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10 best JPG to PDF AI Converters You Must Experience in 2024

JPG is probably the world's most famous and widely used image format. Since it is supported by all devices, JPG is a reliable image format for your photos. However, this format isn't great for sharing your images online or keeping them secure. The JPG images lose their original quality when you share them on social media platforms like WhatsApp. Similarly, you can't password-protect them either.

PDF is the format you want to use for sharing or securing files, as it is the only widely supported format that retains file quality and allows password protection. It means you will need an excellent JPG to PDF converter, which is where this article will help you. There is also a comparison table of the 10 converters at the end of the article.

Part 1: Top 10 JPG to PDF Converters

When it comes to finding a JPG to PDF converter online or offline, the internet is loaded with options. However, it is of utmost importance that you choose a reliable tool as your images can easily be corrupted or infected otherwise. To help you out, we have listed 10 reliable JPG to PDF converters below:

1. UPDF - The Best AI-Enhanced PDF Editor

The best JPG to PDF converter currently available is UPDF. It is a lightweight and blazing-fast PDF editor that can convert heaps of JPG images to PDF in seconds. This tool has an easy-to-navigate user interface and will convert your JPGs to PDFs through a couple of clicks. You will not have to worry about image quality as UPDF ensures it doesn't get affected.

Using its security features, you can password-protect your newly created PDF or restrict specific actions. It will ensure that no stranger can open your JPG to PDF converted file. If the new PDF file has a large size, UPDF can compress the file to a reduced PDF size without any change in quality. Moreover, it lets you directly share the newly created PDF through email or a link. Download UPDF by clicking "Free Download" below to start converting JPG to PDF.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. Adobe Acrobat

If you have been dealing with PDF files for a while, you might have come across Adobe Acrobat. It is among the oldest PDF tools that can help you convert your JPG files to PDF files. With its help, you can convert different image formats like JPG, TIFF, and PNG to PDF and vice versa. Once the file is converted, you can secure it by adding a password.

With its Pro version, you can edit or annotate your newly created PDF file. During the editing process, images can be added or removed.

While Adobe Acrobat is a helpful tool, it is costly. Costing around US$239.88 a year, it is out of reach for most people. Its version doesn't help because most of its features are only available in paid versions. In contrast, UPDF provides all premium features at a very affordable rate of US$29.99 per year.

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3. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is another prominent name mentioned in discussions regarding a free JPG-to-PDF converter. With this tool, you can quickly convert your JPG or other images to PDF when sharing them with others. After conversion, you can add permission restrictions to ensure that your images aren't tampered with. If the need arises, it is also possible to redact the data in a PDF.

Other features you will find in this tool include PDF editing, annotating, conversion, and organizing. It also supports collaboration in real-time when working on a PDF file.

The major drawback of this tool is its complex and difficult-to-use user interface. It is aimed only at professionals with little regard for common users. In comparison, UPDF has a delightful and dynamic interface with all the tools in plain sight. Even a non-technical user won't face any issues in UPDF. It is something that can't be said about Foxit PDF Editor.

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4. Nitro Pro

A product of Nitro Software, Nitro PDF Pro, has been a popular choice of Windows PDF users for some years. Besides other PDF features, it also supports a secure JPG-to-PDF conversion process. The quality of images remained intact during the conversion process. Once the new PDF file is created, you can use different features like annotations, watermarks, stamps, and signatures through this tool.

It has recently been released on Mac, but the Mac version isn't as good as the Windows version. Despite that, you can convert JPG files to PDF on Mac without any major issues.

Although it has a Mac version now, you will need to buy it separately if you need to use this tool on both Windows and Mac. Since it already costs around US$179 for one license, buying two will be very costly. The best option is to use UPDF, as you will need a single license to use it on all platforms.

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5. PDF Expert

Only available for Mac and iOS users, PDF Expert is a decent choice for converting your JPG images to PDF. Designed specifically to match the aesthetics of Apple users, it has an interface that iPhone or Mac users will find appealing. This JPG to PDF converter also supports the conversion of other image formats like PNG to PDF.

If multiple PDF files have been created during the conversion process, this tool allows you to merge them into a single PDF. Using its redact feature, you can erase or blackout sensitive information from the PDF.

