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How to Print PDF as Image: A Step-by-Step Guide

When you print PDF, sometimes, the printed PDF file shows issues like garbled text, formatting issues, damaged images, etc. In such scenarios, the effective strategy is to print PDF as image in order to keep the document structure and content intact. Therefore, this article presents a step-by-step guide on printing PDF as an image using three best and easiest ways. So, let's head straight to the main discussion!

Part 1. 3 Way to Print PDF As Picture

The following three methods are suitable for users who want to print PDFs as images. 

1. UPDF: The Best and Instant Way to Print PDF as Image (2 Ways)

UPDF is the best and most powerful tool to print PDFs as images. It not only can help you print one PDF as an image but also print all PDF files as images at once.

Except for printing PDFs as images, UPDF allows you to print in grayscale (black and white), change page orientation, include comments/form fields in prints, print selective pages, customize page size, and do much more while printing PDFs as images.

It offers feature-rich and customizable print settings through its intuitive user interface. With UPDF, you can easily read and edit PDFs and then print them the way you want. 

How to Print PDF as an Image?

Follow the below steps to print PDF as an image with UPDF:

Step 1. Download and launch UPDF. Click "Open File" to open the PDF file you want to print. 

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Step 2. Click "File" from the top left corner and then click "Print". Alternatively, press "Ctrl + P".

Step 3. In the print pop-up window, tick the "Print As Image" checkbox. Besides that, customize the other print settings the way you want, such as pages to print, reverse pages, orientation, print in grayscale, etc. Once done, click the "Print" button.

That's it! This way, you can quickly print PDF as an image with UPDF. So, download and purchase UPDF now and get the image print of the PDF right away.

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How to Print Multiple PDF Files as Images?

If you have a lot of PDF files that want to print as an image, printing them one by one will waste a lot of time. You can follow the below guide to print them all at once.

Guide: Open UPDF, click "Batch" > "Print", hit on "Add Files" to add all PDF files that you want to print as images, select "Print as Image", click on "Apply" to select the place where you want to save the printed documents.

There are many other reasons to choose UPDF for printing PDFs as images compared to the other popular tools like Adobe Acrobat. Some of those reasons are:

  • More Customization Printing Settings: It provides many more customization printing options, such as selective pages to print, print pages in reverse order, customized page scaling/handling, etc.
  • Convert Images back to PDFs: It supports converting images back to PDFs with simple clicks.
  • 1 Account, 4 Platforms: One UPDF account allows you to access its printing features on four platforms, i.e., Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. So, you can also easily print PDFs via mobile phones.
  • Batch Process: Its batch process feature lets you print multiple PDFs simultaneously.
  • Wide Output Formats: Besides PDFs to images, it can also convert PDFs into other formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, etc.

In short, UPDF is one complete and advanced tool to print PDFs as images easily with its highly customizable settings. So, wait no more. Download UPDF for your computer and visualize its extensive features yourself. And if you still cannot make a decision about whether UPDF is the best choice for you, you can check what the big media: Techadvisor says about UPDF here.

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2. Adobe Acrobat: The Common Choice to Print PDF as Image

Adobe Acrobat is another easy way of printing PDFs to images. You can open the PDF with Acrobat and print a PDF as an image right away. Follow the below steps to print PDF as an image on Mac or Windows with Adobe Acrobat:

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat on your PC and open the PDF file you want to print as an image.
  • Click Menu > Print > Advanced.
  • Tick the "Print As Image" checkbox and then click "OK".
  • Customize the print settings if you want and click the "Print" button.

This way, Adobe Acrobat will print PDF as an image. Although the process looks simple, some users have even complained about PDF print as image greyed out in Acrobat.

Part 2. FAQs About Printing PDFs as Images

Q1. How to Print Multiple Image files as One PDF?

You need to use UPDF. Download UPDF on your computer and open it. Go to "Batch" > "Combine", add all image files, combine them into one PDF. Then, open the combined PDF in UPDF, go to "File" > "Print" to print all image files as one PDF successfully.

Q2. How to Print PDF as Image Online?

There is no online tool that can help you print PDFs as images. The solutions introduced in other articles are to convert PDF to image. Not the methods you are looking for. So we recommend you to use the method introduced here.

Q3. How to Print PDF as Image Free?

UPDF is completely free to print PDF as an image. You can open PDF on the UPDF, go to "File" > "Print", Tick"Save as image" to print PDF as image free.


The print PDF as an image feature is useful in some cases. It lets the printer process the document efficiently as a simple image. Above, we have discussed three quick and simple ways to print PDFs as images. However, our recommended pick is UPDF, as it not only prints PDFs as images but provides many advanced printing features. To sum up, simply download UPDF and print PDF as an image right now with just a few simple clicks.

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