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Effective Methods to Insert Excel to PPT

Integrating data from different sources is crucial for creating impactful presentations. One powerful way to enhance your PowerPoint slides is by inserting an Excel file, allowing you to present complex data in a visually appealing and organized manner.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of inserting an Excel file into PowerPoint with ease. Whether you're a student, professional, or presenter, mastering this skill will elevate your presentations to the next level. By harnessing the capabilities of both Excel and PowerPoint, you can seamlessly display charts, tables, and calculations directly within your slides.

Also, in the article, we shall introduce you to UPDF, a free PDF editor that can enhance your PDF editing experience to easily edit, annotate, or merge PDF files. Using UPDF we will teach you to combine Excel and PPT-converted formats using UPDF. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

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Part 1: Different Scenarios Where You May Want to Insert an Excel File to PPT

Here are some possible scenarios in which people may want to insert Excel into PowerPoint:

Scenario 1: Presenting Data

Many professionals, such as business analysts, financial experts, and researchers, must present data and analysis to their colleagues, clients, or stakeholders. They might want to insert Excel spreadsheets into PowerPoint slides to effectively display numerical data, charts, or tables.

Scenario 2: Financial Reports

Accountants, finance managers, or financial analysts may need to create financial reports or presentations that involve complex calculations and financial data. They might use Excel to prepare the data and then insert it into PowerPoint for a more visually appealing presentation.

Scenario 3: Project Management

Project managers use Excel to track progress, create Gantt charts, or manage budgets. When reporting project updates or presenting project plans, they may find it helpful to insert Excel elements into PowerPoint slides to showcase the project's status or financial details.

Part 2: Solutions to Insert an Excel File to PPT

While we have already discussed the scenarios for inserting an Excel file into PowerPoint, in this part, we will continue our exploration and present some solutions for inserting Excel files into PowerPoint. Each method offers its advantages and may suit different scenarios. Let's delve into these solutions:

Solution 1: Using the "Paste Special" feature

  • Open your Excel file and select the cells you want to insert into PowerPoint.
  • Right-click and copy with Ctrl+C.
  • Open the PPT file and navigate to the slide where you want to insert the Excel data.
  • Right-click on the slide and select "Paste Special".
  • Now, choose "Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object" or "Microsoft Office Excel Chart Object".
  • Click "OK" to insert the Excel data as an embedded or linked object, depending on your selection.

Solution 2: Importing Excel data as a table

  • Open your PPT file and navigate to the slide where you want to insert the Excel data.
  • Click the "Insert" tab in the PowerPoint ribbon.
  • In the "Tables" group, click on "Table" and select "Excel Spreadsheet".
  • This will open a box where you can browse and select the Excel file you want to insert.
  • Choose the desired range, select the worksheet, and click "OK" to insert the Excel data as a table.

Solution 3: Using screenshots or screen clippings

  • Open your Excel file and display the desired data on the screen.
  • Use the "Print Screen" button to capture the entire screen, or use the Snipping Tool (Windows) or Grab (Mac) to select a specific region.
  • Open your PowerPoint file and then the slide where you must insert the Excel data.
  • Paste the screenshot using Ctrl+V or right-click and choose "Paste".
  • Adjust the size and position of the screenshot as needed.

Solution 4: Exporting Excel charts as image files

  • Open your Excel file and select the chart you want to insert into PowerPoint.
  • Right-click on the chart and choose "Save as Picture" or "Copy".
  • Open the PPT file and now the slide where you have to insert the Excel chart.
  • Paste the image using Ctrl+V or right-click and choose "Paste".
  • Resize and position the chart image as required.

Solution 5: Insert Excel to PPT by Combining Them and Present/Edit in a More Convenient Way

Except for the above solutions, there's another way to insert Excel to PowerPoint which offers you more customization chances - UPDF. With UPDF, you can freely insert any page of the excel file into the PowerPoint, edit any content in it, convert the file to any format (word, excel, powerpoint, txt, html, etc.), and showcase your presentation in a more intuitive slideshow mode.

To insert an Excel spreadsheet into a PowerPoint presentation using UPDF, follow the steps below:

Stage 1. Combine Excel and PPT Files

  • Download and install UPDF on your computer.

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Note: To use UPDF to insert Excel into PowerPoint, please first save both the Excel and PowerPoint files in .pdf format. If you are using a Windows computer, then please directly open both of these two files in UPDF with its "PDF creation" feature.

  • Launch UPDF and click the Batch option, and then click the "Combine" button.
  • Click the "Add Files" button.
  • Import the converted Excel and PPT files, and then click "Apply".
insert excel to ppt with updf
  • Select the folder where you want to save the combined file.

You may want to delete the unwanted page from the combined file, in this case, you can utilize the "Organize Page" feature of UPDF to do that.

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organize pages

Stage 2. Export the Combined File into a PowerPoint

Once the two files are combined, you can either export the combined file to a PowerPoint file or simply present it directly in UPDF with the PDF slideshow mode. To export to a PPT file:

  • Open the combined file in UPDF.
  • Click the File > Export to > PowerPoint from the top-left corner.
pdf to ppt

Tip: Present/Edit the File in a More Convenient Way

Now that you have combined the PPT and Excel files and deleted unwanted pages from them, or if you want to change the Excel data, add new content, or want to directly present the PDF presentation, UPDF can do the job. Moreover, UPDF allows you to seamlessly modify the Excel data within the merged document, enabling you to easily update information or include additional content.

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UPDF slideshow mode

So, these are some solutions for inserting Excel files into PowerPoint. Each method provides a different approach, allowing you to choose the best fit for your requirements. Experiment with these options to find the most suitable method for your presentation needs.

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Part 3: FAQs About Inserting Excel to PPT

1. How do I fit an Excel table into PowerPoint?

To fit an Excel table into PPT:

  • Copy the Excel table.
  • In PowerPoint, go to the slide and paste it using Ctrl+V.
  • Use the Paste Options to choose how you want to paste the table, such as keeping the source formatting or matching the destination theme.

2. Can I link a PowerPoint to Excel?

Yes, you can link a PowerPoint presentation to Excel by embedding or linking Excel data or charts within your PowerPoint slides. This allows you to display and update Excel data directly within your presentation.

3. How do I copy a table from Excel to PowerPoint without spaces?

To copy a table from Excel to PowerPoint without spaces, follow these steps:

  • Select the table in Excel.
  • Copy the table (Ctrl+C or right-click and select Copy).
  • In PowerPoint, choose the Paste Special option.
  • Select the "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)" option to paste the table as an image without spaces.


Inserting an Excel file into a PowerPoint presentation offers numerous benefits, enhancing your slides' visual appeal and data-driven nature. Following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can seamlessly integrate your Excel data, charts, and tables into your PowerPoint slides, creating a cohesive and professional presentation.

It is worth mentioning that UPDF, a free PDF editor for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android we use for combining converted Excel and PPT files, provides a convenient solution for editing and managing PDF files, offering a range of powerful features to enhance your document workflow.

By incorporating both the Excel-to-PowerPoint integration and UPDF, you can elevate your presentations and streamline your PDF editing tasks, ultimately enhancing your productivity and delivering impressive results.

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