Since the tool is only available for Apple devices, it is not useable by the majority of users. UPDF is an excellent replacement for PDF Expert for Windows and Android users. Even for iOS and Mac, UPDF is more efficient and easier to use than PDF Expert. Unlike PDF Expert, UPDF provides a free trial version.

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6. iLovePDF

With both an online and offline version, iLovePDF is getting popular nowadays among PDF users. You can convert your JPG files to PDFs using both versions. Although the online version is free, it has many limited functionalities. To get the best out of this tool, you will need to pay a hefty price. It is available for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and the web.

The JPG to PDF converter iLovePDF also offers a sizeable number of features to modify PDF files. These features include page rotation, removal, conversion, and PDF organizing.

Although a decent PDF editor, it lags behind UPDF in almost every aspect. Not only it offers fewer features at a high price compared to UPDF, but it also requires the internet for many tools. That makes it a very risky tool to use if you have confidential files. Many users have also reported performance issues in its desktop version.

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7. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is another JPG-to-PDF converter that allows you to convert your JPGs both online and offline. Using this tool, you can batch convert your JPGs or images into other formats like TIFF, BMP, and PNG to PDFs. When converting your JPGs to a PDF file, it allows you to add more photos to the same file if you missed out on some previously.

After the conversion, you can organize the new PDF file by rotating, adding, removing, or extracting pages from the PDF file. It also supports PDF flattening if you want to print out the newly converted file.

Since it is primarily a web-based platform with the recent introduction of desktop tools, its offline tools have many issues. One particular problem reported with Smallpdf is its drop in performance when working on image-heavy PDFs. UPDF, on the other hand, is highly efficient and provides a lag-free performance regardless of the workload.

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8. PDF Candy

Boasting a user interface with all tools located on the main page, PDFCandy is a JPG to PDF converter online and offline. The features available in both tools are almost identical, with nearly 46 different tools. Aside from JPG, you can convert BMP, TIFF, and PNG images to PDF using PDFCandy. After conversion, the newly created PDF can be password-protected, signed, and compressed using this tool.

It also converts other formats like EPUB, MOBI, DjVu, ODT, and FB2 to PDF. If the PDF file you created is too long, you can split it into multiple smaller PDFs using PDFCandy.

Compared to its cost, the number of features available in PDFCandy is too few. It will cost around US$99 for both web and desktop versions, and the features of the combined two are less than UPDF. Not to forget that UPDF only costs around US$29.99/yearly. Apart from the conversion tool, most features in PDFCandy are also basic and have limited functionality.

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9. PDF2Go

Among the numerous online JPG converters, only a few are reliable. PDF2Go is an online PDF editor that supports JPG to PDF conversion. This tool has a comparatively decent interface with a dedicated "JPG to PDF" button located on the front page. Although paid, it does allow you to enable OCR when converting your JPG files to PDF files.

Apart from JPGs, you can also convert other image formats like PNG, TIFF, and GIF to PDF. It also has a decent array of PDF tools like edit, merge, compress, protect, etc.

The main drawback of this tool is that it is online. You will always need a stable internet to use it. With the internet being the heaven of cybercrimes, the chances for data theft and malware are very high. If your files are of sensitive nature, it is always recommended that you use an offline tool like UPDF. Both are paid tools, but UPDF offers many more features and benefits.

10. Convertio

Are you looking for a JPG to PDF converter online that is free? Convertio can help you there as it is a dedicated converter tool available online. It is not a PDF editor and focuses on providing conversion services for documents, videos, audio, and photos. This tool can be a decent alternative if you are ready to accept the risk associated with online tools.

Aside from JPG to PDF conversion, you can also perform OCR on newly converted PDF files through this tool. It also allows you to convert JPGs directly from cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

It is a suitable replacement for converting JPG to PDF if you don't have access to your device with UPDF. You should still be careful about using it due to the many dangers lurking on the internet. This tool is also not a PDF editor, meaning there isn't much you can do to PDF files after conversion.

