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GIF to PDF Conversion Made Easy with Simple Steps

Graphic Interchange Format, abbreviated as GIF, has increasingly been used to convey feelings in the reaction of messages. People send hundreds of GIFs to friends or family daily while interacting on social media accounts and messaging sites. However, once the GIF has been made, you cannot edit it according to your requirement.

The shortcoming mentioned above can be eliminated by converting GIF to PDF using the simple yet powerful tool. Once the conversion is done, you are free to make any edits. In this article, you will find the prevalent benefits of using GIFs and effective ways of converting and adding them to PDF files.

Part 1. GIF File and its Prevalent Benefits

GIF was created in 1987 by American Computer Scientist named Stephen Earl Wilhite. It is a raster file format that supports up to 8 bits per pixel and 256 colors of each image. This image format unites several frames in a single file and is compatible with images containing solid color areas.

Moreover, they are mainly used for displaying small animations and low-resolution video clips. Besides that, GIF has two versions known as 87a and 89a, and both these versions support 256 color palettes, LZW file compression, and numerous picture storage.

Prevalent Benefits of GIF

GIFs, as stated previously used for expressing feelings on exciting messages or attractive social media posts. However, the use of GIFs is not just limited to that. It is beyond what one can assume. Read the following points of benefits of using GIFs:

  • GIF files are smaller in size as compared to many heavy file formats, due to which it loads fast on web pages. The smaller size of the file also reduces the sending time and makes the conversation smooth.
  • Unlike other graphics, GIF files can be easily made and don't require much technical support. Different online websites are available which can be used for making trending GIFs.
  • You don't require any additional software or plug-ins to view GIFs because it is treated as an image. Thus, enjoy GIFs on any device without indulging in the hassle of buying or installing supporting software.
  • The quality of GIF doesn't disturb much if you compress it. This is the primary benefit of using this as compared to other image formats.

Part 2. How Do I Convert a GIF to a PDF?

No matter how useful the GIF format is, at some stages, there is a strong need to convert GIF to PDF. You can convert a GIF to a PDF in no time if you use UPDF. Let's start with a short introduction to UPDF, so you can know how powerful this single PDF editor is.

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UPDF is an efficient PDF editor that can not only edit PDFs but also able to convert other file formats to PDF through its batch combine feature. This innovative feature can change different image formats like GIF, PNG, or TIFF into PDF in no time. Once the PDF file is made, you can make as many changes as you want by using the same tool.

To use the Create PDF feature for converting GIF to PDF, download and install UPDF on your device and then follow the following steps:

Step1: Launch UPDF and Add GIF

Open UPDF on your device by pressing the right-click of the mouse and selecting the "Open" option. Take the cursor to the "File" tab and click on it. Select "Create" in the menu. Hit the "PDF from image" button. Add the GIF file which you want to convert.

convert gif to pdf with batch combine feature

Step 2: Select Whether to Combine Image into one PDF

After adding GIF, you can select combine the GIF to one PDF or convert it to a single one. If you want to combine, click "Yes" and then the image will convert to one PDF, and vice versa.

adjust animated gif in pdf

Step 3: Convert GIFs to a PDF

Afterward, the GIF file will be converted to PDF. Save the file at the desired location on your device by clicking "Save as Other" and selecting "Save" or "Save As".

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Part 3. How to Add a GIF to PDF?

Different tools are available online through which you can add a GIF to a PDF. However, some tools demand cost, while others require additional plug-ins. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that the editor you select for adding a GIF to PDF doesn't need such requirements. In the following, you will learn which tool can be used for embedding an animated GIF in a PDF file and how to add GIF to PDF:

Can I Embed an Animated GIF in a PDF File?

Yes, you can easily embed an animated GIF in a PDF file by using an effective tool. The best tool which can perform this task at blazing fast speed is UPDF. This tool offers a simple procedure of embedding an animated GIF in PDF files, which any new beginner can perform quickly. Moreover, the added GIF will appear as a still image in the PDF file.

Adobe Acrobat can also add a GIF to a PDF file, but it costs more than UPDF. Thus, it is useless to spend more on that function which can be performed by a cost-effective UPDF tool.

How Do I Add a GIF to a PDF?

Adding a GIF to PDF is a matter of seconds for the UPDF tool because of its Edit feature. You can add images of any format to the existing PDF file or even remove them. Moreover, it is also easy to make edits to the texts and hyperlinks of PDF files with UPDF. To learn how to add a GIF to PDF, go through the following procedures:

Step 1: Add a GIF to the PDF File

Select the "Edit PDF" icon to edit the PDF file. A navigation toolbar will appear at the top, tap on the "Image" option and move the cursor to the place where you want to embed the GIF. A new small window will pop up from where you can select the desired GIF.

add gif to pdf

Step 2: Save after Adjusting the GIF

After adding GIF, adjust its size by holding the corners and dragging it to a suitable size. Once all the changes are made, press "Ctrl + S" on Windows or "Command + S" on Mac to save the edited PDF file.

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Part 4. FAQs on Converting a GIF to a PDF

1. Do GIFs still Work in PDF?

You can easily add a GIF to a PDF file using the tools available online. Each tool will have its procedure for inserting a GIF into PDF, but mostly, they should be simple to perform. However, the GIF will appear as a still photo in the PDF file.

2. Can I Convert a GIF to PDF Online?

Yes, multiple online tools are available that can convert a GIF to PDF easily. You can follow the under-given steps if you want to use the online converter:

  • Step 1: Open the Web browser and search for the online GIF to PDF converter. Open the tool and add the GIF you want to convert.
  • Step 2: Click the "Convert" option and download the generated PDF file after completing the process.

Online GIF to PDF converters has some drawbacks you should consider before blindly trusting them. First, there are chances of data loss during conversion, due to which the image resolution gets distorted. Second, online converters are less reliable because they sometimes add malware to the file, which disturbs your device settings. Third, you require a strong internet connection to use online tools.

3. What is the Best GIF to PDF Converter?

Undoubtedly, UPDF is the most powerful GIF to PDF converter anyone can use without professional support. This tool also provides 2 free conversions one day with OCR and works swiftly. Moreover, you can buy its single license to run on different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.  


Ultimately, it proves that UPDF is the best choice if you wish to add GIF to a PDF file. Its create PDF can be used to convert a GIF to PDF, while its edit PDF feature can add a GIF to existing PDF files. Apart from these features, the tool is also loaded with other innovative features like annotating, organizing, OCR technology, and many others.

Students and professionals can use these prevalent features of UPDF for making edits in PDF files. Moreover, its interface is user-friendly and beginner-welcoming. Thus, download UPDF now to convert a GIF to a PDF easily.

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