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LightPDF Review - Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons & More

Ever found yourself having to deal with a PDF that cannot be edited, annotated, or managed in any way? This is a frustration that many people have experienced and that has naturally left many people wondering if there is a better way for handling their documents.

The good news is that with the emergence of the PDF editor, there have been many improvements that have been made in the PDF management business, and one of them is the introduction of AI tools that can help make your files editable again, while also giving you management options and other conversion capabilities. One of these tools is known as LightPDF.

This article introduces a guide through the features and pricing of Documind that includes a comparison with UPDF, which is suggested as a more powerful alternative for handling PDFs. Try this free alternative now and you'll get 30 free credits.

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What is LightPDF? 

LightPDF is a simple-to-use cloud-based PDF tool that gives you the option of managing all of your PDFs from one place. Apart from regular features such as converting PDFs to Word documents or simply editing them, it also has a simple-to-use AI feature. This AI feature allows you to essentially have a conversation with the PDF you uploaded, or rather to have LightPDF provide you with answers to any questions you have related to the document.

Features of LightPDF

LightPDF has a variety of features that you can benefit from. The AI feature makes it possible for you to ask questions about the PDFs you uploaded and get in-depth answers. Apart from this though, there are also an array of regular features that you can use in this cloud-based solution. These include: 

  • PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, and other formats
  • PDF Edit and watermark
  • Turning PDF scans into text
  • Compress PDF
  • Merge PDF
  • Protect PDF
  • Annotation and Signing

Does LightPDF have AI Features? 

LightPDF has a simple-to-use AI feature that essentially enables you to have a conversation with your PDF. The first step to unlocking the power of this tool is to upload the PDF in question to the cloud. From there the AI will analyse everything that is included in the documents and prepare to answer any questions you might have relating to the content. Essentially, in the end, it will be like having a conversation with an expert who has the information in the document and to whom you can ask all your questions in order to gain a more in-depth understanding. 

How to Use LightPDF

Using LightPDF can be very easy. The first step is either downloading the app onto your device or alternatively using the web-based version of the tool and directly uploading your documents there. Once your documents are uploaded you can choose which of the tools you would like to use. 

For the AI tool specifically once your documents are uploaded, you will have the option to start asking questions about the information and content of the PDF and quickly receive answers. 

Is LightPDF Free? The Pricing of LightPDF VIP

LightPDF has an entirely free trial of the software that is available for download. This free can for the most part do everything that the paid version can do. However, there are a few limitations in terms of the size of PDFs you can upload as well as the number. The limit is set to one PDF per day which has a maximum size of 5MB. You are also only allowed 8 questions under the free plan.

Pricing Plans of LightPDF

There are two different paid versions of the software. One is aimed at consumers while the second is aimed at businesses. Both of these versions offer unlimited file storage, and the per-file limitation is set to 1GB. 

In terms of pricing, a weekly pass for LightPDF costs US$13.99, while the monthly plan is US$19.99. The annual plan costs US$199.99 but it is often available on offer for more than 70% of, which makes it US$59.99. Finally, there is also a 6-year plan option which usually offers the best value for money. 

Businesses on the other hand can pay US$79.95 per user for access to the tool for one year. A two-year option is also available which costs US$129.90 per user. 

LightPDF Pros and Cons 

Pros of LightPDF

There are many benefits to using LightPDF but the biggest of these is the fact that the tool is available online. This ease of use and the lack of a need to download can be particularly important for those who tend to need access on the go or who often switch between devices. 

Another important benefit of LightPDF is the variety of non-AI tools that are also available on the platform. These help make managing PDFs even easier and provide the perfect platform for converting altering and annotating your files. 

Cons of LightPDF

However, while there are benefits to LightPDF there are also some important cons to be considered. Of these, the most important is by far the small limit on file size placed on PDFs in the free version. A PDF of 5 MB is really easy to find and it means that in order to use the free version of the tool the PDFs you have will need to be broken apart into smaller sizes. This is an additional complicated step in a process that was meant to be uncomplicated. 

Another con to consider with this is that it is completely cloud-based. As such, all of your documents will need to be uploaded online and will often be added to an online database. This can pose many security issues, especially when it comes to documents that contain sensitive information.

Similarly, depending on the type of network you are accessing, private or public, your connection could be used as an entryway to your files. An unstable connection will also make it nearly impossible for you to use these tools as you won’t be able to easily upload your files or access the online AI.

A Better Alternative to LightPDF

The idea of an AI tool that can help answer all of your questions regarding your PDF documents is undoubtedly appealing. However, there is no need to limit yourself to a less powerful tool such as LightPDF which does not offer you the full array of AI capabilities that you could have access to.

UPDF, which you can easily download through the 'Free Download' button below, can give you access to not only an analysis and management tool but also a plethora of other AI features such as translation, summarization, and even additional writing of material connected to your PDF. 

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Put simply, UPDF AI can help you polish all your PDFs while also taking advantage of the full extent of AI capabilities that are currently available. 

Why UPDF is Better than LighPDF?

Limitations - UPDF vs. LightPDF

In terms of features and limitations, LightPDF has far fewer features than UPDF. As a result, there is really nothing you can do on LightPDF that you cannot do in a better way on UPDF. 

However, the one key difference between these two is the capability to use AI within the document. UPDF allows you to select specific text from your PDF and perform AI features directly, which is very convenient while reading PDF documents.

Pricing & Features - UPDF vs. LightPDF

In terms of pricing, UPDF is significantly cheaper than LightPDF as its lowest tier starts from $35.99 per year. That is more than $24 less than what LightPDF bills users each month for access to their PDF tools. 

Metrics LightPDFUPDF
 Pricing Plan● US$13.99/weekly
● $19.99/monthly
● US$59.99/yearly
● US$35.99/yearly
● US$55.99/perpetual
Check its pricing plans >>
AI FeaturesAI chat box assistant
 Direct text selection from the document to summarize/translate/explain
Other PDF FeaturesEdit PDF
 Annotate PDF
 Convert PDF
 Flatten PDF
 Watermark PDF
 Create PDF Forms
 Digitally Sign PDF
Compatible Systems Web-basedWindows, Mac, iOS, Android

UPDF is not only an easy-to-use platform that can be easily downloaded through the website or the button below, but it can also be easily purchased with an exclusive discount. Try UPDF today and see how much time you can save in managing your PDFs and all your tasks relating to them.

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AI has helped make life easier in multiple different ways, and the management of PDFs is only one of them. Tools like LightPDF can help show some of the capabilities that AI can provide us with when handling PDFs. However, if you truly want to unleash all of the power of your PDFs then download UPDF and start using AI to completely transform how you handle your PDFs. You can also check the UPDF review on Makeuseof, which is one of the best tech sites.

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