredible devices with tons of great features, but one thing you can't do is edit PDF files. However, there is a way to edit PDF files saved on your iOS device. Below are the instructions. But is it possible to edit PDF files on your iPhone or iPad? Yes, let's see how.

The Best App to Edit PDF on iPhone by experts in 2023

Reading PDF or editing PDF on iPhone 15 from other apps such as Mail, Safari and etc can be a pain as it displays the file as a web page and makes it difficult to navigate.

Get rid of this issue by editing PDF on iPhone and iPad with UPDF for iOS app, which offers intuitive navigation with smooth touch scrolling, re-flowing, and more than just the basic editing functions.

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With its brilliant developers and professional designers, they are constantly introducing new features and updating the app to ensure you get the best way to edit PDF anytime and anywhere.

If it's your first time learning about how to edit PDF files on iPhone 15, then don't worry. The application is very easy to use.

How to Edit PDF on iPhone?

The UPDF application supports full screen iOS document reading and editing. It also offers you to insert, sign and annotate a PDF file quickly by just a tap. Let's see how to edit PDF:

  1. UPDF can open PDF files in-app, without the need to use other apps.
  2. Tap the "T" shape icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, click "Text" or "Image" under the left corner.
  3. Click any paragraph or picture that you want to edit, do all the adjustment needed, change the font size and color in editing text. Copy, delete, rotate, crop, extract and replace in editing images.
  4. After all the editing, click arrow down next to home, choose "Save" to save all the changes in PDF.
edit text in pdf on ios

That's all, you've just finished editing your PDF document in 5 minutes!

How to Edit PDF on iPad in 2 minutes?

If you want to edit a PDF file on your iPad, you have several options.

You can use the basic editing functions offered by Apple's in-house Pages app. The advantage here is that it comes installed, and free with every iPad. However, if you need more functionality and features, you will have to purchase them from the iTunes store or search for a third-party alternative.

Alternatively you can use UPDF.

How to Add Text to PDF?

  1. Open a PDF in UPDF by tapping it to open a menu.
  2. To add text in UPDF, tap the "Comment" tool on the top right of the screen.
  3. In the "Comment" tool menu, select "Text" from the extended menu.
  4. Tap the text box to bring up a keyboard.
  5. Input the text you want to in this step.
  6. Tap outside the box when you're done - you can now resize or reposition your text.
  7. Click arrow downside next to home choose "Save" to save all the editings made to this document.

Now let's see how to annotate (add signature) a PDF on iPad.

How to Annotate a PDF?

  1. Tap a PDF file within the UPDF app to open it.
  2. Select "Comment" tool—Pen, Markup, Text, Shapes and Note to apply it to the document.
  3. Your annotation should now be applied to the document. Additionally, fine-tune your file as needed.
  4. Review and annotate the document, and then tap arrow in the top left corner to "Save" all the editings that you've made.

To wrap up

What's the use of having a fancy iPad or iPhone if you can't do anything fun with it?

Easy solution: If you already have UPDF in your iPad or iPhone, you will know that this PDF editor is just so easy to edit a PDF on Apple devices. You can find out how by downloading the app from the App Store. Try it today!

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