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How to Combine PDF in Google Drive? (Steps with Pictures)

Google Drive is known for providing cloud storage to every Google account holder. However, most people don't know about  that it can do much more than just that. For example, you can Combine PDF with Google Drive without requiring any additional tools. Since there are multiple ways to combine PDF documents with Google Drive, here we will discuss the most effective ones with a detailed procedure guide so you can easily combine your PDF documents.

Part 1. How to Combine PDF Files in Google Drive with PDF Merge and Split?

One of the best features of Google Drive is that you can connect it with different applications. One of those applications is PDF Merge and Split, which Heroku provides on Google Workspace Marketplace. This application allows you to merge, split, rotate, or remove pages in PDF documents without having to go to any third-party software or online tool since everything happens within Google Drive.

To use this method, you first integrate the app with Google Drive, and then Drive will open it in a new tab where you can merge your PDF documents within a few clicks. Here is a detailed guide on how you can combine PDF documents with the Google Drive Merge and Split application:

1.      Open Google Drive and go to connect more apps

You will start this procedure by going to the Google Drive web app and clicking the "+ New" button. From the dropdown list, click "More" to open another dropdown list and click "Connect more apps." This button will take you to the Google Workspace Marketplace.

2.      Search for and install Merge and Split.

Now, you need to search for PDF Merge and Split in the Workspace Marketplace window. There may be multiple options, but you can go with the first one. Click "Install" and go through the on-screen steps/guides to finish the installation successfully.

3.      Select all PDF files and open them with Merge and Split.

For this method to work, it is essential that your PDF files are uploaded to Drive, or you can upload them now by clicking the "+ New" button. After uploading them, go to the "Recent" tab from the left menu and select files. You can select multiple files by holding the "Ctrl" keyboard button and clicking every file. Once you have selected all files, right-click, select "Open With," and select "PDF Merge and Split."

4.      Click Create PDF after uploading.

The tool will open your PDF documents, and once they are shown in the list, you can click "Create PDF" below. The Process log will show some details. If there are errors with the PDF documents, the tool will show a "Convert to supported format" button; click it to ensure that all PDF documents are supported for merging.

5.      Click Merge PDF

Once the Progress and Error logs do not show any errors, you can click the "Merge PDF" button. It will do some processing and merge your PDF documents into one document.

6.      See the PDF preview and save it.

A small PDF viewing window will appear at the bottom with multiple options. To save that merged PDF file to your offline storage, you may click "Download a PDF"; otherwise, use other given options as per your requirements. For example, to save it back to Google Drive, you must click "Save to Drive."

Part 2. How to Merge PDF With UPDF?

UPDF is a suite of PDF processing and editing tools that can be used for multiple purposes like editing, reading, converting, sharing, and combining PDF documents. The feature that we will be focusing on here is combining different PDF documents since we want to merge them. While you can do the same with Google Drive using the method above, using UPDF is the better option for so many reasons, including:

  • You do not need to upload your documents online
  • There is no need to install any additional packages or apps
  • Offline processing does not rely on your internet connection speed
  • The process is significantly shorter and easier with UPDF

While these were a few reasons that make UPDF the better option, there are many more, along with other features offered by UPDF. So, you may download UPDF on your PC and try combining different PDF documents using the steps below:

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1.      Open UPDF Batch Process and select Combine

Double-click the application icon of UPDF on your PC's desktop screen to run the tool. After it opens, click the "Batch" button from the top of the screen to go into batch process options, and there you must select "Combine." It will take you to the feature where you can merge multiple PDF documents into one.

2.      Add all PDF files that you want to combine and Apply.

Click the "Add Files" button to open a browse window and select all PDF files that you want to combine into one. You may add, remove, or rearrange files depending on how you want them to appear in the final PDF document. Once you are done adding and arranging files, click "Apply," and you will see the browse window once again to select a saving location for the new PDF file. Follow the on-screen steps, and you will be done with the process.

Key Features of UPDF

UPDF is packed with several features for working on a PDF file. Whenever you are working on one and you need some assistance from a tool, that feature will most probably be present in UPDF, which will significantly improve your experience. Here is the list of the top few features offered by UPDF:

  • It comes with a built-in UPDF AI chatbot that will assist you in generating content, summarizing or translating text, or even reviewing PDF documents.
  • The UPDF cloud feature ensures synchronization of your PDF documents across all devices you have connected with the same account. It is a dedicated and secure cloud storage space for your PDF documents.
  • The Prepare Form feature of UPDF allows users to work with interactive PDF forms, whether they want to edit an old one or create new ones from scratch.
  • UPDF offers a wide range of page-organizing tools and features
  • A complete range of annotation features help with taking notes and collaborating with your PDF documents.
  • UPDF allows batch processing of documents with 6 different functionalities.
  • Users can convert to and from PDF documents, and it supports multiple formats for conversion.

When you choose UPDF as your main PDF viewing and processing tool, you can enjoy all of these basic and premium features.

Part 3. FAQS About Combining PDF Files in Google Drive

Q1. What is the best PDF merger that works with Google Drive?

The best PDF merger that works with Google Drive is from Heroku. It is the best because it allows local file processing without requiring you to upload your PDF anywhere else than your Google Drive. Moreover, it provides merging, splitting, rotating, and page removal features for PDFs for free.

Q2. How do I combine two images into one PDF in Google Drive?

Upload the images into Google Drive by clicking the "+ New" button. Now click "+ New" > "Google Docs" > "Blank Document" to create a new document. Insert images by clicking "Insert" > "Image" > "drive" for both images. To save that document offline, you may click "File" > "Download" > "PDF Document." In this way, two images can be combined into a PDF with Google Drive.

Q3. What is the shortcut for merging in Google Drive?

If you are working on Google Sheets in Google Drive and you want to merge cells, you will first select the cells by clicking and dragging the cursor over them. Then you will press "Alt + O" > "M." Then choose the merging action from the options provided.

Final Words

There could be several instances where you need to combine or split PDF documents. If you have your documents saved on Google Drive, then Combine PDF in Google Drive directly by following the above guide. However, there are several drawbacks to this method, like relying on the Internet.

All those drawbacks are solved when you use UPDF. It is a PDF editor tool that brings several capabilities, including combining PDF documents. As you try it with UPDF, you will enjoy an instant experience with a quick method and a few steps. So, download UPDF on your devices now to try to combine multiple PDF documents into one PDF document and see how well it performs.

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