Part 2: Comparing the 10 Best JPG to PDF Converters

There is nothing more helpful in determining the best tool than going through the comparison table of top tools. So, to help you decide which tool is the best JPG to PDF converter online or offline, below is the comparison table of the top 10 JPG converters:

ToolPricingBatch ConvertLimitationsStabilityRating
No Limitations5/55/5
Adobe AcrobatStandard: US$155.88/year
Pro: US$239.88/year
No Slideshow Feature
No StickersNo Rich Text Feature
Limited Convert PDF Options
No Combine Files Feature (Standard Package)
NO OCR Feature (Standard Package)
Foxit PDF EditorUS$149/YearNo Slideshow Option
No Stickers
No Replace Images Option
No Rich Text Option
No Convert to GIF Option
Nitro ProEssentials: US$129.99
Pro: US$179.99
No Stickers
No Add Rich Text Option
No Slideshow Option
No Convert Option (Essentials Package)
NO OCR (Essentials Package)
No Permission Password Option (Essentials Package)
PDF ExpertYearly: US$79.99
Lifetime: US$139.99
No Slideshow Feature
Limited Annotation Tools
No Watermark and Background Option
No Rich Text Feature
Very Limited Convert Options
No Insert from Other PDFs Option
No Replace Option
No PDF Share Option via Link
iLovePDFUS$48/YearNo Read PDF Features
Limited Annotation Features
No PDF OCR Option
Can't Add Permission Password
No Flatten PDF Option
Limited Convert PDF Options
SmallpdfPro: US$12/month
Team: US$10/month
No Slideshow
No Dark Mode
Limited Annotation and Edit Features
No OCRLimited Convert Options
Limited Organize Features
No Create PDF Option
PDFCandyWeb Monthly: US$6Web
Yearly: US$48
Desktop + Web: US$99
No Slideshow Option
Limited Read PDF Options
Limited Annotate Features
Limited Edit and Convert Features
Limited Protect Features
Limited Print and Form Features
PDF2GoProfessional: US$8.50/monthNo Slideshow
No Dark ModeLimited Edit and Annotate Features
No Read PDF Features
Limited Convert and Protect Features
ConvertioLight: US$9.99/month
Basic: US$14.99/month
Unlimited: US$25.99/month
No PDF Edit and Annotate Features
No Organize Features
No Protect and Watermark Options
No Background Option
No PDF Crop Option
No Read PDF Feature
No Create PDF Option
No PDF Form Option

Part 3: What is the Best JPG to PDF Converter?

After going through the top 10 JPG to PDF converters, it is evident that UPDF is the best JPG to PDF converter. It has a clear edge in each metric compared to any other JPG converter. This tool is pocket-friendly and offers an unbelievable number of features at such a low cost. What makes UPDF the best JPG to PDF converter is clear through the points below:

  • Wide Compatibility: Many JPG converters are either online or available for limited platforms. UPDF, on the other hand, is available for all platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • One License for All Platforms: When using other PDF editors to convert JPG files to PDF files and other tasks, you need to buy a different license for each platform. That is not the case with UPDF, as it allows you to use the software on platforms through one license.
  • Blazing Fast: UPDF is a high-speed and efficient PDF editor. Through it, you can batch convert your JPGs to PDF files in a matter of moments. Not only that, but you can also later work on multiple image-heavy PDFs simultaneously without any performance drop.
  • Lightweight: This tool is also very lightweight and doesn't take up much space on your device. Using this tool will not affect your device performance even when using it continuously. Its size is especially a boon for mobile devices with limited storage.
  • Secure: Your data remain completely secured in UPDF. With this tool, you can edit your sensitive document without worrying about data loss. Since it doesn't require the internet to work, there is no risk of data theft.
  • Dark Mode: Do you have to work late at night, and a bright screen is affecting your eyesight? UPDF has a dark mode feature to read PDFs, which provides a distraction-free work environment. With it, you no longer need to strain your eyes and can work in a relaxed environment.
  • Regular Updates: Unlike other PDF tools that are updated on a yearly basis at best, UPDF is updated weekly. These frequent updates mean that new features are continuously being added while older ones are revamped to meet modern standards. It also means all the bugs will get fixed as soon as possible.


Converting JPGs to PDFs is recommended as it will allow you to secure your essential images and help maintain their quality when sharing. Although many tools are available, getting a reliable JPG to PDF converter is best. The best JPG converter at an affordable cost is UPDF. Not only can you convert unlimited JPG files through it, but you can also modify the new PDFs to your heart's wish. Get ahead with UPDF by clicking the download button below!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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