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How to Change Negative Numbers to Positive in Excel? (Easy Steps)

Do you frequently find yourself stuck in a sea of negative numbers in Excel and don’t find any solution other than manually making each of them positive? You’d surely wish to get the easiest way to turn things around. Well, you can get your hands on some magical techniques that will tell you how to change negative numbers to positive in Excel in just a few clicks. 

In this regard, today’s article is to uncover the top four foolproof methods free from any complex formulas. Each of these methods will lead you through a step-by-step guide. Above all, you’ll also get the relevant images with the steps. So, is there any chance left behind of not becoming an Excel expert? The answer is a striking no!

Then let’s go on a journey of how to turn a negative into a positive in Excel. We’re sure you won’t want to miss even a single word till the end. 

Part 1. How to Make a Negative Number Positive in Excel Via Paste Special?

Paste Special is one of the easiest and simplest tricks to make negative numbers into positive ones with just a few clicks. The wizardry behind this technique is to write -1 in a different cell and perform a few other operations on the data. You can achieve this conversion in the same column and a different one. 

Want to explore how to make a negative number positive in Excel? Here’s the step-by-step guide to help you work like a pro on Excel.

Let’s suppose we have the following dataset from which we want to convert negatives into positives. 

negative number example

Step 1: Begin by adding the value -1 in a cell near the negative numbers column.

Step 2: Now right-click on the cell with -1 and click the command ‘copy.’ Or you can also invoke the combination of Ctrl+C. 

right-click on the cell with -1 to convert negative to positive in excel

Step 3: Use the cursor to select the cells holding the negative numbers you want to transform.

 select the cells holding the negative numbers

Step 4: With a swift right-click, open the run-down menu and hit on the destination option of Paste Special. If not, you can also opt for the shortcut and press Ctrl+Alt+V. It will open the Paste Special dialogue option in front of you. 

Paste special in Excel

Step 5: Attentively select the option “All”.

Step 6: To infuse positivity in each number, click the “Multiply” button and seal the deal by clicking on the option “OK”. 

Step 7: You’ve vanished all the negative numbers into the air, leaving behind a column of positive ones. Woohoo!

Step 8: Finish the process by deleting the -1, and it’s done.

Part 2. How to Make Negative Numbers Positive in Excel Via Simple Formula

Do you remember the simplest rule we studied in math class saying, “minus times minus equals a plus”? That's how a simple formula works in Excel. According to this method, multiplying a negative number with another negative number cancels both signs, resulting in a positive number. 

Do you still need help to know how to make negative numbers positive in Excel? Here you go!

For instance, we have the following dataset in column B and want to get their positives into column D.

Step 1: Write -1 in a cell of column F. 

Write -1 in a cell of column F

Step 2: Click on the cell where you want to apply the simple formula, drop the equal (=) sign, and choose the value you want to make positive. You’ll automatically get B3 written in the cell. Multiply it by -1. In this way, negative values will be converted into positive numbers.

 Multiply it by -1

Step 3: To make all the values positive, copy the formula in the cell with a positive number and drag the cursor down from the right bottom corner to all the values you want to change. Ta-dah! You have conquered the magical way to transform negative values into positives. 

copy the formula in the cell with a positive number

Part 3. How to Convert Negative to Positive in Excel Via Flash Fill?

Flash Fill method helps you say goodbye to tedious manual conversions and works as the best time-saving tool to convert negative to positive in Excel. This technique recognizes the pattern and then automatically fills in the data. You have to add one or two values as an example. And the rest of all is to be done with this method automatically. Thus, it can transform negative numbers into positive ones like a breeze. 

Are you curious about how to use this method? Here’s the step-by-step guide to help you in this regard. 

Suppose this is the dataset that we want to convert from negative to positive. 

Step 1: Fill the first cell of the column next to your negative numbers with the first value without a minus. 

Fill the first cell of the column next to your negative numbers

Step 2: Select any target cells and head toward the Home Tab. Bring the arrow to the Fill button present on the Editing group and click it. Find the Flash Fill option, click it, and let the magic unfold.

Find the Flash Fill option in Excel

Step 3: Using advanced pattern recognition, Flash Fill will apply the transformations and convert all the negative values into positive values. Check it out!

convert all the negative values into positive values using Flash Fill

Part 4. How to Turn Negative to Positive in Excel Via ABS?

ABS is a game-changing technique in Excel that converts negative values into positive ones with the blinking of an eye. This absolute method disregards the sign and returns the absolute value of a number in Microsoft Excel. Whether you’re keeping your data positive or crunching financial figures, the ABS method will surely revolutionize how you handle data. 

So, do you want to know how to turn negative to positive in Excel via ABS? Here’s the dataset with all the negative values in the column that we have to make positive. 

Step 1: First of all, in an empty cell of column B, enter the secret formula ABS (cell reference) and press enter. You’ll get the positive value in the B1 cell.

 enter the secret formula ABS

Step 2: Wait, there’s more. You can apply this formula to the entire column you want to make positive. Copy the formula by dragging the cell from the bottom right corner. Doing this will autofill the formula to the column. 

Copy ABS Formula

Now, column B has all the absolute values of all the numbers in column A. 

Part 5. The Best PDF to Excel Converter

Are you still living in a world where PDF to Excel conversions are nothing but a nightmare? Is your PDF and Excel work still in the hands of a mediocre converter that takes forever for your data conversions? Say goodbye to ordinary converters and brace yourself for UPDF.

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Convert PDF using UPDF

UPDF (Universal, Productive, Delightful, and Fast) editor is a matchless and superior tool to convert PDF files into Excel and other formats so you can edit them effortlessly. This tool goes beyond your expectations and preserves the intricate details of your PDF files. So no more lost formatting, misplaced data, or garbled tables in your PDF files. 

Are you curious how UPDF stands apart from competitors? The listing of its extraordinary features discussed below will answer your question:

  • Convert PDF into a variety of formats, including Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, RTF, Image, HTML, XML, and more.
  • Accessible on Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS. 
  • Comes with a pretty simple interface.
  • You can edit, view, organize, annotate, and convert the PDFs
  • Handles multiple PDFs at once through batch conversion.

How to Convert PDF to Excel Using UPDF?

To convert your PDF file into Excel, you need to follow these five easy steps:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to press the download button and launch this application on your device. 

Step 2: After this, drag the PDF file that you want to convert and drop it into the interface. 

Step 3: Now select the output file format. For this, click Export PDF and then hit the Excel option. 

Export PDF to Excel using UPDF

Step 4: The above step will result in a pop-up having an Export option. Click it.

Step 5: Select the destination folder where you want the new Excel file to stay on your device, and it’s all done. 

Bottom Line

No matter if you are an accountant, project manager, educator, entrepreneur, or researcher, you will frequently need to convert negative numbers into positive ones to arrange your data. Following the four effective methods discussed in this guide will make your task a cinch. So can you now answer how to change negative numbers to positive in Excel?

And what if the data you want to edit is in PDF format? 

For this, you can’t find any option better than UPDF; that‘s the master in the world of PDF converters. So hit the download option, and let its unparalleled accuracy and effortless user experience elevate your data transformation to extra heights. 

Let us conclude that the Paste Special, Simple Formula, Flash Fill, and ABS Method, along with the assistance of UPDF, can help you eradicate negativity from your data like a storm!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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