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Convert EPS to PDF for Free Online using the EASIEST Methods

Usually overshadowed by other image file formats such as PNG, JPEG, and SVG, EPS is an important file format that can be compatible with several software programs. However, it's necessary to convert EPS to PDF because of its bulkiness, and was created way before the internet was widely available. PDFs are much more suited to the modern era and have a ton of advantages that EPS does not have. But did you know you could also edit PDF files? Try downloading UPDF, an all-in-one PDF editor. And don't worry we'll introduce this tool at the end of the article.

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What is an EPS File?

EPS or Encapsulated PostScript is a vector-based file format that's actually very similar to PDF itself. It's often used for printing billboards, large-sized marketing material, and anything else that requires printing high-quality images with a professional take.

It was created by Adobe in the late 1980s and was specifically tailored so that images could easily be incorporated into designs with a lot of text. It became an industry standard but as of right now, it has already been replaced with other vector-based file formats like PDFs. It has lost its compatibility as well where you would need specialized software just to open it.

How to Change EPS to PDF Online Free - 3 Ways

Now that you know what EPS is and why it's important to convert it, you should also be knowledgeable on how to convert EPS to PDF. We'll explain 3 methods on how to do EPS to PDF convert online as well as add detailed instructions and the tools' pros and cons.

1. Cloudconvert

Starting off this list is Cloudconvert. Cloudconvert is a free online conversion tool that lets you convert one file format to another. It has almost every format you can find from archive, audio, video, and vector formats. It also allows you to convert PDF to EPS.

How to Change EPS to PDF Online Free with Cloudconvert:

1. Go to their website and click the "Select File" button at the center.

2. Once you have chosen your EPS file and uploaded it to their website, you can then choose what format you can convert it to. Click on the drop-down table beside "Convert to" and then choose PDF

3. Click the red "Convert" button and then wait for it to finish converting.

4. Lastly, select the "Download" button, and then you have successfully converted EPS to PDF online.

However, even though it is easy and doesn't require you to register on their website, the free version of Cloudconvert only lets you convert 25 files per day. Where you would have to buy credits to convert above that limit.

2. Convertio

Another tool you could use to change EPS to PDF is Convertio. It's another free online tool that lets you convert other file formats aside from PDF to EPS with over 200 other formats available.

How to Convert EPS to PDF using Convertio:

1. Access the Convertio website and upload your EPS file by selecting the "Choose Files" button.

2. Once you have successfully uploaded your file to Convertio, choose the PDF format and click "Convert".

3. Wait for the file to finish converting and then you can now download your newly converted PDF File.

It may look good and all but one thing to consider about Convertio is the fact that the conversion speed is slower than usual and the 100MB maximum file size limits users from converting long or high-quality videos that take up more storage.

3. Zamzar

Similar to the last two we have mentioned, Zamzar is an online file conversion that you can use to convert EPS to PDF online. Interestingly enough, you can also download Zamzar as a desktop application as well. Zamzar also has a more human side to them as they plant a tree for every 10,000 files and donate 2% of their profits to charities.

How to Change EPS to PDF using Zamzar:

1. Go to the Zamzar website and select the "Choose Files" option. You can also drag & drop your files.

2. Now that you've chosen your EPS file, you can choose a format and select PDF.

3. Select "Convert Now" and once it's done you can now download your PDF.

If you thought the 100MB limitation on Convertio was rough, then Zamzar only converts files for free if they are below 5MB. To upload much larger files, you would need to avail their basic package which costs $18 per month.

Edit PDF after Converting from EPS File

It was mentioned before that both EPS and PDF are files that mostly cannot be edited but if you convert your EPS to PDF, there's one tool that can help you make the most out of it. Introducing UPDF, an all-in-one PDF software that even has its own AI. With it, you can edit your PDFs and more with its extensive features and powerful capabilities.

Its main features include:

  • Edit PDF - You can edit the text, watermarks, images, links, backgrounds, headers and footers, and even the pages of your PDF file as if it were a Word Document. It's smooth and fast to the point where you can even edit multiple PDFs at the same time and combine them all into one file.
  • Annotate PDF - Aside from editing the elements of the PDF, you could also annotate using the 13 Versatile PDF Markup Utilities. You can add comments, underlines, strikethroughs, sticky notes, and even highlights. Not only that, you can also add shapes, and stickers and draw with ease.
  • Convert PDF - The tools we've listed above aren't the only ones that can convert files because UPDF can do it too. You can turn your PDFs into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CSV, and more.
  • OCR PDF - Another great feature that UPDF has is the OCR tool which lets you convert scanned PDFs into searchable and editable files. This technology supports a total of 38 languages and uses AI to recognize text and images.
  • UPDF AI - Perhaps UPDF's most unique and most advanced feature is UPDF AI. UPDF AI allows users to summarize, translate, explain, and even generate ideas or ask questions about the PDF with its own AI Assistant. It can even polish your PDF for you by eliminating grammatical errors as it scans your entire file even if it's 100 pages long.
UPDF is a powerful tool that can help you make the most out of your PDFs. The best thing is that you can try it for free! So download UPDF and if you are amazed by it, you can purchase any of its affordable packages with 60% off. If you want to learn more about this software, watch the short video below.

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FAQs about Converting EPS to PDF

1. Is an EPS file the same as a PDF?

There are clear differences between an EPS file and a PDF file. Although both serve similar purposes, an EPS is owned and copyrighted by Adobe while PDF is an open standard format. Another thing is that EPS has a larger file size than PDF and PDF is more suited for modern software.

2. Are EPS files obsolete?

- EPS files are still widely used today but they are mainly being incorporated with large-scale printing projects such as billboards or massive posters. For normal files, PDF or other vector-based file formats are better for everyday use.

3. Why is my EPS file downloading as a PDF?

- It might seem off but your files aren't able to convert themselves. One reason this might be happening is that you have no software that can open EPS files or there are certain programs that want to open the file in both PDF and EPS file formats.

4. Can you open EPS files in PDF?

- You cannot open EPS files with PDF or any other software that does not support the file format. You must have a specialized software program that's compatible with EPS but otherwise, you would need to convert EPS file to PDF.

5. What program do you use to open an EPS file?

- Programs that you can use to open an EPS file may vary but the ones that you can be sure of are Adobe Reader, IrfanView, and EPS Viewer. There are also lesser-known programs such as OpenOffice Draw, Okular, and GIMP.

6. Does Word support EPS?

- Unfortunately, Word does not support EPS files ever since the Office 2019 release. Older versions of Word may work but the newer ones are incompatible and if you try to open an EPS file with it, it will only show you random text and code.


EPS files were once an industry standard for high-quality vector images, especially for large print projects. However, over time they have become less compatible as software evolves. Nowadays, PDF files are better suited for sharing and printing documents. While EPS files still have their uses in certain niches, converting them to PDF makes them more accessible.

EPS served an important role in the past but has drawbacks today. Converting to PDF improves compatibility and opens new possibilities for editing. Online converters provide a fast way to change file formats. For more intricate editing afterward, specialized software like UPDF unlocks the full potential of PDFs. So download and try UPDF now and check out their time-limited offer when purchasing the software.

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