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Convert PDF to RTF : How to Do It Effortlessly

Converting PDF to RTF is a great way to ensure that anyone can read the files. Regardless of the word processing system you use, you can open and read files in RTF format. Although PDF is a secure way to share files, converting is necessary if you want to share with others who may not have Acrobat or using the older operating system. The most critical thing is to know how to do the conversion with the best tools. This is what the article focuses on.

How to Convert PDF to RTF on Windows

UPDF is the best tool you can use to convert PDF to RTF. The tool is also versatile since you can not only transfer PDF to rich text but also can use it to convert PDFs to many other editable formats such as HTML, Word, and XML among others. Unlike most other tools, this is an easy-to-use tool with a simple interface that requires no learning curve.

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pdf to rtf with updf

What you like more about UPDF is the level of accuracy and speed it does the conversion. You get documents similar to the original PDF, so no time is wasted doing manual corrections after the conversion. This makes it a great tool for offices that deals with a lot of document conversions.

The security of the documents is also guaranteed because the tool features enterprise-grade encryption that improves data privacy and security. The OCR or Optical Character Recognition allows the tool to convert even scanned PDFs into RTF files. Below are the methods on how to convert PDF to RTF with UPDF.

Method 1: Export one PDF to RTF

Start the process by adding the PDFs you want to convert to RTF. Use the drag and drop method whereby you drag the files from your computer into the software interface. Another option is to click the "Open File" button to upload the PDFs into the conversion queue.

Now click the "Export PDF" button on the right side; Choose Rich Text Format(.rtf) as the desired format. After clicking "Rich Text Format(.rtf)", a window will pop up, and the page range can be edited at the bottom. You have the option to select odd pages, all pages, even pages, and custom pages.

Tap the "Export" button to start the conversion. The converted files are saved and the destination folder is displayed on your screen.

convert pdf to rtf with export feature

Method 2: Batch Convert PDF to RTF

Click the "Batch" icon on the main interface and add the PDF files which you want to convert. You need to select the "Rich Text Format(.rtf)" on the Output Format.

If your PDF files are scanned PDF, you can open the "Text Recognize Settings" to scan PDFs text. Select the Layout and click "Apply" to batch convert PDF to RTF.

how to batch convert pdf to rtf

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How to Convert PDF to RTF on Mac

Here are steps on how to convert PDF to RTF on Mac with UPDF for Mac.

Step 1. Import the PDF document

Add your PDF documents by dragging and then dropping them into the UPDF interface. You can also upload the files from your device by clicking "Open File".

Step 2. Select Output Format as RTF

Once you have opened your PDF file into UPDF, click on the "Export PDF" icon located at the top right corner of the UPDF Interface. The tool has a formats panel located on the right side. Next, you will see a list of formats, select the "Rich Text Format(.rtf)" format.

how to convert pdf to rtf on mac

Step 3. Set Page Range and Convert PDF to RTF

If you want to convert all pages, you don't have to choose the page range. But if you have a specific page range, select "Odd Pages Only", "Even Pages Only", and "Custom" page range.

Click the "Export" button to begin the conversion. All the converted files are saved and you get the destination folder on your screen.

pdf to rtf on mac

Video Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to RTF on Mac

What else can UPDF for Mac do?

UPDF is one of the best PDF editors on the Internet. It is unique, simple, and easy to use for both professionals and beginners. It offers you multiple editing features for your PDF files. You can edit, annotate, convert, organize, and reorder your PDF files using this software program. Moreover, you can also sign your PDF documents using UPDF.

Above is the solution to convert PDF to RTF for Mac and PC. What's more, if you want to know more about other tools to do that, there is also the Top 10 PDF to RTF converters from this link. You can check them.

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How to Convert PDF to RTF Online

There is a myriad of online tools you can use to convert PDF to RTF. Find an online Converter on Google. To do the conversion you need to choose the PDFs and upload them into the file box to begin the conversion. You then save the RTF document on your computer. Here are the steps to convert PDF to RTF online:

  • Search "Convert PDF to RTF online" on Google and select one.
  • Upload the PDF files you want to convert by clicking choose Add files or dropping them into the tool.
  • Click convert and then save the RTF files on your computer.

Although it is convenient and fasts to convert PDF to RTF online, there are actually many hidden dangers in online tools. For example, you need to upload files online, which may leak your file information, which is very unsafe. And many online tools do not have an OCR function, which means that if your file is a scanned PDF, there is no way to guarantee the conversion quality. So we still recommend you to use UPDF, an offline tool, which is safer and has an OCR function.


We have introduced three different ways to convert PDF to RTF. You can choose the method according to your device. But we recommend you use an offline PDF converter to convert PDF to RTF, it is completely safe. UPDF is an all-in-one PDF converter that supports Windows and Mac devices. Accurate and quick conversion will help you save time. Let's download it today and have a trial.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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