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How to Create a Tagged PDF Easily? (Step by Step)

Making Tagged PDFs might not be a common thing to do but it is very important and relevant not just to us but to our target audience and the people that are going to use it. Tagged PDFs also known as Accessible PDFs. It has all the tags like in the HTML which define its structure. Most of PDF files are not tagged and many tools do not have the feature to help you create a tagged PDF. No worry, in this article, we will show all the effective ways to help you make a tagged PDF you need.

But before that, if you need to create a PDF before making a tagged PDF, we recommend you to use UPDF which is an all in one AI PDF editor. And it is much easier and cheaper to use when compared with Adobe Acrobat. You can click the below button to download UPDF and create the PDF directly, then, follow the below guide to create a tagged PDF.

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Part 1. What Does Create Tagged PDF Mean?

Tagged PDFs, also known as Accessible PDFs, are PDF files that contain tags that aid in the file's overall readability as well as accessibility. Tagged PDFs provide an outline using tags to identify the different content that is presented in a given PDF. It is just like in the HTML, with proper tags, you can have a better experience to read the document on the different devices.

As you may need to make your PDF tagged, we will show you how to tag your PDF files using three different software so that you can choose which one fits your needs and preferences.

Part 2. How to Create a Tagged PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro?

For our first method, we will be using Adobe Acrobat Pro. It can help you create a tagged PDF automatically, then, add the tags manually if you need.

Step 1. Select the PDF file you want to be tagged to open it with Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2. Click on the "Tools" > "Accessibility" to open the feature to tag PDF.

click on the accessibility in the Adobe Acrobat

Step 3. Click on the "Autotag Document" to let Adobe Acrobat automatically generate tags for the PDF. Then, click on the "Tag" feature at the left side panel to show all tags you added.

add the tags to PDF automatically with Adobe Acrobat.

Step 4. If you have some tags to be added manually, you can select the tag you need, right click on to select the "New Tag" to add the new tag you need.

add new tag to PDF with adobe acrobat manually

When everything is OK, you can save the tagged PDF on your computer.

Part 3. How to Create Tagged PDF in Word?

For our second method, we will go to use Microsoft Word. This method is free and easy to use. But you have to manually add the structures in the converted Word file. Here is the guide.

Step 1. Right click on the PDF file that you want to add the tags on, then, choose "Open with" > "Word" to convert PDF to Word. Now, you need to prepare your structure by adding headings, lists, tables, and other necessary elements to make the structure clearly.

Step 2. After you have made your PDF file accessible, click the "File" menu on the upper left side of your screen and click "Save As". Then find the folder or destination you want it to be saved in.

save as in the Word

Step 3. After finding your destination folder. Click the "Save as type" option and select PDF. Once done, click the "Options" button to open a new tab.

click on the options to customize the settings in the Word

Step 4. In the next part, you must tick three options to make your document a Tagged PDF. Check the "Create bookmarks using:" option as well as the "Heading" option. Also, check the "Document structure tags for accessibility" option. After that click "OK".

select the document structure tags accessibility in word

There you have it. Making a tagged PDF using Microsoft Word. It is as simple as that. We will now show you the last method of creating a tagged PDF.

Part 4. How to Create Tagged PDF in inDesign?

If you have inDesign, you can also use it to create a Tagged PDF. Here is the detailed guide for you.

Step 1. Open the PDF file you want to be made accessible or you want to convert into a Tagged Document.

Step 2. Click "Export" which will open a new window.

Step 3. Go to the "General" tab then find and check the "Create Tagged PDF" option. After you are satisfied with your presets and settings Click "Export"

check create tagged pdf with indesign

There you have it. Three ways using Three different software to make your normal PDFs into more accessible Tagged PDFs. You can choose between the three which among them helped you the most or were the most easy to follow along with.

Part 5. Bonus Tip: How to Create a PDF with UPDF

Now that we have shown you the different ways how to make Tagged PDFs. But before making the tagged PDF, you need to create the PDF. In this case, you can use the UPDF which is the perfect tool to get you started. UPDF offers its users a lot of customization and tools for all their PDF needs from editing, annotating, and creating. It gives its users the option to create blank PDFs where they can start from scratch and be in full control of everything inside the document. Or you can find the desired PDF template from the UPDF template store and download them for free, then, customize it per your needs. UPDF also can create PDFs from other formats like Word, Excel, or even PowerPoint. To learn more about UPDFs features, you can click the below button to try its all features or watch this video we have prepared for you.

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What may surprise you is that you will only need one license to use UPDF on all your devices which cannot be done by other brands. Despite this, UPDF remains cost-efficient and affordable for everyone to enjoy. You can check UPDF's price here.

Creating PDFs with UPDF has never been easier, now enhanced with the latest AI technology, you can now create content when making PDFs on UPDF. This ensures a more optimal and stress-free workflow for everyone who uses it.

How to Create a PDF?

Let us get you started in your PDF journey with UPDF. We will make a blank PDF but you can do so much more once you get the hang of it.

Step 1. Click the above button to download it for your device. Go to login or create an account.

Step 2. Then click "File" on the upper left part of the application. Then click "Create" and go down to "Blank Page". You can also click the other options if you want to make a PDF from other formats like Word or PowerPoint.

create blank page with UPDF

Step 3. A window will pop out that will give you the option to change the document name, page size, paper styles, and orientation.

Step 4. After choosing your preferred settings, you may now start adding the content to your PDF by using the "Text", "Image" and "Link" features in the "Edit PDF" part.

create a tagged pdf updf edit

Step 5. Once you have finished inputting your content, it is now to save your PDF. Click "File" and select "Save". There you have it, you have made your very own PDF with the help of UPDF.

create a tagged pdf file save

Final Words

To sum it all up, mastering the art of making Tagged PDFs is important to make sure that your documents are accessible and organized. You can create a tagged PDF with tools like Adobe Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Word, and inDesign. But before generating tagged PDF, you have to create a PDF. For this requirement, we recommend you to use UPDF as it has all features you need. You can click the below button to test all features.

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